Summary of the story

Long time ago, there were a mother and children. They were poor, so the mother went to market to sell rice cake. On the day, the mother went to market, but she did not come back. Because her mother was eaten by a tiger. Children were waiting for their mom. ‘please open the door, its your mommy’ there was her voice. They were suspecting but they opened the door. When they saw a tiger, they ran and climbed the tree. Tiger asked them how they went up, then younger brother or sister replied, you can use an axe to climb. Tiger was very happy, and the children started to pray. ‘Father, please give us a new rope’ and new rope came down to them. By climbing the rope, the children could go to the sky. So, the tiger prayed too, and he climbed the rope to chase them. However, the tiger’s rope got disconnect, and the children reached the sky. The children became the sun and the moon. Younger one became the sun, since he/she was scared of dark, and the older one became the moon.



Indifferences of the government regarding of peasant’s life.


People would form an identity between people who had needed a help from somebody or the government.


Possibly meaningful connection was made between people who share the story.

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