The Effects of Thoughts and Emotions

The mind is a very powerful instrument, our what comes out of our mouths are extremely powerful as well. What we think on a daily basis is how our body and emotions are effected, whether it be positive or negative. The great book says “Death and life is in the power of the tongue”, and you know what that is absolutely true. We can think and speak things into our existence whether you believe it or not, I know for a fact that what you think and what you speak and how you feel, will effect your future. Have you ever wondered why if you try to stay positive and speak positive things, it seems like it takes a little longer for you to receive positive outcomes? It is very hard to stay positive if you are in an environment that seems it is always negative, we don't try to but a lot of the times we get sucked into this negativity and start being more negative than positive, because that is what we are presented with on a day to day basis.

That is why it seems that the minute you think something negative, and you speak it out of your mouth, and emotionally you obviously are feeling negative as well, negative outcomes make it way into our lives a lot more quickly. That alone should tell you something, positive things want to make its way to us, but we keep delaying its arrival by letting negativity control our mind, emotions and actions. We don't have to let negativity win in these situations, we don't have to let negative situations control our actions. That is just the mindset that was taught to us at an early age in life, we are told that if this happens that we are suppose to feel this type of way. We just need to make sure we don't entertain these negative situations that make their way to us, we need to replace a negative feeling with positive feelings and negative thoughts with positive thoughts, as well as negative actions to a situation with positive actions in a negative situation.

We control our own destiny, our lives can come out great or we can go down hill. All of this has to do with our daily habits, what do we do when we first get out of bed in the morning and have to go to work. We automatically drag ourselves out the bed and think and say “here we go again, another terrible day to go to work”. We get out of the bed automatically thinking negative, we should replace that with “I am going to have a great day at work today”. I know it might seem hard to do especially if you don't like your job, but you have to be thankful for even having a job. Be thankful that you are able to even wake up in the morning with life to be able to see your loved one's. As soon as we stop taking things for granted and start appreciating even the smallest things in life, positive things will begin making its way into our lives.

If you hate the job that your at, keep speaking positive things about your job and don't go to work with a negative attitude. People will began to see a difference and you could get a raise or a promotion. If you want to work for yourself, keep going to work but everyday say that you have a successful business and put actions towards getting your business started, and one day you will be able to quit your job and work for your self full time. Whatever we thing on a daily basis is how it will show in our lives. So if your in a negative environment, think about what you are thinking on a daily basis. How are you acting when a negative situation makes itself into our lives, how do you make your self feel on a daily basis?

I know it might seem like a hard thing to do, but how bad do you want things to change for the better in your life? Do you want to always live paycheck to paycheck, or do you want to be able to wake up and do what you want to do, buy what you want to buy, go where you want to go. We have the power to make this happen for us in our lives, we control whether we barely get by in life or if we are financially free. It will be hard I didn't say that it will be easy, but we must train our thoughts and actions to do this on a daily basis. If you truly want to be successful in live, then that is the formula for success, there is no secret to how to become successful in live it all come to our thoughts, actions and emotions. The rich is no different than us, we have the same abilities to get to where they are and above even that. They just learned to think positive things, feel positive and act in a positive way to get to where they are going to be.

That is the reason why the rich will stay rich and the poor will stay poor, it's the thought process the rich have taught them selves. It doesn't matter how the economy looks, the rich still seem to get richer and those that are less fortunate believe its because of the economy that they are not making enough money. The world is rich in beauty and resources, we don't have to think that there is a limited supply of wealth and riches. All in all, make sure that you completely change your mindset and your actions as well as your emotions to be positive and you will see a dramatic change in your life.


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