The Life to Work Ratio Importance

Sooner or later all of us will have to learn the lesson of acquiescence. Loosening up is the best approach to life, work and everything in between. Sadly, we live in a world where making money comes first and our private life always falls behind. Even so, we will have to give in sometimes, whether our doctor recommends it or we’ve realized that the balance between our private life and work is important on our own. Sometimes is best to speed things up for something to happen, but most of the time we are speeding out of habit. That is one nasty habit of the modern lifestyle, which in the long run may cause serious diseases, make your life miserable and leave you without any friends. Vegetating on the couch is also a favored regime. This way of life will cause the same effects as a fast lifestyle, plus you won’t have a real job where you can release your frustrations, like most people do. Neither of these two lifestyles is healthy or fulfilling, so the sooner you establish your own boundaries between life and work, the happier you’ll be able to feel.


The Work to Life Ratio Today

There was a time when people went to work, they came home and the rest of the day was filled with private activities. Nowadays, that particular schedule is simply not possible. We are always connected via mail, social platforms and phones, so the line between the private life and work is very thin, or it doesn’t exist at all. If you work two jobs to support your family, then drawing that line will take a lot more effort. Luckily, many companies start to realize how productive a well-rested employee is, so they participate in innovative ways to empower and stimulate their workers. Some companies offer compressed workweek, where you are given the chance to organize your working hours as you are most comfortable. That might make you working weekends, taking work home or staying longer to get the work done, but provide you with more free time or free days at the end of the month. Flexible hours, job sharing and telecommuting are other examples of the flexibility today’s companies offer, so make sure you take advantage of all options available to you.

Most people are not even aware that they don’t have a work/life balance. A 40 hour working week is the average and normal standard for a functioning man to have time for his family, hobbies and pets. But when those 40 hours become 60 or even more, that’s a sign you’re working way more than you actually should. Sit down and criticize yourself. If the majority of your day is spent checking your Inbox, handling meetings or doing hard work, maybe the time has come for some reorganization. If you can take your work home, do that and work a little more in the first three days of the week. Then, make the rest of the week casual and relaxed. The weekend is that time of the week when everyone should rest. Over compensating your personal activities with work stuff will only make you sad and friendless. Putting your private life on hold is not the way to spend your life and it won’t make you more productive at work either. Work harder in the first days of the week. Go grocery shopping, pay your bills, clean the house and get every boring task done before Wednesday night. That way, the rest of the week will be free to arrange a basketball game with your friends, a date night with your wife or even a weekend getaway.

Most people don’t have free time because they don’t know how to organize their time efficiently. Only you know your job and hobbies best, so use your calendar to arrange every activity properly. Week after week, you will learn how to make the most of your time without killing your personal life. To say we will provide tips to help you get the balance back in your life will be an exaggerated statement. There aren’t any established rules because we live different lives and what may be overdoing for some, is simply getting the job done for others. You will feel when you’re overdoing. Your body will tell you. You will get a headache out of nowhere, your menstrual cycle will be erratic, you will feel constant fatigue or constipated even when you feed yourself right. Our lives are not designed just for work. If they were, we would’ve been born slaves, who didn’t know what free time is.

Tricks That Make You More Productive

If you recapitulate your last day at work you’ll be surprised how much of your time you are spending on activities that zap your energy and productiveness. Especially if you’re working a job you hate, you will be constantly distracted. Writing a private email or a text message will delete around 10 minutes of your working hours. 5 of those and you have spent almost an hour of meaningless chit chat instead of working intensely. A gossipy coworker probably takes at least half an hour of your daily working schedule and most likely you are not even interested in the blather. Then, you’ll spend another half hour judging her ethics, which gives you a headache and you can’t concentrate without taking a lunch break. Instead of running around like a mad scientist, you can sit down every morning before the first errand and rethink your chores. Organize them in a way that will help you get them done single handed.

If you have to print out a document, deliver it to another floor, go to the toilet and order office appliances, make sure you don’t go back and forth a couple of times. Sort out the priorities and do them first. Make lists if you have to and use your smart phone to write down important notes. Once you organize your daily responsibilities, make some time to relax. Sometimes just sitting and meditating for 20 minutes will restore your energy and speed you up until the end of the day. Make friends with colleagues who are willing to cover for you when you need a day off and vice versa. Avoid boring, gossipy and negative coworkers because they will only stray you away from your dynamic time management. And learn to say the word No. Many people go through life taking advantage of others, so do your best to avoid that vicious circle. It’s morally correct to take your colleague’s workload for a day or two if they have a family duty or you owe them a day. But then again working others’ job out of a false sense of responsibility or guilt will make your job pointless. Use your working environment to join forces and get the job done faster. If you can’t seem to work with your coworkers as a team or you have a private problem that interrupts your effectiveness, there are employee assistance programs which are there to help you sort out the problems and offer you solutions.

Integrating a Work to Life Balance in Your Life

Every one of us has a different lifestyle and different rules apply for each individual. If you are a lawyer, your private life will be interrupted daily and integrating balance may be impossible. You may be called in the middle of the night, on Sundays and holidays. You can’t shut down your phone because your clients depend on your services and you can’t predict when one of them will break the law. If you are a writer your working hours may be a bit more relaxed. You can choose your own timing and location, and stress is rarely connected to the work. Unless you work as a journalist and you have a strict deadline. A lawyer knows the law and as soon as he places foot in the courtroom, all he has to do is apply his knowledge and strategies. Writers can’t say their work is in progress when they start the paper. They can work for 10 maybe even 12 hours on a single column, rewrite it, edit it and rewrite it again. Then, if their work is not good enough, they have to sit and write a new one from the beginning. Every job or profession has pros and cons and there isn’t a job that is stress-free. Except of course, if you love your job, which makes everything a lot more easy.

When you love your job you wouldn’t mind staying up late, working longer hours and being paid less. If you have a job you enjoy doing, your whole life will be in the working mode but stress free. From the minute you wake up, when you brush your teeth to the time when you actually start, every moment will be gratifying and you won’t start your day wired. The best way to balance the weight between your life and your work is to find a job you love doing. Then, you can delete the line between work and life and enjoy every day, whether it’s free or not.


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