The Incredibly Compelling Case For Reincarnation

Written by Devtome contributor Bomac



I'd like to apologize to hard core atheists who clicked on this.

I am sorry for offending their refined, superior sensibilities with what they are about to read.

Oh - wait a second. I put, “reincarnation,” in the title. Silly me. No hardened, “scientific” atheists will ever click on this. There will be some agnostics who will read every word, though.

They are infinitely more likely to entertain other points of view. However, I feel no inclination to apologize to them. They do not get offended nearly as easily.

Case Number 1

Hanan Monsour / Suzanne Ghanem

Every word of the story you are about to read is true. All the data contained herein was vetted by professional researchers who found multiple witnesses for all of the facts of the case.1)

Hanan married Farouk Monsour in Lebanon in the mid 1950s, at the age of 20. They had two children, both daughters. Their names were Galareh and Leila. Hanan had two brothers. One of them became rather prominent in Lebanon. Unfortunately he died when he was still a young man, when the plane in which he was a passenger, crashed.

Hanan started having heart problems after her girls were born. Her doctor told her not to have any more kids because it would be a serious threat to her life. She went ahead and had another baby, this time a boy, despite her doctor's warning.

The next year was a bad one for Hanan. That was the year her brother died. It was also the point at which her health began to deteriorate. She started thinking about her mortality, and would talk about it to loved ones. She told Farouk that she would soon be dead, but that she would be returning (via reincarnation), and that she would have a lot to say about her previous life (as Hanan). Within two years she was dead from complications due to heart surgery.

To have her surgery, she had traveled to Richmond, Virginia. Before the actual operation, she wanted to speak to her daughter Leila. She was unable to reach her on the telephone.

Ten days after the death of Hanan, a woman from a different town in Lebanon gave birth to a baby named Suzanne Ghanem. Suzanne's mom said that a woman came to her in her dream, announcing that she was going to be the baby the woman was about to give birth to. When later she was shown a picture of Hanan, she said that looked like the woman in her dream.

iisisreincarnationresearchmonsourphone.jpg When Suzanne was sixteen months old, she picked up the telephone and kept repeating, “Hello, Leila? Leila? Hello Leila.” At the time Suzanne was still too young to effectively communicate to her family who Leila was, but when she was a little older Suzanne set the record straight. She told her parents that she was Hanan, and that Leila was her daughter. The parents wanted to get to the bottom of those statements, so they asked Suzanne what Hanan's last name was. Suzanne told them that her head was too small to remember it, but that as she grew she might be able to tell them. They didn't have to wait too long. By her second birthday, she not only recalled Hanan's last name, she remembered her parents' names and the names of all her siblings, from the previous lifetime. Altogether, it was thirteen names.

Suzanne's family tracked down Hanan's family. The towns were not that far apart and Hanan's family was intrigued. Hanan's husband, Farouk, remembered Hanan's prediction about the child who would have plenty to say, so Hanan's family arranged to travel to meet Suzanne and see if this was really Hanan.

They were pretty skeptical, but not so much so that they didn't want to check her out. Upon arriving, Suzanne greeted each member by name. She also told Hanan's brother, Hercule, that before her surgery, she had given her jewelry to him, telling him to divide them up equally and distribute them to her daughters. That was something that no one knew about except for direct family members. They quickly became convinced of the claims that little Suzanne made.

The two families felt connected and stayed in touch. One time when they visited Hanan's family before Suzanne was even old enough to go to school to learn how to read and write, they showed Hanan's family a piece of paper that Suzanne had written numbers on. Hanan's family recognized it as their phone number, except for the last two numbers being transposed.

Suzanne would often recite the eulogy that had been given for her brother who had died in the plane crash. Hanan's family confirmed it was accurate.

Suzanne absolutely adored Hanan's husband, Farouk. When she was five years old she would call him an average of three times daily. Whenever she would be able to visit him, she cherished sitting on his lap and resting her head up against Farouk's chest. Even at the age of 25, when Farouk was elderly, she would still call him on the phone.

Farouk had been a cop all of his adult life until he retired. He accepted Suzanne's claim about being the reincarnation of Hanan 100%. She kept providing more and more evidence. He would bring out photographs of people that Hanan knew, and Suzanne would identify them by name. She did this with scores and scores of pictures of old friends and acquaintances. She would often provide detailed accounts of them that she remembered from her life as Hanan.

hs.jpg As happens a lot in these cases, when Suzanne grew into adulthood, there was a fairly striking facial resemblance between Hanan and Suzanne.

There is so much compelling information in this case that it could be hard to imagine that someone with an open mind would come across this and not be given at least slight pause to wonder. What is more compelling is there are thousands upon thousands of similar cases in the ever growing body of reincarnation literature. It's possible to call one case an amazing set of unexplainable coincidences. It's a lot harder to write off thousands of such cases.

The Formula For Never Changing Your World View

What people tend to do, though, is simply ignore facts that don't fit into their paradigm. If you started reading well researched books on reincarnation, with each book you finished, you would likely find it increasingly harder to disbelieve. So, if you staunchly do not want to believe in it, you will see to it that you never expose yourself to the preponderance of evidence that supports it.


The Difference Between Being A Skeptic And Being A Debunker

Many people who claim to be skeptics are actually debunkers.(Perhaps they should be called, Archie Debunkers.2)

A number of organizations which claim to be comprised of skeptics, have and want only debunkers as members. Agnostics are skeptics. Atheists are debunkers. Skeptics are open to looking at evidence. Debunkers are only interested in denying that any evidence exists.

There are numerous instances where skeptics set off to research reincarnation for the express purpose of finding holes in the information, in an effort to provide proof against it, but the individual comes away from their research as a believer.

A debunker, on the other hand, would rather die than change her mind.

Why Is Everyone Always Famous?


Detractors like to say that everyone who says they remember a past life is always someone famous in that life, or at least a member of royalty. The truth is, on average, those types of memories are fairly few and far between.

I've read many books by past life regressionists. Most of them don't mention any people who used to be royalty or famous in another life. If you search for such cases, you can easily find them online, though.

From the books I've read, most people recall lives as members of the common class. There seem to be a lot more peasants, farm laborers and foot soldiers, than rich land owners, military generals, royalty and celebrities, in terms of past life memories. That's probably because it reflects the normal demographic historical breakdown.

What About The "G" Word?


Initially I intended to focus this article solely on reincarnation. I wasn't even going to mention the “G” word, but since reincarnation entails life after death, and that topic tends to be associated with the God topic, I figure I might as well get it out of the way.

The problem with discussions about the existence of God is with the very definition of the word. I certainly don't think of God in human terms, but if I tell you I believe in God, and you think I mean it in almost human terms, you could say you agree with me, but we wouldn't be in agreement at all.

In actuality, I don't know what to think of God because I have yet to be able to define the notion. I can tell you I don't believe in the Man in the sky, and I don't believe that earth is merely thousands of years old. In that sense, I'm not a creationist.

I can relate to the term, “intelligent design.” To me it's not only logical that there is intelligence behind the existence of everything; it also rings true intuitively.

Again, it really is a good thing no atheists are reading this. They tend to abhor the term, intelligent design, and will often get quite testy if you dare speak it in their presence.

The Religion Of Atheism Is Fueled By The Faith Based Doctrine Of Coincidence

In fact, anything which suggests that anything other than random chance brought into existence; consciousness – along with everything we know that exists, and all the things we don't even know about that exist, in all their mind boggling intricacies and the way that everything vibrates and circulates at both the micro and macro levels; and the incredibly complex ways in which everything works together interdependently on levels that are almost unimaginable – is enough to make a hardened, “scientific” atheist's skin crawl.

Those people like to tell us that everything is chance, coincidence. Consciousness is nothing more than temporary chemical reactions. When your body is no longer able to sustain those chemical reactions, you cease to exist. They say that science proves it. So there! Case closed. Nothing to see here. Move along now.

But wait a second. Not all of science says that. Have you ever read any books on quantum physics? Let's just say THOSE scientists tend to be a lot more open to possibilities than the scientific minds that are still stuck in the Newtonian, mechanistic paradigm. Indeed, quantum physicists are a lot less sure that they know all there is to know regarding the mysteries of life. It makes them a lot more fun to be around.

Rather than trying to accomplish the impossible, and talk people who are sure that God doesn't exist into believing their entire world view is wrong, I prefer to discuss smaller pictures, like the evidence of reincarnation.

Even then, I'm not particularly on a mission to make people who are dead set against the notion, believe in it. I like to present the evidence to folks who are willing to look at it, and let them do with it what they will. [EDIT] (As of several months after writing this, I have to take some exception to my previous assertion. I have linked to this post so many times, it has become obvious to me that I am on a mission to get the word out. I don't proselytize to the point of say, Prince, knocking on doors in Minnesota's twin cities, offering free copies of the Watch Tower magazine, asking to come in and talk, though. (At least not yet… Heh.)

We Shall Meet Again

One nice thing about this, is being able to tell people who have lost loved ones that they are going to be with them again. I can say that because I discovered that most people reincarnate with many of the same people from one life to another, not unlike a film director who chooses many of the same actors for different films.

As it turns out, if you are really close to someone in this life, you are very likely to have been close to them before as well as to be close to them again in future lives. The down side to this, is that often the people who interact with you the most in a negative manner are also likely to be there next time around as well.

I don't mean someone with whom you just cross paths and get into a fight with. I'm talking about that person who is a thorn in your side for years or decades. The general theme of reincarnation is that we are supposed to learn lessons, and we keep coming back until we learn them. Sometimes the lesson is to learn how to defend yourself and/or get away from certain people. For example, one woman was shocked to discover through past life regression, that her boyfriend was in the habit of killing her, in one lifetime after another, after another.

Are Atheists Actually The Ones Too Weak To Handle The Truth?


"You can't handle the truth!" Jack Nicholson: A Few Good Men

Many atheists are fond of saying that people who believe in life after death are weak minded. They say most folks simply can't handle the truth that when you die, you are gone forever. They say the vast majority of people shudder to think that they will simply cease to exist, so they conjure God to quell their fear. And beyond that, they say that God is also a feeble crutch the pitiful masses utilize to deal with missing those they love, who have died before them, so they can pathetically fool themselves into believing they will see them again.

I, for one, find such notions incredibly laughable. I never liked the idea of living forever. From early childhood I was taught that the goal is to go to heaven where the streets are made of gold and the gates are made of pearl, and there is nonstop rejoicing through the worship of the Lord. That never appealed to me.

I think I was about six years old when I told my mother that when I died, I just want it to be over. I didn't want to live forever. To me, that was like a never ending prison sentence, although I didn't refer to it as such at that age.

Then when I found out about the reality of reincarnation, I wanted to go back to the days when I thought I would go straight to the streets of gold place after death. After all, a lot of bad stuff is known to occur on earth. The thought of having to come back here, for me at least; that's not for weak minds. In fact, the weak mind is like me at six years old wishing death meant the end – or like those atheists, who think there is no accountability for their actions once their body dies.

The Relative Fairness Of Reincarnation


Even though I'm – let's call it – extremely less than thrilled, overall, to learn about reincarnation, I find it infinitely more fair than what I was taught about life after death when I was a kid. I was told you get one chance on earth to decide your eternity, and all decisions are final. Furthermore, an honest decision of, “I just don't know,” will get you sent to hell, forever.

(I grew up in one of the most no-nonsense sects of protestantism. I wasn't afforded the cushion of the Baptist doctrine of, once saved always saved, or even the unpleasant middle ground of Catholicism's purgatory, which offered hope for redemption, albeit maybe after an unimaginably long and uncomfortable period of time.)

In my childhood system of belief, if you don't accept the notion that Jesus is the only Son of God (and ask him to forgive your sins, and then ask forgiveness daily, in fact, every time you sin), then you are rejecting the gift of eternal bliss and by default, choosing eternal fire and other horrors that the mind can not even conceive of.

In that paradigm, there is no chance for redemption. It does not matter what kind of life you lived. You could be a Mother Teresa without the belief in Jesus, and you would, tragically, go to hell. (I never could figure out how you could be so blissful and ecstatic in heaven when so many people you loved were in hell.)

By the way, any sin, no matter how relatively benign, will send you to hell if you die before seeking forgiveness. It could be a mere negative thought. It might be a lustful thought, like imagining Katy Perry naked. It can end up with you experiencing eternal hell fire. Thanks a lot for that, Katy!

(Did you notice I made the distinction between lustful thoughts and negative thoughts? I did so because lustful thoughts can be really positive… except for the eternal hell fire thing, of course.)

On the other hand, I was told, that you could be the scum of the earth, living a long life of sadism, hurting, maiming, killing as many people as you wanted. Heck, you could rape and kill babies on the altar of Satan (which is being done in unimaginable numbers, by the way),3)4) but if you came to a point before you died, including on your death bed, where you accepted Jesus as the only son of God, invited Him into your heart, asked forgiveness of your sins, then you would live throughout eternity, experiencing joy unspeakable, full of glory, with a peace that passes understanding.

Most of the people who tell us this, when pressed, will admit that it may not seem fair that a baby rapist and killer can go to heaven after a death bed confession recitation of the sinner's pray, yet a person who lived an exemplary life would go to hell if she didn't believe in Jesus and ask for forgiveness. They say that they don't make up the rules, they just abide by them and try to get others to do the same, for their own sake. You know what? If they are not being disrespectful or obnoxious, it's kind of hard to find fault with anybody trying to save you from eternal fire torture.

As much as I don't like the idea of having to come back even a single time, let alone possibly countless thousands of times, it just rings true to me. It strikes a resonant chord deep within my psyche. It also happens to be a lot more fair than any of the other beliefs I have come across.

I think that many hard core atheists must have suffered greatly at the hands of religious fanatics in past lives, which helps to explain their closed mindedness and seemingly universal hatred of all things spiritual in this life – and indeed, I do think that many atheists will find themselves being religiously fanatic in a life to come, as a way of balancing out their agenda in this life.

Why I Am A Believer

You may be wondering what I base my belief upon. Do I come up with these suppositions simply because they make sense in my mind and provide a better alternative to the dogma I was reared on? The answer is no. I was raised on faith based presumptions, and while I recognize that there is a lot to be said for faith, once I moved out of the family home in my teens, I quickly found myself realizing I was more interested in evidence based understanding.

I started studying the topic and found so much evidence that it became obvious I would have to be intellectually dishonest if I did not believe in reincarnation. We've touched upon the fact that thousands of children have recalled living as someone else in cases where their memories have been confirmed to have accurate and specific information they should not have known. There is another area of past life research that many people find just undeniable.

The fact is, an incredible number of people have recalled past lives, and upon researching the details of their memories, have discovered historical confirmation of much of what they recalled. Naturally, if someone remembers what they had for dinner one night in a previous life, there would likely be nothing researchable to either confirm or deny the memory.

On the other hand, if someone recalls being, for instance, a soldier with a certain name in the military of a certain country in fairly recent history, it is often possible to search that nation's records and find out that a person with that name, serving in the recalled division that was stationed where the person recalled, actually existed in the time frame that the person remembered. Even in cases where an individual's name can not be confirmed because there are no records, many things that the individual recalled about living in that era in that part of the world can be confirmed

In the latter of these two scenarios, when historical documentation is not possible, it is easy for a detractor to say that the person is simply lying about recalling past lives. The answer to that, of course, is that so many people purport to have these memories that it beggars belief to believe all of them are liars. The detractor responds by saying that most of them may not be lying, but are the victims of their own imaginations.

However, that logic falls flat when you consider all the cases where people accessed information they could not possibly have known about that was then verified and confirmed by research. Beyond that, in some of those cases when it first appeared that the recalled memories were factually incorrect from an historical sense, years later, new information is uncovered which confirms their memory as accurate, after all.

Here's an example to clarify what I mean: A person may recall hunting a certain animal in the setting of time and place when historically, it is believed that the animal was not to be found in that part of the world. Yet, years or decades later, archeological discoveries prove that the animal indeed lived at the time and place. When that occurs, the detractor (debunker) will choose to ignore it.

What About The Theory Of Genetic Memory?


It is difficult to even try to come up with ways to dispute past life recall though, when the person doing the recalling remembers the person's name and all kinds of details they could not possibly have known otherwise, and then it is verified through research. However one such way is with the theory of genetic memory. It is the belief that past life memories are not actually the memories of the person who is recalling them. Rather, they are genetically coded in the person's DNA. That is to say, the events happened to the person's ancestor (or ancestors, in the event the person recalls multiple past lives.)

To me, this explanation comes across like a person with an old school, Newtonian world view trying to find a way to hold onto their belief that everything is rooted in the physical, and the notion that there is no life after death. As a personal aside, I must say that even if genetic memory was really the explanation for all past life recall, I would find it virtually as fascinating as reincarnation.

How incredible to think that we can remember the lives of our ancestors, as if we are remembering our own lives; and to think that we are influenced by them, often negatively, but can overcome the negative influence as well as acquire more of the positive influence, by seeking to experience their memories. For me, either way, the mind boggles.

There are a number of reasons, though, that lead me to believe the genetic memory theory is incorrect. For one thing, in many (or probably most) of the cases where individuals accessed information that was subsequently historically verified, the person whose memories they had, were not those of a blood relative. In other words, there is no genetic link, unless you want to count the general genetic pool of humanity.

If you do seriously want to postulate that anyone can have memories of any other individual's life, because we are all related to some degree; that seems like a tremendously long way to go to run away from what is obviously more likely to be the case; namely, the memories of past lives are our own. Each person we recall (and all the ones we don't recall) is a single facet of our greater self.

You Are Not Your Body

Past life recall is actually just one of a number of phenomena that has no physical explanation. It's like people having out of body experiences (OBE) where they go to other places and end up eavesdropping on conversations friends or family members are having. Then later they shock those people when they tell them what was said, who said it, what they were wearing, as well as where and when they said it. Often times, that happens at the beginning of a near death experience (NDE).

Experiences like OBEs & NDEs and various other types of paranormal events are able to happen because we are not our bodies. We have bodies, but bodies are not who or what we are. Bodies die, but since we are not our bodies, we don't actually cease to exist.

When adults recall past lives through regression therapy, they usually report a knowingness that can only be appreciated if you have experienced it. Any fears of death tend to vanish, forever. In many profound and small ways as well, their lives are transformed.

In fact, in a lot of instances, they had experienced very difficult to downright extreme physical and/or emotional symptoms, for years or decades before they had their first past life recall. Then upon their first memory from another lifetime, those symptoms either start to vanish, or in some cases, outright disappear immediately. These include maladies that the best medical doctors, with their best treatments, surgeries and medicines had been unable to make any headway with. (If anything, the medical doctors had only made the individual worse off than before they came to see them.)

The Reason So Many Psychologists Stumble Upon The Reality Of Reincarnation


A number of psychologists, including, but in no way limited to, the authors, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Judith Fiore and Dr. Helen Wambaugh, stumbled onto the reality of past lives in their professional practices. In the past, each of them had helped some of their patients achieve remarkable success in overcoming issues by engaging them in age regression hypnosis.

A common example is early child abuse that the patient had repressed from their conscious memory. The psychologist helps them get into a relaxed state of mind and then guides them into recalling the original source of the issue or symptom for which they are seeking relief from. When the patient recalls the event, even when it's painful like dealing with the shock that someone they knew and trusted had abused them, the patient is usually able to psychically heal from the trauma, because they are no longer repressing it.

Well, it turns out that quite a few psychologists who thought they were regressing their patients to an earlier time in their lives, were shocked to realize, they had regressed them to an earlier life altogether. (Their actual instructions were for the patient to recall the earliest event that caused the problem they are experiencing. When the event was not in their current life, the patients literally followed instructions by recalling the past life the problem started in.)

When this happens to psychologists, the initial response is to assume that the patient's mind is making up stories in an effort to help the patient heal. The therapist can not deny that healing is taking place, so they continue to work in the past life arena, not really believing their patients are actually recalling past lives.

However there comes a point when more and more patients are getting over their problems at a much faster pace and with much greater success than they ever used to see from their patients. This fact, coupled with the confirmation of so many details when research is done on the information the patient is giving them, leads the psychologist to the point of accepting that past lives are indeed real, and not just the mind projecting memories as part of the healing process.

Soul Mates


One of my favorite stories about a psychologist's journey in the realm of past life therapy is told by Dr. Brian Weiss. If you ever have the opportunity to hear him speak, I highly recommend it. He has also authored a number of books on the subject that are rather enlightening, to say the least.

He tells how he was especially intrigued with two of his patients that he was working with; one female, one male. The number of recalled past lives, the level of detail and other aspects of their past life work was extraordinary. One day, as he was listening to one of them talk about what they were recalling, he was shocked to realize that the patient was telling the same story that the other patient had told, but from the perspective of the other patient's spouse in that other lifetime.

After the session was over, he started comparing all their past lives that he had helped them to unearth, and every one of them were like that. The details matched up, but from their own perspective. (For instance; if the male patient recalled a time when his wife from a past life burned her hand, the female patient recalled the time when she burned her hand in a past life.)

In this couple's case, in all the lives they recalled, they were lovers and they kept the same gender. That is not always the case. Often people switch genders and relationships, for example, they might be male in one life and then female in the next; friends one life, lovers the next and blood relatives the next. Indeed these two may have explored other roles as well, but not in the lives they were recalling at the time.

Dr. Weiss was excited, downright elated. He also felt a responsibility to let the other person know, but he knew he needed to keep patient confidentiality. He devised a plan where he would schedule their appointments, back to back. So that as one was leaving the other would be in the waiting room and he would make the introduction.

So he set up the appointments and was like a little kid waiting for Christmas. He expected fireworks would go off, and it would be love at first sight. However the day came and nothing more than a normal, “Nice to meet you,” was exchanged between the two soul mates. He was disappointed, but not knowing anything else he could do without risking his ethical confidentiality oath, he let it go.

Within weeks, both patients were satisfied with their results from all their sessions and decided to end them. Dr. Weiss went on with new cases, not having a lot of time to think and wonder about his two special patients. One day, several months later, the two of them surprised him when they dropped in unexpectedly to say hello.

They told the story of how they happened to run into each other in an airport in another city, far away, when they both had flight layovers. They felt a connection as they spoke. They exchanged phone numbers, kept in touch, got together and started an intimate relationship. They told him they had figured who they were in their past life memories. To this day, Dr. Weiss talks about feeling foolish when he thinks about how he thought the Universe somehow needed him to introduce them to each other.

Debunkers Would LOVE To 'Disqualify' All Hypnotically Recalled Evidence

It is common for debunkers to disregard any and all information that comes from hypnosis. While there are many books that present reams of evidence from people with past life recall who were never hypnotized, and who recalled data that was subsequently confirmed, there is no reason to discount the impressive body of research that comes to us from the use of hypnosis.

The detractors who basically want to throw out all hypnotically recalled past life research, operate on a theory that hypnosis is only something that is done in stage shows where people are duped into believing they are chickens. This line of thinking says that if someone can be convinced they are something else (or someone else) by a stage hypnotist, then that disqualifies all past life recall done with this tool.

The truth is that only people who are so easily temporarily convinced that they are chickens, or naked or whatever, are people who are eager to take part in such fun. They gladly allow the hypnotist to create silly scenarios and accept her suggestions readily, whatever they may be.

A serious therapist who uses hypnosis has no such interest in implanting suggestions. They simply tell the patient to recall the event that created a problem for which they are seeking help. It is not always in another lifetime. Many issues stem from the current life, and therapy work is done without ever accessing past lives.

Hypnosis: Good Enough For Police & The FBI, But Not Good Enough For Debunkers


Moreover, the effects of a stage act are not profound or permanent. Someone doing past life therapy usually undergoes profound and permanent changes. While hypnosis is a tool that can be used to get some people to temporarily accept silly suggestions, it is also a tool that law enforcement agencies around the world, including the FBI have used successfully, countless times to solve crimes, by helping witnesses to recall details they had forgotten, which then lead to the capture of the criminal. In fact, it is not even unusual for a person to be able to recall their own birth, complete with details of the color of the walls, who was present and things that were said.

Thousands Of Historically Confirmed Cases Spontaneously Recalled

Even if you wanted to unfairly and unscientifically throw out all the evidence supportive of reincarnation that was obtained with the help of hypnosis, (similar to a defense attorney wanting to cause evidence of her client engaged in criminal activity to be thrown out of court), the other (non hypnotically recalled) evidence is still totally overwhelming. There are literally thousands of cases in the literature of reincarnation research, where people, usually starting as children, without the use of hypnosis, readily recalled and talked about who they used to be. In half of these cases, they provide absolutely detailed facts of the lives of other people, they could not possibly have guessed, which are subsequently scientifically confirmed.

In many of these cases, (hundreds upon hundreds), they meet up with still living friends or even a spouse from their most recent life, and they are able to provide them with information that nobody else ever knew. It's evidently not that rare for children to have past life memories, but when they speak of them, their parents tell them to be quiet and quit acting crazy. Even when parents are open to discussing the information their kids tell them, most of the time, as they get older, the memories begin to fade and they often lose interest.

Ironically, some people who have not the slightest bit of interest in reading about the findings of hypnotic regressionists are world renowned reincarnation researchers themselves. Included in this group are the world's most prolific author on the subject, the late, great Dr. Ian Stevenson, and his protege Dr. Jim Tucker. They never spoke poorly of past life regressionists, they just trust spontaneous, conscious recall a lot more than hypnotic recall.

Stevenson worked with thousands of children, primarily in Asia & India where the concept of reincarnation is culturally accepted. Therefore, parents aren't as quick to call the kids crazy when they begin speaking about past lives. It is my belief that anyone with even a modicum of an open mind who reads Stevenson's work will come away convinced that reincarnation is, at the very least, a distinct possibility.

Two More Cases Submitted For Your Perusal

The first case mentioned at the beginning of this article is one of Stevenson's meticulously researched subjects. Below you will find the overviews of two more (quick) examples, but these two are not from the pool of Stevenson's more than 3,000 such cases. Indeed, these kinds of cases are by no means limited to either Dr. Stevenson's research or to eastern countries or culture.

1) A three year old boy responded to his mother who threatened to spank him, telling her that as her father, he never laid a hand on her. He told her he expected the same treatment from her. The mother had to admit, her father never punished through the use of physical pain. He was also right when he talked about the cat she had as a girl and the nickname he (her father) used to call the cat. Among the many details he told to his incredulous mom was how his grandfather (he) had died – a gunshot wound. He even had a birth mark that corresponded to the area where his grandfather was shot.

[NOTE: Stevenson extensively documented how birth marks and birth defects often correlate with an injury the subject sustained in the previous life, that was usually related to the cause of death.]

2) Even as a toddler, James Lieniger was fascinated with planes, particularly jet fighters. When his father took him to a plane museum, he basically made his dad stay with him in the World War 2 section for three straight hour. Later, he started drawing pictures that worried his parents. They were of planes in the air, on fire, being shot down.

What concerned his parents even more, were the nightmares he started having before he was three years old. In his sleep he would scream, “Plane on fire. Little man can't get out.” One day he told his parents that he remembered being a fighter pilot in the war, and that his name was also James. He said he is now James 3, indicating that the pilot was named after his father.


After one of his nightmares, he remembered the name, Jack Larsen who he said flew with him. He even saw a picture of where he was shot down and identified it as such. He recalled his engine took the brunt of the hits. His father tracked down Jack Larsen and discovered that Larsen, did indeed fly on missions at time with a pilot name James Huston who flew the type of plane James the little boy mentioned and who had been shot down in the exact same manner. James continued to come up with all kinds of specific details that his father would confirm through research.

His dad tracked down Huston's elderly sister, who after speaking with James mailed the little boy Huston's personal effects she had kept. His father, who had started the research to disprove the past life information, finally had to admit he ended up proving it, instead.

Reincarnation's Answers To Mysteries


The concept of reincarnation explains a number of mysteries. There are cases of xenoglossy where people suddenly start speaking a language they never studied or spoke before. Sometimes it is under hypnosis, or even in their sleep. Reincarnation would solve those mysteries.

What about cases of child prodigies? Young kids that can play the piano or paint, etc., at the level of a master. Reincarnation provides a solid explanation for that as well. In fact, a number of prodigies have said that is indeed the case.

Then there is something like love at first sight. Or even a related but more general feeling that you have likely experienced a number of times upon meeting people. You may feel a certain connection with someone virtually immediately that is deeper than connections with a lot of people you've known for years. Conversely, you may have a palpable dislike for someone starting from the instant you met them, but have no conscious reason for doing so. Reincarnation can also explain why people can feel affinity for certain countries, cultures and experiences that are not native to their lives.

Patterns Of Reincarnation

Since Dr. Stevenson painstakingly studied thousands of cases where children spontaneously recalled at least one past life, he was able to delineate several common occurrences or patterns in these cases. There is a list of eight below.

1) In most cases, the child communicated his past life memory just as soon as she is able to form enough words to be able to do so. She may insist on being called by a different name, and might even tell family members that they aren't really related. She may even be able to name her “real” parents and siblings, as well as identify where they live and possibly describe many details of the house and land they lived.

2) The child will often remember dying, especially if the death was unexpected, premature or violent. If the death was caused by physical injury, it is not unusual for the child to have a birthmark or birth defect that mirrors or relates to the cause of death. Sometimes there is a phobia specifically relating the manner of dying.

3) The child may recognize their former family or be able to tell their current parents enough about them so that their current family is able to track them down, and take the child to them and explain the situation. When this occurs, the former family almost always accepts that their loved one was indeed reborn, because she recognizes them, calls them by name and shares secrets no one else would possibly know.

4) Many affinities and habits tend to be shared from one lifetime to another. This is also often true with talents, passions and hobbies.

5) The gender is usually the same, (about 9 out of 10 times.) This does not mean that 90% of the time there is no gender change in humans when they reincarnate. While that may or may not be true, all it is definitely saying is that in the cases of children spontaneously recalling past lives for data that could be verified, the child recalled being the same gender at a rate of 90%.

6) It is not unusual for facial features of the child and the individual she claims to have been, to have significant similarities. In a lot of cases the similarity is truly uncanny. Pictures of the two people, taken from the same age range, appear to be the same person.

7) In some cases, the child remembers living different lifetimes with multiple persons whom he knows from the current or most recent existence. This matches up with the past life memories derived from hypnotic regression.

8) In the majority of these spontaneously recalled past lives by children, the memories begin to fade around the age of seven or eight. There are notable exceptions, however, where the memories stay in the forefront of their minds for longer periods, or even throughout their lives.

Reincarnation In The Bible

Many people refuse to believe in reincarnation because they say if it is true, it would be in the Bible. If you ask these individuals to quote you the verse in the Good Book that says nothing can exist that is not covered within its contents, of course, they can not give it to you, because it does not exist. That is a very interesting phenomenon.

It is one thing to say that you believe, on faith, that everything in the Bible is true. It is another to say if it's not in the Bible, that somehow proves it's false. Not all devotees of the Bible are like that, but everyone is subject to accepting or rejecting certain interpretations of things that are in the Bible (or any book, for that matter.)

That is one of the reasons why there are so many sects within religions. Whatever the source book of the religion, there are always going to be varying ways to try to understand what the words mean. Words, in general, can only communicate a limited amount of data, and the same words can mean different things.

Hence, there will be an ever increasing number of branches of believers of any group whose common denominator is the belief in the contents of a book. Interestingly, every sect or group will be sure they are the right one, while all the others are wrong.

Historically, people have always been willing to go to war over these beliefs. Not only do they know they have the one true religion and are willing to fight to the death over it, but they are sure they have the one true sect within the one true religion. They are certain that the way they interpret the words of their Bible is the only correct way and everyone else is dealing with false interpretations.

So, when people tell you that reincarnation is not in the Bible, they are simply telling you that the way they interpret the Bible, reincarnation is not in it. The fact is there are sects of Bible believers who most definitely believe in reincarnation and cite Bible verses as their evidence.

Personally, I would never believe that any book has all the answers, or for that matter, is 100% correct. In other words, I believe that while there is a lot of great wisdom and truth in the Bible, not everything in it is true or wise, and that not all truth or wisdom is in the Bible.

I don't need for something to be in the Bible to believe is true. It would not matter to me if reincarnation was not in the Bible, or even if, as some people say, the Bible says that reincarnation does not exist. There is just too much evidence to the contrary.

However, from my best interpretation, reincarnation is mentioned and confirmed several times in the Bible, sometimes indirectly or implied, but upon occasion, it is directly mentioned in no round about way. In fact, I am dumbfounded as to why so many Christians who claim to believe everything in the Bible in a literal fashion can possibly not believe in it.


One way that is kind of hidden in plain sight, for me at least, is the whole, “born again” thing. Christians say they are born again. That is taken from the quoted words of Jesus who said, you must be born again to be with the Father, and to go to Heaven.

It is well known that the teaching style of Jesus was such that he used parables, metaphor, analogy to convey his ideas. However, he would also just come out with facts, point blank. Therefore, it is easy to misinterpret the words of Jesus if you think a straight fact is actually a metaphor. That is what I believe has happened with this all important notion of being born again.

In the reincarnation and other metaphysical literature, it is understood that we must live many lifetimes in order to learn all the lessons we are supposed to learn. It just can't be done in one life. We have to be born again (and again) before all the lessons are learned. Once that is done, then we can live in the realm that is the source of the physical world (or physical worlds). That is the realm of God, or as Jesus said, the Father.

Another indirect admission of reincarnation is in the story where some of the disciples were walking with Jesus and they saw a blind man. They more or less asked Jesus if he was being punished for sins in a past life. They said, “before he was born.” If reincarnation did not exist, what better time for Jesus to set the disciples straight then at that particular teaching moment? However Jesus simply said that he wasn't being punished for deeds committed before he was born.

[By the way, this concept is borne out in most of the reincarnation literature. Some people believe that if you cause someone to be blinded in one life, you will be born in another without eyesight. There is no evidence that is true. There is evidence to suggest that we choose to experience certain things in order to gain balance in our earthly experiences, though.]

Biblical detractors of reincarnation use Hebrews 9:27 as Biblical evidence against reincarnation. It says, “For it is appointed onto men, once to die, but after this the judgement:” Here we come up to the issue of interpretation. The same words can mean different things.

I had two immediate thoughts when I came across that verse. The first is that every life we live can be thought of as separate. If you are living now and you remember living during the time of the USA civil war, those are two people. There is a soul connection, but each one is an individual. So each person dies once.

The judgement does not mean only one judgement from which you will be sentenced to eternal bliss or eternal torture. Countless people have had near death experiences where they were “clinically dead”, and have reported going through what has become to be known as the panoramic life review. They relive their life, but from the perspective of the people they affected.

It is a judgement, but a self judgement. Almost to a person, they talk about being ashamed by their mistakes and shortcomings, and being ready to be sent to hell, or even send themselves to hell. They report being in the presence of a Being of Light who encompasses them in a total and overwhelming feeling of forgiveness, acceptance and love that can not be described in words.

The other thing I thought of when I found that verse, was the interpretation of the word, “once,” as in, “once to die.” I remember my mom telling me when I was a kid, and I had asked if I could eat my dessert first, “Once you have finished the rest of your meal, then you can have dessert.” She certainly didn't mean I only had to finish that meal, one time, and from then on, I could choose to eat dessert. She meant, once, as first. Therefore, the verse might mean, “It is appointed onto man first to die, and then the judgement.”

Besides that, what about people that the Bible says Jesus raised from the dead? We know about Lazarus. He evidently died twice. Then there is someone like Elijah, who is said to have been escorted to heaven, without first having died, on a chariot fire. Those certainly seem to be two examples of people who did not die once, according to the Bible.

Speaking of Elijah, he is at the center of the most direct example of reincarnation in the Bible. Jesus said the John the Baptist was Elijah. To emphasize the point, he even said that it should be known with everyone with ears to hear and eyes to see. Interestingly, if John the Baptist was not Elijah, then that would have some serious implications as to whether Jesus was the Messiah.

Allow me to elucidate. Multiple prophecies in the Old Testament said that the Messiah will not come until Elijah returns. Of course, everyone was assuming the return would be on the same UFO (chariot of fire) that transported him off earth. One day, while walking up a mountain with some of the disciples, they asked Jesus about something people were saying about him.

They told him that the word on the street was in that he can't be the Messiah because the scribes point to the various prophecies about the Messiah not coming until Elijah returns. That is when Jesus told them in no uncertain terms that John (the Baptist) is Elijah. Therefore, the prophecies were fulfilled upon the birth of John.

On a side note, we have seen how Dr. Ian Stevenson documented that it is quite common for people retain the same physical and/or non physical attributes in different lifetimes. There is a verse in the Old Testament that describes Elijah in appearance, dress and manner, and a verse in the New Testament that describes John, in appearance, dress and manner that are almost exactly the same words. To me, that's even more evidence, but what I think should be most powerful evidence on this matter to Christians everywhere is that Jesus said that John is Elijah – (as well as the fact that if Elijah had not returned, Jesus would not and could not be the true Messiah.)

That “Mount of Transfiguration” story – where Jesus showed the disciples visions of John, Elijah and even Moses (which makes me wonder if Moses was another one of John's past lives) – is told three times in the New Testament. Yet only one of them has the point-blank quote from Jesus that John is Elijah. If your church is like the one I grew up in, you can be assured that account is not included in the Sunday School curriculum for the children, or read to the congregation from the pulpit.

Detractors of Biblical reincarnation say that when John was asked if he was Elijah, that he denied it, and that proves that he was not. Of course, our only proof is hearsay, either of John or of Jesus, but if you are a Christian, whose word are you going to believe? Jesus, or John?

Keep in mind, it doesn't mean that John was lying when he said he was not Elijah. Most people have never recalled a past life. As far as he was aware, he was not Elijah reincarnated as John.

What is almost humorous about all this is that there are people who argue that everything in the Bible is literal, but when it comes to this, suddenly they are willing to accept that some things, after all, are symbolic or metaphorical. They will say that the scriptures didn't literally mean that Elijah himself would return, but someone who shares a lot in common with him would. Basically, they are more than willing to add words to and rewrite what they claim is the only Holy Word of God, if it helps them not have to change their beliefs.

To them, I just smile and say, so much for the consistency of your beliefs. When its convenient to insist that you know scriptures are meant literally, you take the literal side, but when you aren't comfortable with accepting something that seems obvious, you take the metaphorical route.

The irony in all this is that what these Christians are arguing for is the literal interpretation of hell as a place of eternal torture with no chance of redemption. Instead of admitting that based upon this Biblical information, reincarnation is at the very least a possibility, and there may actually be a chance for lost souls to be redeemed after death, they would rather remain steadfast in the literal interpretation of hell, and try to sweep the glaring contradictions regarding the Messiah not returning until the return of Elijah, under the convenient rug of symbolism. In my opinion, these Christians should call themselves Hellians. Their faith is based in hell more than it is in Christ. 5)

Big City Homicide Division Police Captain Proves To Himself The Reality Of Reincarnation

image description

Earlier I mentioned that law enforcement has cracked many crime cases by utilizing the tool of hypnotically induced memory recall. In those cases, past lives never entered into the equation (insofar as I am aware.) However, there is the story of police captain Robert Snow. He was the head of the homicide detectives in Indianapolis who, on a dare, underwent past life hypnotic regression which uncovered memories of being an obscure artist in the later 1800s and early 1900s.

This shook up his world. He wanted to believe that it was his simply his imagination that came up with such vivid details. He decided to put his detective skills to work, specifically to prove that the information that he had gotten while in hypnotic regression was false. He ended up doing the opposite and eventually and rather reluctantly went from hardened skeptic to true believer. His story is so rich and detailed I couldn't do it justice with a mere highlighted summary, so I hope anyone reading this who is intrigued will follow up with his story.

His often humorous account of his journey can be found in his book, “Looking For Carroll Beckwith,” (1999). You can also enjoy him sharing his experience on YouTube by Googling, YOUTUBE ROBERT SNOW CARROLL BECKWITH. Among the videos you will find is one that is him speaking for more than an hour. It is both highly entertaining and very educational.

[EDIT] I don't know why I didn't provide a link when I first posted this some months ago, but here it is now. Also, at some point after writing this I decided I would love to interview Captain Snow, so I called up the Indianapolis Police Department, but he had been in retirement for some time. I do hope you will take the time to watch the video.

I can't tell you how much respect I have for this man, because he was a hardened and extreme skeptic, who put his detective skills to work to disprove his past life recall having legitimacy, but like a good detective, he allowed himself to arrive at a shocking conclusion, based solely upon the evidence. His story contains a mind boggling “coincidence” that is rather impossible to not perceive as fate.

An Historical Figure Plus A Couple Old Time Celebrities

I debated whether or not to include this last section. It deals with individuals so well known in recent history that quite possibly, most everyone reading this is familiar with them. I thought I may not want to go there because it might reinforce the stereotype that so many people believe; namely, that most people who recall past lives, remember being someone famous. Anyone who is read at all on this subject knows that is not the case, but naturally there are a number of such instances. After all, well known people are subject to reincarnation as much as the rest of us.

I will mention three people, or two cases. I categorize it as two cases, rather than three, because two of the people are a well know actor duo, who are currently incarnated as brothers, and I'm calling that one case. However I'll start with the story of a little girl, who during childhood, recalled being the prodigy author who happens to be the most famous Holocaust victim.

The Diary Of A Young Girl | The Diary Of Anne Frank


Barbro Karlen was born in Sweden, just nine years after Frank died in a Nazi concentration camp after hiding out for more than two years in the occupied Netherlands. Frank's, Diary Of A Young Girl, (aka The Diary Of Anne Frank) had not yet been translated and published in Sweden when Barbro started telling her parents before at the age of three, that her name wasn't Barbro Karlen.

It was Anne Frank, she insisted. At the time, the name did not yet mean anything to them, but Barbro's parents weren't too pleased in general when their daughter kept insisting that they were not her real parents.

Barbro had regular nightmares of men in uniforms kicking down her door and barging into her bedroom. She developed an intense fear of people in uniforms. At about the age of eight, her teacher brought up the story of Anne Frank, which is how she first discovered that Frank had become famous after her death.

Unlike most children whose past lives memories fade at age seven or eight, her memories of the young writer, hiding from the Nazis in the Netherlands stayed strong until young adulthood. They started to fade at about the time she took action to deal with her fear of people in uniforms. She became a mounted police officer.

Quite a few years later, in her 40s, after a time of being unfairly harassed by some fellow mounted officers on the same police force, her Anne Frank memories started coming back into focus again. As a result, she was in touch with a part of her psyche that recognized those two fellow mounted police officers who were persecuting her on the job had been among the guards in the concentration camp where her life had ended by typhus at the age of 16.

This fits in with the memories of people who have gone through past life regressions. Many times the same people will repeat patterns in different lifetimes. When one individual is causing harm to another, from one life to the next, the person needs to stand up to their harasser because it could continue through an indefinite number of lifetimes, otherwise.

She stood up to them by deciding to go public about her Anne Frank connection, including the harassment she was experiencing at the hands of those two men. This was a move she never believed she would make. She had always kept the Anne Frank stuff strictly in the family and intended to leave it there. However, she wrote a book telling her story. The book is called, And The Wolves Howled. The process helped her to not be intimidated by those guards/police who were acting like howling wolves.

Even before the book was published, Buddy Elias, the president of the Anne Frank foundation, had received word about it. As the last living relative of Frank's, he was extremely skeptical, but wished to meet her nonetheless. So, though her publisher, he had a meeting arranged, divulging only that he was a fan of her previous books. (Like Anne, Barbro had been a child prodigy, acclaimed author.

Her publisher set up the meeting between Barbro and Buddy Elias, without telling her of his connection to Anne Frank. So, little did she realize that the man she was about to meet was a close cousin of Anne's who used to play with her ever since they were young children.

Not expecting much would happen when they met, Elias was surprised the moment they locked eyes. Without a word being spoken, they simply fell into each other's arms and cried tears of joy. After spending a couple hours with Barbro, Elias was totally convinced of her past life connection to his late cousin. A close friendship was formed that continues to this day. They visit each other, and stay at one another's home regularly.

As mentioned, And The Wolves Howled', was not Barbro's first book. She had enjoyed quite a bit of success as a child. In fact, her first book of prose and poetry became the second best selling book of poetry in the history of Sweden. Of course, as Anne Frank, she enjoyed even more success. The Diary Of A Young Girl is considered to be the second most read book in the world (after the Bible.)

When Barbro was 10, her family went on vacation. One of the places they went to was Amsterdam which was the city where the Frank family had hidden for more than two years before being snitched out and caught by the Nazis and sent to concentration camps where everyone died – except for Anne's father – primarily from typhus. She and her parents wanted to be sure to see the Anne Frank museum, which was at the actual building where Frank lived in the secret attic for the duration of hiding.

Her father had picked up the phone to call a taxi, when Barbro told them she could take them there and that it wasn't too far to walk. As Barbro, she had never been there, yet she displayed such confidence that she took off and her parents followed. She went through the winding streets of Amsterdam, turning this way and that, as if she had taken this walk many times before. Within 10 minutes, they were at the museum.

She was surprised that the steps were not like she remembered. It was discovered that they had been done over with a different design. When she stepped inside and recognized where she was, she was visibly shaken. It was like a waking nightmare, a panic attack, but she kept walking up the stairs.

When she got to her (Frank's) little room, she thought she saw newspaper clippings on one of the walls. She said, “Oh look. The pictures of film stars are still there.” Her mom pointed out that the wall was bare, and when she looked again, she realized her mom was right. One of the tour guides confirmed that they had recently taken down the newspaper clippings of film stars because people had been messing with them. He said they would be put back up soon in frames, secured to the wall.

It was at this point that her parents finally believed her. Barbro's father reluctantly said that she obviously must have lived before as Anne Frank but that she was the only one who had been reincarnated. He was a Christian, and he didn't want to make room in his belief system for the possibility that he, or for that matter, other people live more than one lifetime, although he had to admit it had happened to his daughter.

Barbro's mother took a different attitude and started studying other spiritual paradigms. She read up on reincarnation and become a tremendous supporter of her daughter's claims. This did wonders for their relationship.

Possible Evidence That Some Of The Diary Is Forged

From what I can deduce, the hoopla regarding the writings of Anne Frank being a forgery, seems to be much ado about next to nothing. The main contention is that it is claimed to have been written in ball point pen, which some people claim was not invented until after the war. It's probably more correct to say that ball point pen technology was not publicly accessible in Germany until after the war.

The point seems to be moot though, since there were only two loose leaf pages of annotations that are said to have corrections written in ball point pen, and those pages were not published as part of the diary in the first place. A later publication that included annotations and photographs, included those two pages, but that is hardly a reason to doubt the diary itself, (or, diaries themselves, actually, since there were multiple notebooks.)

Graphologists have confirmed that the penmanship of the diaries is that of Frank's, but not the penmanship of those two pages. More to the point of this report is the fact that nobody who has ever questioned the veracity of the authorship of the diaries has ever denied that Anne Frank existed and was indeed, hiding from the Nazi's with her family and others, as detailed in the diary.6)

A Different Kind Of Past Life Recall

Some people who are sensitive to the subtle energies have the ability to perceive some of the past lives of other people. It's true that most people who say they are psychic and will be willing to help you for a fee are frauds, but that doesn't make them all fakes.

I got a life changing past life reading for five dollars, just a few years ago. I tell that story here.

However, this last case I'm about to present, is different from the other cases mentioned in this article. So far, the subjects discussed here have discovered their past lives either spontaneously as children, or as adults who underwent hypnotic regression. In our final case, the information comes from a medium (a type of psychic). More specifically it comes from an entity who speaks through a medium.

Most of the time I place no value on this type of material, because most mediums are sloppy. By that I mean they tend to be rather naive in some ways, and they don't guard against malevolent or dishonest beings coming through. Even mediums who, in years gone by, were known to present good information, have allowed their abilities to be hijacked, and hence, the level of misinformation is through the roof.

People go to mediums to get help with issues. Right now the world is being controlled by forces that wish to enslave all of humanity, as well as reduce the population by 90 percent or more. Many people are going to mediums to find out what they should be doing to stop this from happening. What they are being told is that everything is okay behind the scenes.

These entities, through many different mediums, all around the world, are almost to a person saying things like, the, “Ascended Masters” have everything under control, and the, “Galactic Federation” is on the way to save us, so just sit back and wait. In other words, don't worry our pretty little heads about anything. There is no action required of us. I know for a fact the opposite is true. We need to wake up, help others wake up and then figure out what daily actions we should be taking.

The last thing I have time for nowadays is information from trance mediums. When Jane Roberts (who Seth spoke through) died in 1984, I never found any other combination of medium/entity that moved me the way they did. I have heard that Barbara Marciniak is good, though. And I was intrigued by Kevin Ryerson, who played himself in Shirley MacLaine's two part mini series of her book, Out On A Limb.

While researching this article, I discovered that Ryerson speaks for the entity, Ahtun Re, who has proven quite adept at pointing out reincarnational relationships which tend to hold up upon examination. What do I mean by, “hold up”? Let me provide you with an example.

The Return Of Laural & Hardy


Dr. Walter Semkiw, MD, is a paranormal/reincarnation researcher extraordinaire. While in a session with Ryerson, Semkiw asked Ahtun Re if the famous comedy team of Laural and Hardy had reincarnated. Ahtun Re confirmed they had, but unlike virtually everyone else Semkiw asked about, Ahtun Re would not say who they were. He would, however, let Semkiw guess, but he never guessed correctly, so he quit asking.

Then a couple years after Ahtun Re first said that Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were back on earth, Semkiw saw an online notice about two largely unknown comics who were about to appear on Broadway. They were brothers, Josh and Danny Bacher, aka The Bacher Boys. They really look like Laural & Hardy, except that Danny isn't as chubby as Oliver Hardy was. Remember, not all people look like they did in previous lifetimes, but it does happen a lot, and the Bacher brothers look uncannily like them in regard to facial features. Dr. Semkiw got a message to Danny Bacher to call him and Danny did so.

Dr. Semkiw had no idea what Danny's reaction would be when he told him that he and his brother had past lives as Laurel and Hardy, but he explained quite a bit about the evidence of reincarnation, as well as the accuracy of Ryerson and Ahtun Re. He could tell Danny was wondering why the doctor was mentioning all this, so he finally just blurted it out.

After a moment of silence, Bacher said he didn't know about reincarnation, but he said their biggest influences, by far, were Laurel and Hardy. But it didn't stop there. It turns out the Bacher brothers had been obsessed with the duo ever since they were small boys, even doing impersonations of them as young boys.

When they got older and had a car, they made a mix tape of music from their movies and film shorts, and drove around playing it on full blast the way other kids blared rock and roll. As adults they owned literally thousands of pieces of memorabilia related to the the comedic geniuses. In fact, they actually paid some tidy sums to purchase actual clothes they had worn in various productions.

Let's review what we have here, because it's rather fascinating. First there is a spirit being who speaks though a trance channeler to a researcher of reincarnation. The spirit tells the researcher that a world famous duo of movie stars from yesteryear have reincarnated as brothers who are up and coming comics. Then it is discovered that the brothers just so happen to look incredibly like them.

Then you discover that the brothers have had a lifelong obsession about the movie duo and have their homes filled with memorabilia of these men. They are so obsessed they have actual clothing the old time film stars wore. The odds of that happening must be astronomical.

However, that is not the end of the “coincidences” involved in this case. Dr. Semkiw had been asked by a friend to speak at her conference on an upcoming date. He declined, saying he wasn't sure if he would be in town. Then when he got tickets to see the Bacher brothers perform, he realized he would be in town for his friend's conference.

So he called her to take her up on the speaking engaging and told her that he would be coming into town to meet the men who had lived past lives as the famous comedy team. As a fellow metaphysical researcher, she really wanted to know who they were. He didn't want to tell her, because they asked at the time that he refrain from publishing the speculation about who they might have been. However, as soon as he got her to promise not to tell anyone, he told her their names.

When he told her, she said that she knew them, because she used to teach high school, and she had them both in classes she taught a decade ago. Again, you have to ask yourself the odds of such an event. As things turned out, she ended up going to see the show with the doctor, and then both Bacher brothers, and their parents attended her conference to see Dr. Semkiw speak.

While the Bacher brother don't have any conscious memories of being Laurel and Hardy, and have not done hypnotic regression to confirm it one way or the other, they certainly are open to the idea, and they can't deny the fact that they look like them, are influenced by them and are downright obsessed with them.

Are You Willing To Take The Dare That Changed Captain Robert Snow's Life?


If you wonder who you might have been in past lives, it is recommended that you find an experienced past life therapist you can book an appointment with. Homicide Captain Robert Snow did it on a dare. Do you dare try it?

While there are some psychics and mediums who are adept at this kind of work, there is almost an infinite number of frauds who will simply make things up and take your money. Besides, it is always more real when you experience something yourself, as opposed to just having someone tell you about it.

If you are afraid to undergo past life regression, you still may yearn to learn more. Remember that books and search engines can be your best friend. There are tons of videos on YouTube that will keep you engaged for hours, and no shortage of books on sites like Amazon.

If you find yourself kind of, sort of knowing that reincarnation must be real, but you are having a hard time accepting it anyway, because it's a different belief than you've had all your life, consider what the Robert Snow says on that YouTube video.

Paraphrasing Captain Snow

As a detective, there comes a point where the evidence stacks up and there is no denying what it is telling you. You can't let your ego get in the way and prevent you from knowing the truth. Even when the truth is totally opposite of what you have believed for a long time, you owe it to yourself and others to accept and admit it.

Yes, it's especially hard when it's something that you used to make fun of people who believed it and you felt your were superior, and now you have to admit that they were right and you were wrong, but the peace of mind that comes from that level of integrity is more than worth it.

Paranormal | Philosophy | Religion

That's a reference to Archie Bunker, (who is pictured, above) He's the patriarch of the household in the 1970s & 80s TV show, All In The Family. He was the epitome of a person who is set in his ways; completely unyielding, never changing his opinions or beliefs.
You may have seen Christians with bullhorns and giant placards outside of large entertainment events as the crowds are leaving, warning of eternal hell fire. They are Hellians, yet, I have to say, they are actually most sincere and are doing their very best to keep people from suffering never ending torture. That is in stark contrast to most Hellians who probably secretly feel superior to all the lost souls they see and they never try to save the souls of people they don't know.
From what I can tell, the people claiming the diaries were not written by her, are barking up the wrong tree. Many of them are people trying to set the record straight about many of the false claims pertaining to Germany and the war. There is no doubt that a lot of the things that have been claimed about the war are not true, and a lot of things that happened, have been suppressed. Indeed, some of the pictures of piles of dead bodies we have seen, were not from concentration camps, but were photos of what the allies did to German civilians in the immediate years after capturing Germany. Soldiers were encouraged to torture and kill anybody they wanted. Women and school girls were raped, often multiple times a day. Ironically, some people who had been imprisoned for not obeying the Nazis were also tortured and or killed in the wanton vengeance the allies dished out to the civilians of Germany. Due to misguided hate laws that have been on the books in various countries for some time now, quite a few people are serving long sentences in prison for talking about this, or for bringing to the light of day that the numbers of people claimed to have died in prison camps have been exaggerated and many of the descriptions of how they died have been shown to be impossible. Interestingly, the administrators who run Auschwitz as a holocaust memorial have actually vastly downgraded the numbers of deaths in that camp on multiple occasions, yet none of them are in prison for changing the signs that speak to those numbers over the years. At any rate, in my opinion, the people who are claiming that Anne Frank did not write the diaries, are not doing their cause any good. I have to admit, though, it could give one pause to wonder, when you see the film clip of Otto Frank, Anne's father, talking about how surprised he was, upon reading her work, how little he actually knew her. It made him, more or less conclude, that not a single parent who has ever lived has ever truly known any of their children. That's a rather extreme conclusion to arrive at, but then again, so is stating that Anne Frank was the singular exception to reincarnation. Otto Frank's statement would get me wondering, if it were not for the many studies of handwriting experts who have all come to the same conclusion as to Anne Frank's handwriting. (I'm assuming they had other samples from which to match up her handwriting.) Actually, even if the diaries were forgeries, I can't fathom how that possibly helps anybody who is trying to get the exaggerations of that historical era to the light of day, as well as all the data that has been suppressed. None of the diaries contents pertained to that stuff.