The Bible, Law of Attraction, and the Devtome

Author's note: This article is part of an ongoing blog about my adventures in the world of alternate currencies.

This morning I had one of those “Aha!” moments. This time the impetus was a message requesting a Devtome writer account. The particular author had shared an excerpt from an article he wrote about the Law of Attraction. In reading it, suddenly a lot of things made sense.

I am not an expert on the Law of Attraction, but my understanding of the basic jist of it is that in order to attract something good that you want in your life, material wealth for example, you have to first feel as if you already have it because abundance attracts abundance. So if you're dirt poor, you somehow have to get over that reality and start feeling rich so that the riches become attracted to you. On the other hand, if you continue to feel dirt poor, then the riches will be repelled by you and you will continue in your dirt poor misery. Proponents of the Law of Attraction recommend various mental practices to help people get over the hump from feeling the reality they are currently living to feeling the reality they want to live.

I will be honest; I do not subscribe to any kind of “you create your own reality” belief system. I also believe that some of the mental practices designed to help you create your own reality are spiritually dangerous. Having said that, I also believe that many belief systems, even ones which directly go against my own religion, contain a core of truth that's worth examining.

The core of truth about the Law of Attraction is that a mental state of prosperity does tend to attract more prosperity. Have you ever noticed how it seems like it's people who don't need the money who find the great opportunities, or people who have the wonderful family relationships who are always forging amazing and lasting friendships with people they have just met? Let's suppose for a moment that wealth is what you want to attract, and although you're normally living from paycheck to paycheck, you just got your tax refund, you knocked out a few bills and paid down a bit of debt, and still had a bit left over to buy something nice for yourself or take your family out to eat at a nice restaurant. In that moment you are feeling great, you're probably more relaxed. When you see a financial opportunity, you don't feel so desperate to make it work that you are likely to kill its chances. If a great opportunity were to come your way in that time you would be more likely than ever to prosper with it. So yes, there is a lot of truth in the notion that your mental state will greatly impact what follows in your life.

Where proponents of the Law of Attraction will encourage people to take charge of what they can control–their mental state including their feelings–and use their energy to create in even dire circumstances that feeling of well being that often accompanies actual prosperity, my religion enjoins those who in any way have power over others to do their part to bring that sense of well being to those they directly impact.

Enter the Bible's teaching on how employers are to treat their employees. This article1) goes into great depth on the subject and is well worth the read. The bottom line is that those who labor daily deserve and need to be paid daily. If you are not paying out a daily wage, then the Bible says you are stealing. My purpose is not to judge anyone who pays out according to commonly accepted systems (weekly, biweekly or monthly pay). I will address the system itself a bit further down. The point I want to make is that when you have to wait up to six weeks for your pay while daily incurring expenses to live and work, you as the employee are going to be feeling the squeeze. Your financial state of poverty (however temporary) will work its way into the depths of your mind, heart and soul, and it will alter the way you feel, and because of that, will rob you of the mental means to attract prosperity into your life.

I am in a situation right now where I am feeling this squeeze. My husband teaches at a local university. The work year is divided up into three semesters. There are breaks in between semesters, and the most memorable one is the Christmas break. The pay system is set up such that when he goes back to work in the middle of January, he has to work an entire six weeks before receiving his first paycheck at the end of February. And do we ever feel poor during that long wait time!

If you as an employee have the funds to carry you through during that wait time, then essentially all you're really doing is delaying your pay and you would think it wouldn't cramp your style. In six weeks time the regular paychecks flow in and you can start living off them. The problem is that most poor people do not have a stash of funds to live on for six weeks. The other problem is that they have to pay either ahead or as they go for many of their expenses. My husband cannot go to the gas station and choose to pay for the gasoline he needs to get to work today three weeks later when he gets paid. In times past this post-Christmas lag time in pay was when we would use credit cards to buy gas and then we'd have to pay interest on top of it so that by the time his wages caught up with him, they didn't go as far for us. We tended to view this as normal–yeah it sucks but it's totally normal–but when the Bible identifies this practice as theft I can certainly agree that it feels like theft.

The Law of Attraction principle points out to me that the personal costs to this theft of wages has been much higher than the added cost of credit card interest due to the toll the financial squeeze has taken on our mental state and as a result our ability to attract prosperity rather than more grinding poverty.

Enter the Devtome. The Devtome initially has a six week delay in payment for the content we writers contribute, and when writers do start getting paid it is always for work submitted anywhere from three weeks to seven weeks ago, never for the work submitted that day. So in that sense it is not following the Biblical commands to pay a daily wage either.

However, once the Devtome payments start, they continue on a daily basis for as long as the writer is publishing content (and if the writer were to stop submitting content, the payouts would continue for three to seven weeks after that stopping point). I started getting paid for the Devtome sometime in June or July of last year, as soon as round 24 began to pay out, and I have been getting paid continuously ever since then. The amount has varied from round to round, but I've gotten paid something every day without fail. So even though I want to be clear that the Devtome is not completely following the Biblical daily wage mandate, once I have been receiving daily payments for several months, it is starting to feel like a daily wage to me. As such, I am noticing that my mental state is experiencing the benefits of receiving a daily wage, including the part where I am attracting additional prosperity into my life. This became especially true once I worked out the complete process for going from Devcoin to Bitcoin to fiat (which at this time I very much need).

My articles mentioning Coin RNR illustrate this very well. So I've been way behind on paying bills for aforementioned reasons. Thanks to Coin RNR I was able to quickly convert my daily wages into the fiat needed to start chipping away at that mountain of bills up to three times a week, and I could have done it daily as well had I chosen to do so. For reasons I don't completely understand there is great satisfaction in being able to chip away at the mountain several times a week rather than holding out for a once a month payday. It's not even just about the bills that are overdue anymore as I'm not beyond that. It's the satisfaction of being able to better my life financially multiple times a month rather than just once. I realize now that even if I weren't hurting financially, only paying me once a month actually robs me of the benefits to my mental state which come from using money to better my life many times.

Until I began experiencing the feeling of getting paid daily wages through the Devtome, I had no idea just how damaging not getting paid every day has been to my psyche. After all, monthly pay is considered normal in our society so everyone just accepts it. Now I'm realizing there is a very good reason for God commanding a different norm in the Bible. In addition to the Devtome I also have a client who pays me for my work as close to immediately as possible, usually within a day or two of my having turned in an assignment. One day it took three days for the client to pay me and he considered that to be a delay worth apologizing for more than once. According to our current paradigm waiting three days to get paid is way better than normal. But according to the Bible, my client was guilty of a couple days of theft. And now I better understand why.

If any of you reading this is an employer I can already hear you protesting that paying daily would be impractical and expensive, and I totally understand where you are coming from and agree. I've already covered how instant wire transfers cost $40 no matter how much money is being moved. Next down are next day ACH transfers which cost $10 each, again no matter how much money is involved. Additional costs include the time of the person processing payroll and the costs of physical checks (if direct deposit is not employed). It is totally understandable for a company to want to limit its payroll expenses by paying once a month. I am not blaming the companies.

I am saying that the fiat monetary system is set up to make daily wages difficult if not impossible. This means the fiat monetary system is also set up to block the psychological benefits which come from receiving a daily wage. And since the core of truth about the Law of Attraction is that a state of mind of poverty does not attract prosperity, but rather, more poverty, one can go so far as to argue that the fiat monetary system functions not to foster prosperity but poverty.

Do you want to prosper financially? It is certainly still possible, but it does help to understand that the system of money you live under is actually working against you. A means to overcome this will have to be an important component of your financial planning.

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