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The Cure Is In The Forest

Dr. Cass Ingram, author of, The Cure Is In The Forest, was once a deathly sick person. That was before he discovered the awesome power of wild oregano.

In 1989, he contracted an illness from a laboratory accident in his own clinic. He was inadvertently jabbed by an IV needle from a deathly ill patient, who had head to toe fungus.1) That patient actually ended up dying. It seemed like Dr Ingram was going to follow in that fate.

The infectious disease did not hit him all at once, but within 3 months, he started the process of dying. Ingram had to stop working, which meant his clinic had to close. His passion is being of service to others, especially in terms of helping people to become healthy. Being sick himself, to the point of not being able to pursue his passion, was not something he ever wanted to experience (let alone, being on his death bed in his early 30s.)

Other Natural Protocols Failed

He was already into natural medicine, but everything he tried, from intravenous nutrition to chelation (and more), came up short. He describes a 5 year struggle for his health and his life. Things were looking so bleak, one day he wrote in his journal, “I don't think I can hang on much longer.”

He says he was able to ultimately reverse his condition with 2 forms of oregano:

  • Wild oregano crude herb (in an emulsified form in extra virgin olive oil)2)
  • Oil of oregano

Accident With Positive Unintended Consequences

Ingram tells how one day, he spilled a small bottle of the oregano oil, about 2 ounces, on a piece of furniture. He got a face towel to wipe it up. A friend of his who was taking care of him, Miss Judy, said that they might as well try to find a way to use it, even though he wouldn't be taking the spilled oil the way he had intended to, as oral drops.

So she took the oregano oil soaked towel and proceeded to scrub his back. Before too long, she noticed that black soot was coming out. After that, he ran a high fever for 2 days, and then he started feeling much better than he had for some time.3)

His Was Not A Fast Cure

He continued to use the oil topically, as well as orally, while also taking the crude herb form orally. In six months time, he was ready to go back to work, but he says it took about two years before he would be back to his normal state of absolute, vibrant health. Dr. Cass is convinced that the reason he did not succumb to that fungal infection is due to the vibrational forces in the oregano.

He has since prescribed oregano for numerous patients, often getting what they describe as miraculous results. Some people who appeared to be on their death bed would show virtually immediate improvement, and be released from the hospital within a couple or few days. His condition, though, was so severe, that 2 years of daily use was required before he felt he had fully recovered.

True Healing Versus Simple Symptom Relief

Modern (allopathic) medicine is often quite impressive in terms of providing symptom relief. The irony is that relief from symptoms, in and of itself, does not mean that healing is taking place. If all a treatment ever does, then disease is usually driven deeper into the body and will manifest with other symptoms, often more severe, later on. Also, many times, symptoms that are allowed to run their natural course, is simply the body healing itself.

For example, a fever is the body's way of getting rid of a virus. If you are taking something that stops the fever, the virus can linger indefinitely, and make you progressively sicker. As uncomfortable as a runny nose can be, it is usually your body getting rid of toxins.

That is why we need to think twice and three times before looking for some pill (whether prescribed or over the counter) which is designed to bring symptom relief. Additionally, all pills are made of chemicals which are highly toxic, and they bring side effects – different symptoms.

Sometimes we may need to take them, but our mindset should be that it is a temporary protocol and we should be aware that they do not actually heal us. A good example I can think of where I opted for allopathic help was when driving a limousine, getting a case of the runs (as they say.) I realized it would be impossible for me to stop the car frequently to find a bathroom, while I was on the job driving passengers. So I bought a product that deals with the symptom of diarrhea.

It was a Godsend at the time. I was so happy such products exist, however, I do not take them I'm at home and have the same condition. I allow it to run its course, and in so doing, I get a lot of toxins out of my body.

The High Vibration Of Wild Oregano

Ingram says that wild oregano has the highest hertz (vibrational) energy than any herb. The only plant life with higher energy is the rose. He says that hundreds of thousands of people in the United States alone, who die each year from infectious diseases, could virtually all be saved with wild oregano.

In May of 2000, in Walker, Ontario, Canada, there was an e coli outbreak due to incompetence and neglect at the town's water treatment facility. They had actually known for years that farm runoff into a water well was a source of potential danger, but they did not follow through on plans to deal with it.

Adding Bureaucratic Insult To Injury

Even when tests showed that they had a problem, the water treatment plant managers as well as the public utility commission did not announce the problem, or warn the people not to use the water. The next day, as people started going to the emergency room, the Medical Officer of Health, for the region, issued a boil water order.

A lot of the 5,000 residents experienced severe and bloody diarrhea, as well as gastrointestinal infections and various other related symptoms. Five people died. Dr. Ingram was called to the area to give a lecture, advising people what they could do to get over their e coli related health issues.

Doctors Were Not Interested - What Else Is New?

About 20 percent of the town attended the lecture. They insisted that Ingram go to the hospital and school the doctors on how to help all the e coli patients at the hospital. Many of the victims were children. A number of them were in comas. All of them had failing kidneys.

As you might imagine, the doctors didn't want to hear from some outsider, let alone a natural health doctor of osteopathy, about what they should be doing with their patients. Ingram told the town folks to simply bring in their own supply of oil of oregano and give it to the suffering family members without the need for the doctors to be in the loop.4)

Lives Were Saved

A mother brought a bottle of high grade, super strength oil of oregano into the hospital for her 15 year old son who was comatose. She rubbed some of the oil on his feet, shins and chest. Within 40 minutes he had regained consciousness and told his mom he was feeling so much better. Within 90 minutes, he was asking to go home because he felt well.

There were other patients who got better as well. One of them was a 1 year old baby who had been on the verge of going comatose. People tried telling the doctors why their family members were getting better, but nobody paid any attention.

Dr. Ingram's Son

Dr. Ingram had a 23 year old son who was addicted to refined sugar, which he says is more addictive than cocaine. This led to a severe case of appendicitis. it had ruptured.

There was some medical malpractice involved as well. After the operation, his son was septic, with a heart rate of 130 along with fast & heavy breathing. He was going downhill fast. Dr. Ingram was several hours away (by jet), so he was concerned about the time it would take for him to get there. He instructed his ex wife to rub oregano oil on him, starting with his feet – which has all the nerve endings (reflexes) to every part & organ in the body – as well as his shins – which have the lymphatic channels and reflexes. He had her give him some drops under his tongue as well as put some drops in his juice.

Within 90 minutes his fever broke, his blood pressure came down, his breathing was easier and his heart rate dropped to 95. He was out of the proverbial woods, and within 2 or 3 days, he was literally out of the hospital. Ingram says his son might have died without the wild oregano oil. He also says that he has treated many cases of appendicitis with it, in which there was never a need for surgery.

Daily Prevention

Dr. Ingram says that everyone can benefit from taking wild oregano, even if their health is not suffering. He recommends taking a drop or 2 of oil of oregano oil on a daily basis as a way to boost and protect the all-important immune system.

It should be noted that oil of oregano is highly concentrated. It isn't only powerful in terms of what it can do for your health. It's powerfully strong in terms of the taste and burning sensation in your mouth. One imagines it's akin to jet fuel in that regard. It's not what most people consider a pleasant experience, at least for the first minute or so.

You can put a drop in liquid, but it might make it taste so badly, you would still prefer a better alternative. You can purchase vegetable capsules online. Don't use gel capsules. Use vegetable capsules. Simply place the drop of oil of oregano in the bottom half. Then put the top half on & put it in your mouth and swallow it with water.

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I do not know if he jabbed himself or if another person was involved in the tragic mishap. It really doesn't matter, when it comes right down to it, but I'd be interested in knowing. I suppose he doesn't feel it's all the germane to his story. If he did it to himself, he may not wish to point that out for obvious reasons. If someone else was largely responsible, he may simply wish to keep that private out of respect for the individual, who probably has dealt with a lot of angst and guilt already.
He mentions a brand called Oregamax. I do not know if it is emulsified in virgin olive oil or not, but one presumes he must deem it worthwhile, or he would not mention it. He does say he does not have a fiduciary connection with it.
If you are of the mind that mainstream medical authorities would be interested in learning about how toxic black soot was brought out of someone's body when an all natural, relatively inexpensive oil was rubbed into his skin, then you are not aware of how the medical system works. They start by brainwashing their practitioners that the body does not have toxins that could ever ooze out of one's pores in soot form. Medical students are taught that complementary detoxification protocols are, “quack” medicine, and that they should highly discourage their patients from taking part in them. The future doctors are told that under no circumstances should they ever experiment with such methods. The medical system has taken away the medical licenses of many doctors who have used various types of natural detox protocols in their practice of medicine. The medical students are constantly warned about these things as they go through their programming to become a medical doctor. The truth is that the medical industry is only interested in treatments they can patent, and thus control the prices. Furthermore, they literally do not wish to make us healthy, and they especially have no desire to help us prevent illness. It's horrible for business. You may say, “Oh, but I no my doctor isn't that evil.” You are probably correct. She is that programmed, though. Medical students learn to go along with the program if they want to graduate. Doctors learn to keep it up, if they don't want to risk losing their license. Make no mistake, the people at the top of the medical industry hierarchy, most definitely are that evil.
Before you say, “Whoa, not cool, Dude!”, remember that he tried to clue them in, and they didn't want anything to do with it. It wasn't like he wanted to have to go behind their backs. People were extremely ill. People were dying.

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