This is a legend told in Tepoztlan, Morelos (Mexico) of the origin of the folkloric dancer named “Chinelos”, the strange part is the archeological evidence that support the legend of the mystical fishmen.

Legend of the Chinelos

A long time ago an advanced civilization existed in our place, this was so advanced that the men spoke with the wind. Those men existed for many generetions until they was almost perfect, spiritual and phisical. In the other side, other civilizations grew in a distant places of the planet and the grew too in science and art, they multiplyed, but they became perverts, that was the motivation of the Universal God to punish them sending a flood. Just like the sacred books talks about.
The rain begun all day and night, the difference between day and night was forgotten until a new day came when the rain stopped after many years, or maybe centuries, until the existence of the previous world was banished. Only the site named Tepoztlan was forgiven by God himself, he regretted because Tepoztlan was filled by wise men, he gifted them with the ability to live underwater changing them phisicaly with a fish tail and scales, and even a big crest in their back.
The Elder people of Tepoztlan told these special people lived a lot of years underwater, until the land and mountains flourished again. Then the fishmen emerged being the first men to habit the land after the flood. At the same time, a new generation of men populated the land too. To avoid conflict, the fishmen used a custom to hide their true form, with a large suit to cover the fishtail , gauntlets and a great chiquihuite (folkloric hat) to hide the crest and a human mask to cover their faces, they called themselves Chinelos, “the men who spoke with the wind”.
The main difference between the two kind of men was the way they walk, the Chinelos walked like dancing with small jumps.
We can find evidence in the museums and even in ancient monasteries around Tepoztlan of their existence, in public events the Chinelos appears sometimes to dance with the loud music they love.


Fishmen draws in the old monastery (Picture taken by me)
Chinelo custom in a museum (Picture taken by me)

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