The Natural Superiority Of Homeopathy And The Conspiracy Against You Finding Out

Homeopathy is a field of medicine based on the law of similars. This is in stark contrast to allopathy, (conventional) medicine, which is based on the law of opposites.

For instance, if you have pain, a conventional western doctor will give you pain killers. which can mask your pain, but they don't do anything to deal with it. Do you see how that is the opposite?

You go to the doctor with pain, and she gives you drugs that prevent you from feeling the pain. In conventional medicine, it does not matter how you get to the opposite. If you go in with pain and leave not feeling pain, the job has been accomplished. The opposite of pain is no pain. How are you going to argue with that?

If, however, you go to a homeopathic doctor, she is going to give you a natural remedy that is actually going to address the cause of the pain and start to deal with it organically. You may still have the pain for a while, because your body needs to be healed.

The purpose of pain is to alert you to a problem that needs to be addressed. Homeopathic remedies do exactly that, but they can take time. Regular medicine (allopathy) focuses on reducing symptoms, while homeopathy deals with causes.

Homeopathy is all natural and can never hurt you, while the drugs you buy over the counter or with a prescription are hard core toxic chemicals that can kill you easily. Indeed, pain pills are the one of the leading choices of people who commit suicide.

Where does the law of similars come into play?

Fascinatingly, the natural substances that are used in the creation of homeopathic remedies are things that will create the very symptoms that you are wishing to get over. So, if you have a headache, the remedy a homeopath, (i.e. homeopathic doctor), will give you, will be made from natural substances that, will give a headache to a person without a headache.

Weird, right?

Homeopathy actually uses things (albeit natural things) that can make you sick, to stimulate your body to heal. On the surface, it seems so illogical, and/or counter intuitive, that it's easy to take the position of skeptic. There is a huge collective mental block that many people tend to share regarding homeopathy, in part because of not understanding how the law of similars could possibly work to bring about health.

Due to the lack of understanding, there are a lot of people, including respected doctors and scientists, who say that homeopathy can't possibly work. They say that anybody who gets better from homeopathic treatments, does so only due to the placebo effect; (i.e. their belief that the remedy really works makes their body respond as if it actually does work.)

Ironically, most of these very people making that blanket statement, will turn around and tell you that vaccinations work because they are based on sound science, unlike homeopathy. Let's take a look at that; shall we?

What is the process involved in vaccinations? They always start out with the actual pathology or disease that they are trying to get people to be immune to, and they actually put it into the person's body; (a very small amount of it.) Wow, that sounds like the law of similars. Doesn't it?

It starts out with something that will give the person the very illness they are trying to prevent. That's a lot closer to the law of similars than to the law of opposites. Perhaps it could be called, the law of exacts.

So, let's see here: The underlying principle is scientific when it comes to vaccines, but somehow it's superstitious when its applied to homeopathy? Interestingly, if a person who is vaccinated doesn't get the disease for which they are vaccinated, the scientific community counts that as evidence that the vaccine did its job.

Yet, if a person takes a homeopathic remedy, and that person's symptoms go away, the scientific community tells us that is evidence of the power of suggestion, (placebo.) The basis for this “scientific” perception is simply, everybody knows that homeopathy can't possibly work, since it's just so weird and makes no sense.

Now, on the surface, you might think that since there is some common ground between homeopathy and vaccinations, that homeopathic doctors would be, all-in, when it comes to vaccines. The fact is, most homeopaths today are against vaccinations.

The main reason for that is not because of the underlying principle, but because the process have been perverted by eugenics. Today, the real purpose of vaccinations is to cause sterilization and early death.1) Bill Gates spends billions of dollars on global vaccination, admittedly, to reduce the population.2)

All kinds of heavy metals like aluminum, mercury and other poisons and pathogens are put into vaccinations.3) People, especially children, are given many more times the amount of vaccinations today than they were decades gone by, when it can be argued, vaccinations were effective and were needed.

Even cancer viruses have, on record, been put into vaccinations.4) There is no actual vaccine for cancer. The only reason to put cancer viruses in the mix is to create more cases of cancer. In this day and age, one of the most dangerous things you can do for your health is to get vaccinated.

One of the worse things parents can do to their children is to allow them to be vaccinated. Thanks to Bill Gates, more than 47,000 Indian children are paralyzed due to some of his “philanthropic gifts.”5) What's the saying? With friends like Bill Gates, children in India don't need enemies.

School or other government officials may say that the law requires parents to get their children vaccinated, but the truth is there are exemption forms parents can fill out in every state in the USA that will allow them to protect the health of their children by making sure they are not vaccinated,6) (or at least, to prevent them from getting any more vaccinations. Hospitals vaccinate babies without parental consent.)

With homeopathy, you never have to worry about heavy metals, cancer viruses or other poisons being mixed in with the natural ingredients. Even though some of the underlying foundations of homeopathy and vaccinations are similar, there are a number of differences.

With vaccinations, the actual disease that they are allegedly trying to build up immunity to is in the injection. In homeopathy, that is not the case, except in rare exception, and due to the dilution process, there is never any risk. Another difference is that homeopathic remedies are taken orally, rather than injected.

The remedy starts off with a root or a plant or a flower or a mineral, that, when consumed, brings about particular symptoms. The way they know what symptoms are brought about is through scientific studies where testers experienced the symptoms after consuming the item.

To make the remedy, the process starts by taking a portion of the plant, root, etc., and putting it into a solution of water and alcohol. It's put into a dark brown glass bottle and kept out of sunlight, soaking, for a pretty long period of time.

Warning: What you are about to read next is another reason that there are so many detractors to homeopathy. It is unlike anything in the world of conventional medicine, and because it is so foreign, people just can't fathom how it could possibly work.

The science of homeopathy is that of energy and vibrational imprints. The sick person does not merely ingest the root, plant, flower or mineral. She ingests a solution, originally made with that plant or mineral, that has been diluted many times.

This means that once the original solution was made, one part of it was taken out and mixed with either 9 or 99 parts of plain water and alcohol pureed and shaken. After it is shaken, one part would be taken out and mixed again with either the 9 or 99 parts water and alcohol and shaken again. This process is known as, succussion.

When the ration is 1 to 9, the letter X is used to denote it. When the ratio is 1 to 99, a C is used. Therefore 6X would mean the remedy was succussed 6 times in the 1 to 9 dilution ratio. 6C would mean 6 succussions in the 1 to 99 dilution ration.

Remedies are usually made within the following parameters: 1X, 6X, 12X, 30X, 1C, 6C, 12C, 30C. The more succussions/dilutions, the stronger the dosage - albeit the lesser vestige of the original solution is in the remedy. This is made possible because it's the energy, the vibration, that has the power to help the body heal.

On an energetic level, the vibration of the original mineral or plant is actually being intensified, with each succeeding “dilution.” This concept drives the anti-homeopathy people bonkers. They say it's impossible for something to be more effective the more you dilute it.

Superficially, that sounds logical. However, homeopaths say they are missing the point that the process is dealing on an energetic level, and that it's made possible, in part, by the shaking. Diluting without shaking, they say, would not yield the same results.

What are the results?

There are millions of people who swear by homeopathy and say it doesn't compare to any other health modality they have ever tried; especially conventional medicine. They can tell you story after story, and cite personal example after personal example about how they or someone they know were helped tremendously via homeopathy, after being let down, or made worse by conventional drugs and doctors.

Some opponents of homeopathy, in a misguided effort to demonstrate that remedies have no power, will personally ingest dosages that are hundreds, or thousands, of times more than would ever be prescribed by a homeopathic doctor. When they do not become ill, they offer that as “proof” that the remedies are utterly worthless.

Homeopaths find that as amusing as the detractors perceive it as damning. The homeopaths response is that conventional medicine is so based on toxicity, that the effectiveness of drugs is inseparable from their power to harm and kill you. Indeed, pharmaceutical drugs have become one of the leading causes of death, year in and year out. (Proper dosages of common drugs kill many thousands of people annually.)

When these anti homeopathy crusaders ingest massive overdosages of remedies and experience no ill effects, the only thing that is proof of, is the safety of homeopathic remedies. Toxicity does not equate with effectiveness in the realm of homeopathy. It is not the initial ingredients (before any of the succussions) that have the healing power ultimate healing power. The healing power is in the human body, and it is enhanced and activated by the vibrational molecular imprint in the remedy. In a lot of instances, there might not even be a single molecule from the original solution. That fact is considered as evidence of the amazing power of homeopathy by its practitioners, as well as evidence of its utter impotence by its detractors.

If this just sounds totally ridiculous to you, it's because your scientific paradigm is at least a hundred years behind the times. It is suggested that you read some books on quantum physics to help you get past the Newtonian scientific principles known in the year 1700.

Everything is energy. Everything vibrates. The vibrational field of things can and do have affects upon other things. If you think you have to ingest toxic substances to have an effect on your body, you are sadly mistaken. For instance, you can listen to certain sounds that entrain your brain to operate in a way that helps your body to function better. Or you can hold a cell phone to your ear every day until you get a brain tumor.

There are all kinds of examples of how energy vibrations can affect you for better or worse. Just because the energy imprint in homeopathic remedies can't make you sick or kill you, does not mean that they are unable to help you to become healthy.

Homeopathic remedies have no side effects. That's a great thing. On the other hand, every drug comes with lots of side effects. And then, you can get in a vicious cycle where you keep taking (or being prescribed) more and more drugs to deal with more and more side effects.

In time, this often leads to emergency “live saving” surgery. When they are successful and the patient doesn't die on the operating table, everyone praises modern medicine for saving those millions of lives, all the while ignoring that the reason those millions of surgeries were needed in the first place, was due to those allegedly wonderful and so-called scientifically proven drugs.

Plus, many times, these surgeries aren't truly needed. If the patient would simply quit taking the drugs, the body could, often, heal itself from life threatening conditions.

Another important distinction between homeopathy and allopathy, is that homeopathy recognizes a higher force that the body uses to maintain health. Allopathy doesn't recognize such a force. However, the medical establishment and many doctors tend to think of itself (or themselves) as the force.

Drugs don't cure or heal anything. They can be good at stopping or masking symptoms, at least for a while, but ultimately that is harmful to your body. Drugs never get to the cause. They drive disease deeper.

There are times when they may have their place. I remember driving for a living and dealing with the wonderful world of diarrhea. A homeopathic remedy for diarrhea may speed up the process to help get out the toxins (which is what diarrhea is all about), but it will not stop the process like a drug will do.

It's important to help your body to detoxify, but it's not always practical. So, when I had to be in my vehicle, driving, and did not have the luxury of being near a bathroom, I took an allopathic, over the counter product, Imodium AD to stop the symptoms. I was certainly pleased it was available. (Nobody is talking about throwing the baby out with the bath water, here.)

Homeopathy works with nature while traditional medicine, most of the time, works against it. So many times when we are ill, it is just a matter of the body doing what it needs to do.

A fever is another example. If you are feeling feverish, don't try to stop the symptoms. Unless it gets dangerously high or goes dangerously long, you want to allow your body to go through the process. There are critters being burned up inside you, and that will ultimately improve you state of health. Let nature take its course.

A homeopathic remedy isn't for stopping the fever process, the same way an over the counter drug works. In most cases you shouldn't try to stop or mask your fever. Work with the life force. Use homeopathic remedies in your efforts to do so and you will be glad you did.

Homeopathy is much more well known in Europe and various other nations than it is known in the United States. There is a huge medical conspiracy against the use of homeopathy and other medical modalities that threaten the financial dominance of the current medical industry. The conspiracy extends world-wide, but it is strongest in the USA.

Despite the ongoing conspiracy against homeopathy, at least 11 US Presidents (starting with Abraham Lincoln)7) appreciated homeopathy, and most of the royal families in Europe are big proponents of it to this day.8) There are literary giants, scientists, prime ministers, MDs, great musicians and athletes, who have sworn and do swear by it.9) (The other 10 presidents are; Tyler, Hayes, Garfield, Arthur, Harrison, McKinley, Coolidge, Harding, Hoover, & Clinton.)

This conspiracy is being perpetrated on a conscious level, for going on 200 years. Then, on the heels of that, there is a massive amount of ignorance from ironically, highly educated people, who have been influenced by the conspirators. (Most of these people you might not be able to classify as conspirators, because they believe what they are saying.)

Doctors who have never even tried a homeopathic remedy on themselves, or their patients, often say that there is no evidence that homeopathy works. When you point to the innumerable raving fans of homeopathy around the world, each of whom have testimonies of homeopathic remedies working extremely well, the detractors simply call those, anecdotal evidence, not worthy of consideration.

When you point out some of the clinical case histories of undeniable healings that have come to patients of homeopathic doctors,10) the opponents of homeopathy chalk it all up to the placebo effect.

They say they want scientific proof and that none exists, but the truth is, numerous studies have shown very positive results, and have outperformed drugs and/or placebo.11) There are more than 150 placebo controlled clinical studies, most of which have shown positive results, either compared with a placebo or compared with a conventional drug.12) 13) 14) 15) 16)

Moreover, they did so with zero side effects, (unlike drugs, which often have that little side effect known as, death.) And yet, the detractors always have a Rolodex of never ending excuses, why those studies, “don't count.”

They range from, the studies are too small; they are conducted by people who believe in homeopathy – (I'm serious!); the doctors aren't well known enough; there must have been some breakdown of the scientific procedure that has yet to come out, etc.

These people are unable to deal with the conundrum, that homeopathic remedies become more potent, with dilution, instead of less potent, like you would assume. From there, they assume that it can't work, and no matter how much healing is done with homeopathic remedies, it's nothing more than mind of matter, (placebo effect.)

When you listen to (or read) the truthful and exciting testimonials of so many people17) 18) 19) 20) whose lives have been turned around by homeopathy, after allopathic medicine gave up on them, you have to wonder why there as so many homeopathic detractors. It's like they are trying to deny millions of people their Godsend.

It's one thing to say that you don't believe in it and it's not for you. Yet, what possesses people to try to convince people who have gotten help from homeopathy, that they are wrong?

If, for some inexplicable reason, the placebo effect has a special relationship with homeopathy, and people are being helped in huge (life saving) and small (day to day) ways, as a result of believing in those remedies, why on earth would you make it a major life priority to convince people that those remedies actually don't work?

But really, that question is just for the sake of discussion. The evidence is overwhelming to anyone with an open mind that homeopathy is for real. Does everyone magically become well? Will you not have to die? You know the answers to that, and nobody is suggesting it.

What is undeniable is that the pharmaceutical industry peddles toxic drugs that do more harm than good, by far. Big pharma corporations get caught faking studies, bribing doctors and all kinds of dirty, illegal activity, for which they are fined billions of dollars. To call them purveyors of science is laughable.21)

There are drugs like Vioxx, that have killed anywhere from tens of thousands to more than a million people22) (depending on whether you go by Merck and the FDA statistics, or outside investigators), which, shockingly, aren't even pulled from the market by the government. The company finally quits peddling them once the lawsuits make it unprofitable.

If this is the system and the paradigm you want to put your faith in, and the health of your children, I feel really bad for your entire family. There are so many incredible and exciting things happening in the alternative health field, you are missing the boat, big time; and you will, no doubt, pay the price.

If all the anti-homeopathy doctors really wanted to see direct evidence of homeopathy, they would try it themselves when they are ill or have symptoms. They could get their patients to try homeopathic remedies. They could do a split test, and give half their patients their usual toxic drug and give the other half homeopathic remedies.

I've finally come to the conclusion that these people aren't interested in finding the truth. They only want to protect their status quo, and well as their paradigms of how the world works. They don't have room for experiential evidence.

When these type of people write research papers smearing homeopathy, they are being intellectually dishonest. They consciously obfuscate facts and mold findings to seem to conform to their beliefs – let the evidence be damned.

If you want to read about some classic examples of this bias, click here now, (but click the back button to come back and finish this article.)

While you are at it, go here and read about Dr. Dean, who, like so many homeopaths, was also an allopath (a traditional MD.) She ended up being witch-hunted out of her right to practice allopathy, due to a TV appearance where she lambasted the negative effects of processed white sugar on the human body.

(Imagine that. She wasn't even telling people to stay off a drug like Vioxx, or something. She was stating the truth about the intrinsic harm of processed sugar, (of all things), and for that, she caught hell from the field of conventional medicine. Wow!)

In a very bizarre twist, when a fake patient, an agent for the medical licensing board, went to see her, posing as a new patient; he asked for a homeopathic remedy, for which she refused. The reason for her refusal was because she felt that a pharmaceutical drug was more appropriate for the particular symptoms he was complaining about.

Well, they expected her to prescribe the remedy and not the drug, and they had planned to use that as a ruse to revoke her license, but when she surprised them by prescribing the drug, take a guess what they did.

They simply went ahead with their plan. They used the fact that she was not sensitive to the “patient's” request, as the ruse to get her license to practice allopathic medicine revoked. Yes, you read that right… Because she refused to prescribe a homeopathic remedy, she lost her conventional medical license.

These medical mafia type of people, don't even care about logic. They stopped making sense a long, long time ago.

When you are done reading these two articles, if you have a modicum of an open mind, you will at the very least, not be able to deny that there really is a very genuine conspiracy against homeopathy.

In the 200 years since the development of homeopathy there have been a number of plaques or epidemics – including cholera, yellow fever, scarlet fever, typhoid, pneumonia, or influenza – that oppositional (conventional) medicine handled very poorly, to say the least. The one modality that could be counted on for the best results throughout all of them has been homeopathy.

The influenza plague of 1918 has some of the best historically documented information that should make any serious searcher for truth understand that homeopathy is the real deal. About 20% of the global population came down with a severe case of influenza from 1918 to 1920.

Of those, 1/3 died; 100 million dead flu victims. Doctors who used homeopathic remedies lost only 0% to 4% of their patients, instead of a third of their patients. The patients that survived suffered much less than non homeopathically treated survivors. The difference was like night and day.

Medical schools sprang into action to this with this plague. The average mortality (death) rate for conventional schools was 30%. The homeopathic medical school, Hahnemann College in Philadelphia had a mortality rate of 1.05% of their almost 27,000 cases, on record.

Doctors who prescribed aspirin had the highest death rates, and of the survivors, their patients suffered the most. The results are historical, on record, and indisputable. Those who crusade against homeopathy try to discredit the amazing record by calling it, “Old news,” as if that has anything to do with anything.

The truth is the homeopathic doctors are prescribing remedies to their patients during flu season, that unlike the flu shot, both works, and also is 100% safe. For the few who get the flu despite taking the remedy, their bout is much more mild, by far, than those who didn't take it.

Here is the prescription a well known homeopathic doctor recommends to her clients. When the media starts hyping to get the flu shots (which for some reason, they don't tell you kill people each year and send people into comas and seizures, etc.), she has them take the remedy known as, Inflluenzium.

She tells them to get 30X version and to take one dose per week for four weeks in a row. After that, she tells her patients to skip the fifth week. Then she tell them to go ahead and take one more dose for week six.

After that, her instructions to her patients are to simply take one dose each month for the duration of flu season. She tells them that in the unlikely event that they get the flu, it would be a light version of it, and they should take one dose, but the 30C version, instead of the 30X version.

[Obviously, if anyone reads this and takes her advice, the reader would be responsible for the consequences, but as the homeopathy detractors have demonstrated, there are no harmful effects, in the least, from taking any type or quantity of a genuine homeopathic remedy.]

Homeopathy is the answer to ObamaCare. The fact is that the ironically named (as are most pieces of legislation) Affordable Care Act, is raising premiums so high, that it's clear that large numbers of people are going to let their policies lapse, and go without insurance coverage; many, for the first time in their lives.

The trick to staying healthy is to keep away from conventional medicine as much as possible. If you need trauma care, they can save your life, but even then, it's best to keep the drugs to a bare minimum.

The best health care is prevention; not getting sick in the first place. Homeopathy can play a big part in prevention, as we just saw above, with avoiding the flu. Do an online search for homeopathic doctors in your area and schedule an appointment.

They may ask you to block out an hour or two for your first visit. That is not because you'll be sitting in the waiting room. Most homeopaths treat you in terms of being a physical, mental and emotional expression of the universe. They treat the whole person, and, as such, they want to get to know you. That's pretty different. Right?

Even if you don't book that appointment right now, you are hereby urged to read about preventative homeopathic care, as well as to start eating organic, raw, nutrient dense food, and drinking purified water. Getting some sunlight and exercise on a daily basis, will go a long way to keeping you away from the slippery slope of conventional medicine and ObamaCare.

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