The American Culture & Moral Relativism

By S I n g u l a r N e w m a n

I would like to say that what makes American Culture a culture apart is the simple yet very thoughtful text of the US Constitution. This text is what makes the United States of America, the single greatest nation on the face of the earth today. Had it not been for this constitution, America would have fallen to greed and corruption much sooner. In my opinion, that of an insider, and that of an outsider as well, America is a shining city on a hill, 1)it represents the pinnacle of human achievement. It represents what could be achieved when men and woman bond together, under certain principles and ideals and together work for a common goal, the common well being of man on earth. It represents that of a loving society, that allows the maximum human potential to develop and to achieve new heights of humanity, of loving your fellow neighbor as you love yourself, sharing and caring for each and every “willing” member of society.

There are those that see the American experiment as bad, technological evolution as threatening, and the American standard of thinking and living as biased and unfair, and to those I say, please take a six month vacation to Somalia, try Mogadishu for example, I don't wish you an early funeral so make that a week only. If you’re still alive than we can still have a positive verbal exchange when you get back. For those that believe that the American way of rapid progress is basically headed in the right direction,and basically off to a good start, we can talk about that right now.

The problem with trying to move a large nation into rapid progression, and before we head into deeper water, I have to state that I am not a progressive, or a communist, or even a socialist and I generally dislike all fascists (that's where the corporation controls the state); is that it takes sacrifice, and it takes a change of mentality. Fast change can alienate most people and it does. Most people fear change, and the rapid technological evolution unfolding in the USA and the world as a whole can make most people uncomfortable. A few years ago, paying all your bills online was a ridiculous notion, heck, not barely fifteen years ago phones has 2 inch screens and a minute of cellular time was a dollar! My phone bill was hoovering between can't afford it and call me on a pay phone after you page me on my beeper, remember those? Now the only paging available is when Olive Garden buzzes you that your table is ready. That's rapid change, and those that don't adapt with it fall quickly behind.

The culture of the United States represents for me, certain principles such the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to pursue ones own well being as long as it doesn't interfere with the well being, life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness of other people around them. The phrase “the pursuit of happiness” can be tricky however. For example, the sale of DDT fertilizer to countries like Mexico2) after it has been banned in the USA. Monsanto, the single most criminally insane organization on the planet right now, continues to poison and destroy life, property, the pursuit of happiness, and pretty much the whole wide world as a whole, and getting handsomely compensated while doing it! But could this really be the culture we've come to know and love?

Giant companies such as Monsanto have grown so large and powerful that they can not be challenged by anyone. Just the size of their lawyer fleet is enough to intimidate a small country. So the main problem in American culture isn't the average Joe, educated and informed or gummed down, over stressed and underpaid. The most clear and present threat to our American culture are the mega corporations that lobby themselves into power, compromising congressman and women, turning our republican form of government into fascism, a state of governance where the state has become a front of the corporation, by the corporation and for the corporation. This indeed is a very dangerous step that could lead to the fall of the Republic. The inroads made by corrupt mega-corporations is already very far, almost too far to be stopped. At this point in time nothing short of a revolution will remedy this culture. It has pouted and infiltrated every corner of the American public and religious life. Like a cancerous growth, the love of money, the root of all evil, has been steadily growing and subverting the very life of the American Republic. The only remedy is an antidote composed of three main ingredients: truth, justice and compassion, or morality, patriotism and a strong spiritual life! If we don't act fast, America is a dead man. Sadly evil clown Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili got it correct back in the 30's: “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within”3)

It’s not that we’re ignorant, it’s that we live the easy life, compared to the rest of the world we live like kings and queens. We've become fat, lazy and complacent. We behave lie a bunch of immature spoiled children. Why read a book when you can Google something? Why go see a foreign country when you can see a movie about it? Why learn a new language when everyone on the planet speaks at least a word of American? This over abundance has made our hearts grow small, our stomachs grow large and our eyes grow dim. I fear that this nation faces a real threat of extinction over the next fifty years. If not extinction than at the very least, the American system as we know it, will be altered beyond recognition. Say an American from 1960 comes back in 20 years. I am certain that he will not recognize the country he is in, and I am not talking about flying cars and sky scrapers, I am talking about individual freedoms and the corporate greed that is strangling the loving spirit of this nation, the very best essence of what it means to be a free American citizen.

And here is the source of the mental virus this great nation has been battling. I shall describe it to you in layman's terms. Freedom is never free, nor is it for the weak of mind and spirit, the cowardly or the insecure and corrupt. It is paid for in blood and tears and those who don’t understand it don’t deserve it. My ancestors all suffered and died from the pursuit of freedom. It is not a quest to be attempted by the corrupt, the greedy, and definitely not for those that believe all is relative. Moral relativism is the virus that is killing the American experiment!

Today, the irrational on the street is that whatever you believe, that is your relative point of view and it must be, by all means correct, so long as your marble thought it, it's great. Man has just been elevated to god status in his own mind. By this dangerous concept, many civilizations have been destroyed. How can there not be a right and a wrong? Is it right to get stuff for free if you didn't deserve it? Can you steal from Peter to pay Paul? Honestly, I cant believe we're even having this conversation right now. Would it be correct to kill an innocent person? For example, the wrong man gets convicted for a gruesome murder and gets the death sentence. He has a wife and seven children who become fatherless the moment he is given a lethal injection for a crime he did not commit. so the answer from a relativistic point of view would be, well you can't say that was right or wrong.

This is completely insane. People who think like this should have a serious mental evaluation. It is instinctive that killing an innocent person is wrong. There is nothing relative about that. He or she was innocent and did not deserve to die for a crime somebody else committed! However, some would have us believe in today's society, that there appears to be a moral relativism, that somehow even Hitler was justified in the ethnic cleansing he attempted. This is beyond stupidity, it is perfect evil. It is what perfect evil looks like and manifests like. A thief who steals to eat is justified, a thief by the way will always recognize that his deeds are contrary to good will and most thieves out there would not wish their profession to extend to their progeny. Actually most thieves steel out of the unfulfilled desire of having a better life. A thief will mostly steal items he or she could never buy. I am talking about pros here, not your garden variety shop lifter who does it out of convenience. Thieves have quite a developed moral compass, it just points mostly south.

The moral relativists however, are much worse than regular thieves. They are cunning, sick and twisted, they are thieves of the soul of man. They are the manipulators of conscience! They want to change the inherent programming of the human spirit. Create a world based on nothing and nobody. A world where man is god and he can do as he wills, will alone being the truth. This evil world, slaughters its inhabitants and consumes humans like a cancerous plague of the mind.

It really all starts and ends between your two ears. The battle of the heart and soul i a grey matter. Hey that's a nice quote right there. It's not gray as in not black and not quite white, it's gray because as humans we have lost the ability to rationally distinguish between right and wrong. We live in a fog of notions and creeds, each one wondering like a lost sheep, searching out various grasses, food for thought, sustenance for the journey.

Can I just kill people at will because I somehow felt justified to do so? Even scientifically justified, to quote Darwin in the title of his farce, The Evolution of the species and the survival of the fittest. Meaning exactly what, that the strongest species will kill the others because they are weak and stupid? Hitler studied Darwin well and came up with the conclusion that the German Aryan race was that pure and most perfect of all human species so let’s just rush evolution along and kill all the other inferior species.

The danger today, the danger with this relativism nonsense is that excuses are found for the national socialists of the 1930’s. The logic today is that, you know, it was the 30's and these guys believed as a society, that the forced extinction of Jews and gypsies and blacks is justified so they went about it as fast as they could. Nothing wrong with that, they were all relatively well meaning. Relatively speaking it was within their right as a society right? Following this illogical rhetoric, the Nazis stated at the Nuremberg trials that “we were just flowing orders”.4) The Mayans slaughtered 80,000 people a year to their gods. Today’s culture excuses them and says they were justified because that’s just the way things were done in their society. The belief was that if you didn't kill your neighbor in an elaborate and spectacular and public way, as illustrated in Mel Gibson'r master piece Apocalipto, then the gods would be angry and there would be no rain and therefore no corn and your many children would starve to death and die. So better to sacrifice your neighbor than your children. So that's quite morally relativistic. In today's America, children are being sacrificed in the womb to the god of choice. The choice to kill an innocent human being, so the god of choice living inside the mother's brain can be appeased and go on shopping and looking good in a bikini, or whatever else the god of choice revels in. Moral relativism enthrones man as god. No other rules laws and regulations apply, as a god is a god and it make the rules it decides to live by and breaks those he or she doesn't like.

That my fellow citizens is sheer madness. No more the common good, the pursuit of happiness, its now become, the pursuit of anything and everything you want. Like I stated earlier, the mentality of a spoiled, immature little child. This mentality is like saying there are no rules (children love that) no referees, and the world can be your playing field, go ahead and do what you please, because if somehow a magically feel good thought occurred between your own two ears, than who can disagree?

Moral relativism expanded, encompasses the idea that everything is relative. This idea isn't an idea, its a mental plague, a virus of human intellectualism. Left to its own devices, this virus will lead the American body to a world of hurt and hate, where people do what they want regardless of what the other being next to them feels, a civilization devoid of rationality and understanding, a world with no morals, no ideals, no laws, no security, no peace no freedom and most importantly, no love, as selfishness will have obscured all notion of true love. America need CPR, a strong moral Creed and a passionate moral Revisionism based on right and wrong. The antidote to moral relativism is a vaccine of the rule of love. Do unto others as you would have done unto you5). I hope and dream and pray, that this infection of relativism will be contained and destroyed soon, by brave men and women of conscience, people that know right from wrong, and love from hate and hopefully choose the first. May God’s grace and providence guide and help us all, and may God truly bless america!


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