Testing updated Windows Client

The existing Devcoin Windows client - results vary

Devcoin is on the roll lately. The website has hugely been improved with fresh looks and updated information. Devtome is growing and growing and more and more developers are looking at the bounties or even contributing outright. After about 2 years of its inception (December 2013), we can conclude that it has a thriving community and a bright future.

That future also requires an impeccable Windows client with regular updates. At that point, the existing Windows client could use some work. The existing Windows client did not always sync the wallet and meanwhile, the Bitcoin client has moved on with several updates.

The updated client

Sidhujag and others did good work. He updated the Devcoin windows client which I downloaded for a test drive. You can the test version I used here (updated link to newer versions). If you are a beginner, I suggest you wait for the final version with Windows installer to appear at the official Devcoin site.

The client I tested is 0.8.5, a big update that brings the Devcoin client close to the Bitcoin wallet version.

The link above brought me to the test version of the client. The download is a bit strange; I had to click further until the 'RAW' version before I could get the full .zip file to download. Once dowloaded, there is a .zip file in your download folder that you can unzip.

The downloaded .zip file contains an executable file. I made a Devoin folder in my 'Program Files' folder and placed the executable in that folder.

Starting the client requires execution of the downloaded .exe file. The first time takes a bit longer; upon the Windows warning that the program accesses the network, give it access in the default manner. The client looks similar to the Bitcoin client. You will notice the warning that it is a test version.

To make it easier starting the client, I made a shortcut to my desktop. A shortcut is made by making a shortcut to the .exe file as shown in the picture above.

Testing the client obviously entails sending and receiving Devcoins. Someone was so kind to send me 10 Devcoins (DVC) for testing. The coins arrived perfectly fine.

Sending coins proved possible as well. Sending the coins back to the contributor (minus 0.50 DVC payment fee) shows in the Devcoin wallet as expected.


The Devcoin Windows client got a major update. It's currently in the testing phase but the results look promising. If you want to test the client yourself, please go ahead and give your feedback in the official thread. For non-tech people, please be patient. The final version of this client will be available at the official Devcoin website soon.

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