The Message Behind The Obama Satan Baphomet Photos

Written by Devtome wiki contributor: Bomac


Those crazy social engineers running the world do that darndest things. They recently altered images of The Leader to look like the winged devil goat, Baphomet. What's up with THAT?


It's reminiscent of Madonna's half time Superbowl Satanic ritual. What's going on? How long has Luciferian imagery been a part of popular culture?


Since the advent of heavy rock music in the 1960s, many concert goers would flash the devil sign as the band was playing. It was primarily done in jest and rebellion.

Parents were telling their kids that rock and roll was the devil's music, so the kids gave them a reflection of that sentiment, in the form of the hand sign. Not many of them probably meant it seriously.

The sign I'm speaking of can be seen in the above left image. It is made by extending the index and pinky fingers while holding the other fingers down.

Young people would often hold that sign up over and in back of a person's head, who is getting her picture taken, indicating the person is a devil. (Although, the first two fingers, the V for victory sign, that would later become the peace sign, is also used for the devil prank photo bomb.) Below, we can see a not so young Meryl Streep devil photo bombing director Mike Nichols.


Yet, what about the fact that, these days, and for quite some time, it seems like just about everyone, from world leaders to world entertainment icons, can be seen in pictures, with their first and pinky fingers extended. You have to ask yourself what in the world is going on here. Is it really all in the vein as those early heavy rock, teenage concert goers, or school kids or Ms. Streep having some photo bombing fun?


I've heard some people say that it is a natural hand position that everyone makes unconsciously. I'm not so sure of that, but it's a moot argument because the famous people in the photos making the sign are often quite aware there are photos of them being taken. They are usually in public, and they, rather clearly, are conscientiously making the gesture as a form of salutation.


There Is A Growing Number Of Preachers Who Are Doing This

The preachers who are often spotted forming their hands in this manner, include, but are not limited to Jesse Duplantis, John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Rodney Howard-Browne and Robin Herd. These men seem to have an affinity for this hand formation. It's not just a matter of taping hundreds of hours of them on TV until you happen to catch it.

In fact, even though they have had to have heard about the controversy and have probably received letters and emails asking them about it, they continue to keep doing it. These men have probably all publicly quoted 1 Thessalonians 5:22, “Abstain from all appearance of evil,” yet they evidently feel the need to continue doing this.

preacherdevilsigns.jpg It should give any thinking parishioner pause to wonder.

This Is Just One Of Multiple Hand Signs Famous And Powerful People Love To Flash

Now keep in mind that this is just one of a number of hand signs that everyone in the public eye and their sister is making these days. There is the sign that is often used to mean, OK, but it doubles as the 666 sign. This double meaning helps give people cover, because there is no doubt, many people do not even know it means 666.

Nonetheless, so many celebrities are conspicuously posing this way, it's hard to fathom that they are all saying, A-OK. If you wonder how it is 666, all the sixes share the same bottom part, formed by the thumb and index fingers. Then the remaining fingers each form the top part of a 6, thus making 666.

There is the act of covering one eye , making the other eye, the all seeing eye of Horus. A ton of corporate logos, like CBS television are said to be based on this all seeing eye, by the way. You can see it on the back of the one dollar federal reserve note, at the top of the pyramid by the missing capstone.


There is the ever popular, combining the 666 sign and the eye symbol by putting your 666 hand to your face and looking through the hole in the bottom of the 6 (made by the thumb and index finger. Then there is the also trendy formation of a triangle made by extending the thumbs and touching them, as well as touching the index fingers together. That sign is often done at the forehead level, or higher. It signifies a pyramid which is part of Illuminati1) symbolism.

Texas Longhorns


It's true that the sign is shared by the Texas Longhorns. UT sports fans have been flashing the, “Hookem Longhorn” sign for decades. Longhorn is a breed of bull, of course. Bulls have horns. Right?

When a Bush family member flashes it, it's easy to presume that since they are from Texas, and since President George Jr. was the governor of Texas, that is what they are doing. However, a lot of times Bush was nowhere near Texas, and it just seemed odd for him to identify that much with a school that he never attended.

Still though, Bush pretty much has to be given a pass due to the Hook 'em horns.

I Love You


The international sign language sign for I love you is similar to the devil sign, but the thumb is extended. I utilizes the alphabet signs for I and L and Y, simultaneously. Just as some famous people pictured doing the devil sign are actually doing the Longhorn sign, a number of famous people in photos are flashing the I love you, sign.

It provides good cover, as there is no way to prove or know how any person is using it. In general, I wouldn't be quick to jump on any single picture of anyone making any of these signs and claim it alone is proof of nefarious beliefs or activities. The fact that there are so many people flashing these (and other) signs, though, does send out red flags to anyone who is paying attention, in my opinion.

A lot of people probably use this sign as a variation of a wave, not even knowing what it is either as I love you or it's Satanic implications. They just are aware that it's fairly popular, so they do it. The same can be said of the devil or Longhorns sign.

By the way, pictured above is Sarah Palin flashing the sign with her daughter seeming to pay careful attention to it. There is, sadly, a lot of evidence that Palin is a mind controlled sex slave and probably a courier slave as well, but that's the topic for another conversation.2) Also pictured is the star of the false flag in Houston, Cassidy Stay.

This little, cute teenage gal deflected a bullet shot at point blank range, using only a finger. The resulting finger wound simply needed a little bandage. Unfortunately none of her family members had a magic finger to save their lives, but the good news is she was fully recovered, happy and cheerful just a few days later, ready to appear in public, in a parade and in front of cameras. (That's also the topic for another conversation.)

Rock And Roll Satanism


Early on, I believed that the claims of Satanism in rock and roll were not true. I mean any music with a good beat seemed to intimidate and scare the older generation of any era, especially fundamentalist religious people. So when rock music got heavy and went metal, I felt the satanic claims were about the same as the accusations against Elvis Presley music as being, “of the devil.”

Even when it got blatant, I felt like it was all a ruse, for publicity and to sell more albums. At some point, it became evident to me that a lot of the musicians were serious about it, and in turn, so were a lot of their fans.

And Then The Conspiracy

Then I started learning about various conspiracies, which led me to the understanding that they were largely part of a grand conspiracy which has been going on throughout recorded human history.

Generally stated, it says that there are bloodline families who have ruled over the larger populations of the earth for thousands of years. These families continue to be in charge today, even though most nations no longer have kings and queens. Furthermore, their ultimate goal, handed down from generation to generation, millennium to millennium, has been to have total power and control all the wealth.


Who's Your Grandaddy?

Whenever anybody starts looking into the genealogy of powerful US politicians, it almost always becomes apparent that they are related to European royalty. The same is true for many powerful business heads as well as celebrated entertainers.

The lineage of contemporary European royalty stays within royal bloodlines all the way to antiquity. Thus, the same families that have been large in and charge for all of recorded history are a fairly small, select group of people. They work together with stooges who help them to do their bidding.

Some of this is somewhat visible, as in government proceedings and corporations, but a lot of it is planned in created in secret (and secretive) groups and meetings. One secret society that is said to have been around since the time frame of Jesus is known as the Knights Templar.

Baphomet And The Knights Templar


According to a number of scholars, there is a symbol that has been important to them for a thousand or so years. It's the symbol of Baphomet, a man with a goat heat. Baphomet was embraced by Anton Lavey and his church of Satan in the 1960's. It is now synonymous with Satan, and the Satanic hand sign is said to be the sign of Baphomet.

The inverted pentagram was used by the Satanic church as well. They placed the image of the goat head of Baphomet to correspond with their pentagram.

Anton Lavey liked to have his photo taken in front of the pentagram/Baphomet image, so that the goat horn would give the appearance of horns coming out of his head. This is an extremely well known image by anyone, not just by people who are interested in Satanism, but by anyone who had done even a little educational reading on the topic. Among actual Satanists, it's a true archetype. Images of Baphomet, alone, are archetypes as well.

When Madonna performed the Super Bowl halftime show, her costume, with the headdress was done to project the image and vibration of Baphomet, Satan to all the viewers. If you are not yet hip to this, you may be shocked once you learn how many pop music songs and performances from various, truly diverse genres, are Satanic odes and rituals.

It may also come as a shock to learn that Satanic symbolism is built into the grid of Washington DC. That's because it was designed by a high level Freemason. Do a search on SATANIC GRID WASHINGTON DC.

Mind Control Victims

A lot of the entertainers who are giving us Satanic imagery and rituals in their performances are evidently victims of trauma based mind control. Others simply sold out to the dark side to gain success. We can't necessarily know who is who. It's easy to bad mouth people that you believe are trying to popularize the dark side, but they very may only be doing it because they have been brutally victimized to the point of having multiple personalities (or identities.)

It's outside the scope of this small article to go too in depth, but the writer highly recommends that readers should start becoming educated on this topic. We are all being manipulated with Satanic imagery. The best way to stop the manipulation is to become aware of it.

Big Bang Theory's Opening Credits


Personally, I'd rather not post any Satanic imagery, but it is part of the education process. This stuff is going on in all kinds of media, from politics to music to TV & movies and more. I've recently come upon two different sources who are well versed in this topic who, independent of each other, refuse to watch the opening theme song presentation for the TV show, Big Bang Theory, due to the various magickal3) symbolism. They both like the show a lot and watch it, but they skip the opening music and images.

Baphomet Obama

In the past, Obama has been pictured in such a way as to suggest a halo. Bush had a lot of this imagery as well. The other day, however, the media started showing photos of Obama that suggested the goat horns of Baphomet.


Let's take a side by side comparison of the classic Baphomet image and the Obama Baphomet image:


The image of Obama was taken from a nationally televised speech he made concerning the terror group ISIS. However, the next day, many news outlets published photos with a superimposed background, that had draperies which give the impression of Baphomet horns. Not only that, it also suggests Baphomet's wings, as well.

In case you missed the speech, Obama didn't bother to mention that our government has been arming ISIS aka Al Qaedo. Rand Paul recently went on the Senate floor to document the 600 tons of armaments we have given ISIS, (when they were simply being called, “the Syrian rebels,” and how we now are forced to fight against our own weapons.

It's insane in the membrane. Isn't it? That's not all. They are simply a rebrand of Al Qaeda. It was necessary to do the rebrand, because so many people have become aware that the government is funding Al Qaeda, the same organization that we were told brought us 911.

In fact, many people call them, Al CIAda, Al Qaeda is a CIA creation, much the way the Palestinian organization, Hamas, is a creation of the Israeli government. The sooner we figure out that nothing is like they are telling us it is on the TV, the better off we will be.

The Bad Guys Have To Tell Us What They Are Doing

Anyone who studies the grand conspiracy long enough, will be led to metaphysical information. The forces of light and dark and very much at work, and there do seem to be some ground rules, even for the dark side.

One rule says that the bringers of darkness must announce what they are doing. It's kind of like laws about publishing notices in the newspaper before you can do certain things, like a company, doing business as a fictitious name.

So when the president is turning into a devil, they make an image of it. When they hoax false flag events to set up gun confiscation, they make it obvious, like saying a girl stopped a bullet with her finger. See how that works?

One world government masterminds, like Carroll Quigley and Zbigniew Brzezinski will just come right out and publish books letting us know exactly what they're doing, sabotaging the sovereignty of people and nations, ever marching forward to dictatorial global government. They'll even admit that the government is in charge of organized crime.

That's why we need to wake up and pay attention when globalist after globalist keeps announcing that most of the population of the world needs to die in order for their vision of the world to be manifested.4) They are telling us what they are doing before (and as) they do it.

Okay, got it? Now you understand why the corporate, state run media would take Obama's image from his speech in the White House about ISIS and then project that onto a backdrop in such a way it forces us to associate Obama with Baphomet.

Not A Coincidence

Lest you think this could be some sort of coincidence, keep in mind that this is the POTUS, President of the United States. Images don't go out from one corporate media source to the next, in some kind of haphazard manner. The evidence is overwhelming that the people who have hijacked most governments around the world are deeply involved in dark, pagan, Satanic, ritualistic activity.

Do a search on ELITE PEDOPHILE RINGS. Below is an image of a front page headline that dealt with the fact that child prostitutes to male clients in Washington DC got a midnight tour of the Ronald Reagan White House. Some of those children from that ring, ended up in snuff films. At least one of them was able to draw the layout of the President's living quarter area inside the White House.


The headline should have included the word, “underage.” I'm not even sure that, “homosexual,” needed to be in the headline, instead of just the story, but at the very least, underage, or child, should have been there along with it.

Anyway, similar to the jaw dropping story one newspaper published the day after the attempted Reagan assassination which told how the Bush family was friends with the Hinkley family (the would-be assassin), only the one newspaper published it, and no mainstream media outlet ever touched it again. One can imagine that someone at the Washington Times got fired for this child prostitute story, or possibly worse, for actually trying to do the work of fourth estate.

International Common Law Court Convicted One Pope And Is Trying A Second One

Not long ago, an international common law (people's) court went over evidence against the Pope for child abuse, or crimes against humanity. While the investigation was underway, he suddenly stepped down despite the fact that the court has no way to enforce their verdicts and the mass media around the world was pretending like it wasn't happening.

By the way, a pope stepping down is something that is never done. (Popes die in office.) It was reported that he took a meeting with government officials in Italy, seeking political protection, just to stay on the safe side.

The common law court convicted him. They asked that he turn himself in or for the government would arrest him. As you may imagine, neither of those actions were taken. The same body, the International Common Law Court of Justice, ITCCS, is currently trying the current pope, also in absentia, of course, for child trafficking and murder.

There are even rumors that he will step down. Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolas Pachon did resign. He is a co defendant in the case against the pope, along with Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

In case you are wondering, this is serious stuff. There are eye witnesses who swear they were some of the children who were brutalized, but unlike many of their counterparts, were not killed. The court has serious investigators who vet all claims to weed out whackadoos, before actually going ahead with a case.

They are largely being tried in the court of public opinion. If the accusers were shown to be frauds, it would set back their work for justice. In other words, it is highly unlikely that they will ever try individuals who are totally innocent of the claims against them. To keep up with the incredible work of the ITCCS, go to and bookmark it.5)

Former British Prime Minister Accused Of Butchering Many Young Children

Researcher David Icke has covered elite, child rape and murder rings for decades now. When former UK prime minister Edward Heath was alive, Icke published in print and also spoke on TV and radio about Heath's purported torture, rape and killing and many young children. He publicly dared Heath to sue him, but Heath never did.6)

It's time to break the spell that we are under that has us believing the everything is fine and that anyone who suggests otherwise is a tin foil hatter, conspiracy theorist who can't differentiate delusions from reality. The delusion is the world view that we are given every time we turn on the TV.

A Small Request


Please don't be naive enough to think that switching the political party of the White House resident is going to make a difference. It didn't change anything when Obama got in and it won't change anything when he leaves, regardless of the political party affiliation involved. Someone who would really shake things up, for instance a Ron Paul or Rand Paul would not be allowed to win, because it's not the voters who decide, but the vote counters.

What Can We Do?

If you've wondering what we can do, you're asking the right question. Being aware is a start. Helping others to become aware is another step. Primarily though, we need to evaluate and re-evaluate our lives in this universe and our places in it. We need to get in touch with the Higher Source that helped put us here at this momentous time in world history.

We need to improve ourselves and live the kind of lives we can look back on and feel good about. Even if that hasn't always been the case, we need to start now and go from here. We don't know how all this is going to play out, but there is such overwhelming evidence that life doesn't stop when we “die.” So we need to appreciate the big picture.

We Are Not Our Bodies

Only our bodies die. Our consciousness continues to exist. One of the ways we keep living is through reincarnational cycles. Physical reality is a classroom. So, even if the “bad guys” complete their goal and kill off almost everybody, it would not be a hopelessly tragic as it might seem.

We are here to learn, so as long as we don't get caught up in the nonsense and distractions that the powers that shouldn't be have given us to focus on, (greed, hatred, and other lower base emotions, along with wasting our minds and talents and creativity), and as long as we are indeed, living good lives and learning the lessons we came here to learn, then it's not a loss.

What Are Our Lessons?


We each have individual lessons, so there is no single answer as to what lessons we are supposed to learn. However we can assume there are some general ones we share in. The psychiatrist probably most known for popularizing reincarnation in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, Brian Weiss, tells how one of his patients discovered through past life regression, that she was with a man who she has been with in many lifetimes. In each of the other lives, he ended up killing her.

I would think that one of the main lessons for her would be to stop letting him kill her. Indeed, one of the themes from reincarnational literature – both the ancient texts and the new stuff coming from the likes of psychiatrists and psychologists like Weiss, who accidentally stumbled upon it, when they were doing age regression hypnosis on a patient – is that any lessons we don't learn, will be repeated in future lifetimes, until we finally learn them.

It's like being held back, year after year in school, until you learned what you were supposed to learn in the grade. At that point, you can go on to the next grade. So here we are, the masses of earth, finding ourselves not learning this same lesson, life after life after life, for thousands of years now. Just like that woman who is here to learn not to be murdered by the same entity over and over, we are here to learn to not be controlled by the same dark force over and over.

The Best Slaves To Own Are Ones Who Don't Think They Are Enslaved

We're here to learn to quit being slaves. If we wake up and realize we are enslaved, that is a huge partial victory right there. If we die in our effort to be free, that's a win. If we become free without needing to die, that's got to be an even greater win.

A large part of life is about the journey, more so than the destination. Just being a part of the quest for freedom, whether you see it happen or not, is exciting. It's tremendous. In fact, the quest is a form of freedom, in and of itself. Also, let's not forget, that everybody dies, including the slave masters… (and yet, none of us actually “die.”)

– Which brings me to my next point:

The Biggest Mind F*** Of Them All

I have come across the following scenario from multiple and independent metaphysical schools of thought. The concept is mind blowing and part of me totally rebels against it. Yet, another part of me, that seems more distant, yet more of who I really am, like deep in my subconsciousness, tends to tell me there is something to this.

It goes like this: One person could do terrible things to another person; the kind of things that nobody wants to even think about, speak about or dream about in nightmares. Unfortunately, these activities are not uncommon on earth.

These two people play the roles of tormentor and victim. One thing we know for sure is they both will die. There is a period between lifetimes when we rest and study, and experience life in non physical reality.

Until we have learned all our lessons, we keep coming back to physical school, aka as physcial incarnation. There are times in the between life state, when the soul who was the tormentor and the soul who was the victim, decide to visit with each other. In some cases, they are like BFFs (best friends forever.)

They talk about how they each played their part so realistically. They congratulate each other on their performances. They discuss the lessons that were there for them to learn. They have the highest respect and love for each other. They are grateful for the other.

If you're like me, you want to puke upon hearing this. How can the victim be grateful to the tormentor? For instance, the victim may have been a baby who a pope or president or prime minister raped and killed in a Satanic sacrifice. Who would love and respect the entity who did that to them? That's just sick to even consider. Right?

Yet, I'm telling you, something about it rings true to me. I imagine someone could find bible verses to refute the idea of victim and tormentor sharing profound love for each other. I also imagine someone else could find bible verses to support it. In fact, I know the bible talks about love and forgiveness quite a bit. I imagine there are scriptures from a number of religions that people could cite to both refute and back up this concept, as well.

In my adult life, I have not really looked to religion for answers to question I have about life. One reason is the fact that you can find scriptures that contradict each other. Another reason is there is a matter of interpreting the words that make up the scriptures and every religion has thousands of sects filled with members who are all sure they have the one true religion and the one true sect of that one true religion.

So what I tend to go with is what rings true to me. I'll read various texts, but I can't fathom that any one book or one organization or one person has all the answers and is infallible. So I digest data and mull it over and see what rings true for me.

As much as I might not like what I get, I go with it. I don't like having to come back to the physical realm. Actually, I can't stand it. I don't believe in reincarnation because i want to or because I like it. I believe in it because the evidence is overwhelming and it rings true to me.

There are other things that just ring true. I can't say the evidence is overwhelming. This thing about a tormentor and a victim being bosom buddies is one of them. I have zero evidence to prove that to myself, let alone anyone else. Yet, it rings true to me, despite the fact that I don't want it to.

So, if you were to ask me what are we supposed to do about the situation we find ourselves in, I have to say that hating the people who are doing all this evil shit is not the answer. In fact, that probably is the number one thing that gets us sent back for more classroom experience.

On the other hand, we also need to do everything in our power to stop them from doing what they are doing. Short of divine intervention, they are not going to stop until we stop them. So we need to be in the mind set of stopping them, and not hating them, even though their lives are basically dedicated to getting us to hate them.

Game On!

That, in a nutshell, is the game we find ourselves in.

So yes, be aware of what is going on. Look at the Baphomet Obama photo and see it for what it is. Do internet searches about POPULATION REDUCTION and EUGENICS WORLD GOVERNMENT. Educate yourself.7)

Then commit your life to being free, even though we are in a slave grid. Strive to keep getting better and right with your soul and the Higher Power of the multiverse, aka God. Be of service to others and help them to remember the game they came to play.

Remember to have fun in the process, (which is quite the opposite of having fun as a way to totally avoid the process.)

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I'm trying to keep this entry fairly short, alike my general habit of very long entries, so I will not be going into the Illuminati, per se, here. Please set some reading time aside and do a search if you are not familiar with it.
The added “K” denotes a distinction between sleight of hand entertainment, magic.

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