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Teracoin is a Peer to peer cryptocurrency fork of the original bitcoin code. The homepage of terracoin is here where you can find out more about this new currency and download the client and updates. The sourcecode is in the github which is located here


Terracoin like bitcoin has its own blockchain and works off of the same peer to peer principals as bitcoin, but with some variations on certain aspects of the code, those mainly being:

1) Block reward starts at 20 coins per block as opposed to Bitcoins starting at 50

2) blocks every 2 minutes

3) 42 million coins will be available

4) difficulty adjustment 30 blocks,

Terracoin or TRC uses the same hashing algorithm SHA-256 as Bitcoin, and the same format for the addresses. This means that your private keys from your bitcoin addresses will work in aquiring the terracoin addresses.

Terracoins can be mined on the pool at

The forum can be found for terracoins at

Get your first free Terracoins from the official faucet here

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