A temporal nexus is a tipping-point in time, when events might go one way or might go another way. The term is found, for example, in Frank Herbert's “Dune” cycle, wherein prescient people, looking forward in time, find their perception of the future muddied by such nexi.

In the Galactic Milieu the term often refers to points in history after which what happens is not yet known (due to not having yet been played out) or which are thought to be key targets of time-travellers if at some time in history on some timeline someone develops some means of going back in time to change what happened in the past.

The Galactic Milieu does not rule out the possibility of such time travel, thus in principle can accomodate more than one timeline proceeding forward in time from a temporal nexus.

Active nexi

E29 "Mutiny in 1626" nexus

The Battle for Wesnoth campaign Mutiny in 1626 is unfinished due to an active temporal nexus. This is hoped by some to be a multi-planet nexus, as the future looks bleak for enemies of the Egyptians on the planet known as E29 unless by some miracle (or clever play) the Martians somehow happen to turn up. Careful study of Mutiny in 1626 has been claimed by some to provide hints that such a thing might in fact be far likelier than skeptics might imagine. Some who have also studied Between the Worlds seem particularly optimistic in that regard.

Martian Spacefaring nexus

M4: (size 4,4000bc,T0) (1581ad,T250)

       1570ad: Learned Communicator; started Scanners 1, goal Sensors 1.
       1571ad: Still researching Scanners 1, goal Sensors 1.
       1572ad: Scanners 1; start Scanners 1, goal Replication.
       1573ad: Sensors 1; start Warp 2 Theory, goal Replication.
       1574ad: Warp 2 Theory, start Warp 2, goal Replication.
       1575ad: Warp 2; start Warp 3 Theory, goal Replication.
       1576ad: Warp 3 Theory; start Warp 3, goal Replication.
       1577ad: Warp 3; Start Warp 4 Theory, goal Replication.
               *** Starfleet Academy 1579ad, population 92,770,000, points 1521 ***
       1579ad: Warp 4 Theory; start Warp 4, goal Replication.
               Settlers from Dire Dawa and Munkacs (acute acent on the a) are
               now in Elysium Planitia waiting for a starship.
       1580ad: Warp 4; start Transporter Theory, goal Replication.
       1581ad: Transporter Theory; start Replication, goal Transporter.
       1582ad: Replication; start Transporter, goal Holodeck.
       1583ad: Transporter; start Force Field Theory, goal Cloaking.
       1584ad: Force Field Theory; Start Force Fields, goal Cloaking.
               *** Cochrane's Flight 1583ad ***
               (Gained Force Fields, Holodeck, start Cloaking, goal Scanners 2)
       1585ad: Cloaking, start Scanners 2, goal Cloaking 2.
       1586ad: Cloaking 2, start Sensors 2, goal Cloaking 2.
               *** First Warbird 1 completed, sets out to M5 with 1 Settler. ***
       1587ad: Sensors 2; start Cloaking 2, goal Cloaking 3.
               Warbird 1 returns empty from M5.
       1588ad: Cloaking 2; start Scanners 3, goal Cloaking 3.
               Two Warbird 1 each take 1 Settler to M5.
       1589ad: Scanners 3; started Sensors 3, goal Cloaking 3.
               Two Warbird 1 return empty from M5. Massive rush of production
               poured into Warbird 2 that will be ready next year.
               Scottish<->Martian ceasefire.
       1590ad: Two Warbird 1 each take 1 settler to M5; Warbird 2 completed, takes
               2 settlers to M5 and returns this same year. Czechs want alliance
               with Scottish. Scottish gain Ethiopian city Awasa due to both
               Ethiopian cities on same island as Weldiya built troops, which
               naturally the Martians eradicated. The Martians seemed to
               indicate the Scottish were free to pick up the empty city.
       1591ad: Sensors 3; Start Cloaking 3. Two Warbird 1 return empty from M5.
               Warbird 2 takes 2 settlers to M5 enroute to M6.
       1592ad: Two Warbird 1 each take 1 settler to M5. Canadians and Martians
               sign a peace treaty.
       1593ad: Two Warbird 1 return empty from M5.
       1594ad: Scanners 4; start sensors 4. Scottish give Amphibious Warfare to
               Martians for Steel and 250 gold, buy two marketplaces on island
               and an engineer at Motherwell. Two Warbird 1 each take 1 settler
               to M5. Big push to ensure producing a Warbird 3 next year.
       1595ad: Warbird 3 completed, sets out with 3 settlers to M6. Two Warbird 1
               return empty from M5. Texan Queen starts process (revolution) of
               moving to a Democratic government. Scotts begin terraforming near
               Motherwell. New Zealanders begin terraforming Dunedin. Ethiopians
               reluctantly decide to produce Engineers instead of Riflemen, but
               don't grant any ceasefires or armistices yet. Kenyans disband cannon
               and riflemen to complete granary. Slovenians disband both Alpine
               Troops to produce Engineers. Polish disband riflemen to complete
       1596ad: Two Warbird 1 go to M5 carrying settlers; Warbird 2 from M5 picks
               up 2 settlers and ferries them back to M5; Warbird 3 returns empty
               from M6. Martians complete Sensors 4, start researching Cloaking 4.
       1597ad: Two Warbird 1 return empty from M5. Martian spy opens Embassy with
               New Zealand at Dunedin, picks up Scotty et al, brings them back to
               board Warbird 3 for travel to M5. Warbird 3 takes spy and 2 settlers,
               drops spy on M5 and continues to M6 with the 2 settlers. Texans become
               a Democracy.
       1598ad: Warbird 3 returns empty from M6. Two Warbird 1 take settlers to M5.
               Martians complete Cloaking 4, begin and complete Warp 5 Theory, start
               Warp 5, goal Cloaking 5. Ethiopians and Brazilians, Czech and Hungarians,
               NewZealanders make ceasefire with Martians. Martians extend ceasefires
               into armistices with Kenyans, Slovenians and Polish.
       1599ad: Warbird 3 takes 3 settlers to M6 enroute to M10. Warbird 4 completed.
               Learned Warp 5,focus on Scanners 5,goal still Cloaking 5. Texans and
               Martians agree to ceasefire. Warbird 4 carries 4 settlers to M16
       1600ad: Martians complete Scanners 5, start work on Sensors 5.

M5: (size 5,1586ad,T0; started with 5 civs, 1 settler each)

       *** Settled by Warbird 1 and 1 settler 1586ad from M4 (hop 1 from M4) ***
       1586ad: Settled by Warbird 1 and 1 settler 1586 from M4.
       1587ad: Warbird 1 returns empty to M4. Democracy established.
       1588ad: Two Warbird 1, each with 1 settler, arrive from M4.
               Martians meet the proto-Canadians, make ceasefire, build Utopia
       1589ad: Two Warbird 1 will return empty this year to M4.
       1590ad: Two Warbird 1 and one Warbird 2 arrive from M4 full of settlers;
               the Warbird 2 returns empty to M4 immediately in this same year.
       1591ad: Two Warbird 1 return empty to M4; Warbird 2 again ferries 2 units
               from M4, but this time it plans to continue on to M6.
       1592ad: Warbird 2 continues on to M6 with the settlers it brought from M4.
               Two Warbird 1 arrive from M4 each carrying 1 settler.
       1593ad: 2 Warbird 1 return empty to M4.
       1594ad: 2 Warbird 1 bring 1 settler each from M4.
       1595ad: Warbird 2 returns empty from M6; 2 Warbird 1 return empty to M4.
       1596ad: Start building pyramids. Warbird 2 shuttles back and forth to M4
               bringing 2 settlers which it retains. Two Warbird 1 bring settlers
               from M4. Manchu somehow guess (or discover)they are not alone on
               this world, thus max their tax to 70%.
       1597ad: Warbird 2 continued on to M6 with 2 settlers from M4. Two Warbird 1
               returned empty to M4. Warbird 3 drops off spy from M4, continues on
               to M6 with 2 settlers from M4. Spy establishes embassy in Toronto and
               returns 'home' to Seaboardia Suderia. Martians give Nuclear Power
               to Canadians. (See Battle for Wesnoth add-on "Mystery in 1596".)
       1598ad: Two Warbird 1 bring Settlers from M4, founding Nordia Piscis and
               Nordia Aurelia.
       1599ad: Two Warbird 1 don't return empty to M4, instead they stay to search
               the planet.

M6: (size 6,15##ad,T0,5 civs, 50 techs, 1 settler)

       *** Settled 1592ad from M4 via M5 (hop 2 from M5, 3 from M4) ***
       1592ad: Warbird 2 arrives via M5 carrying 2 settlers from M4, founds
               Capitol-M6, starts establishing democracy, keeps one settler.
       1593ad: Warbird 2 continues on to M10 carrying 1 settler.
       1594ad: Warbird 2 returns empty from M10.
       1595ad: Warbird 2 returns empty to M5; Warbird 3 arrives from M4 with
               3 settlers. Utopia Planitia,Tarsandia Secundia and Cetacia
               Cetacia Pheasanta founded.
       1596ad: Warbird 3 returns empty to M4.
       1597ad: Warbird 2 arrived from M5 with 2 settlers from M4 & kept them.
               Warbird 3 arrived from M4 with only 2 settlers having come via M5;
               Founds Forestia Planitia and Olympus Aurius. Indians start switch
               from Despotism toward Monarchy and change research to Republic.
               Spanish do the same. Martians establish Democracy.
       1598ad: Warbird 2 will continue on to M10 with 2 settlers from M4.
               Warbird 3 will return empty to M4?
       1599ad: Warbird 2 returns empty from M10. Warbird 3 brings 3 settlers from M4
               enroute to M10.

M10: (size 10,1593ad,T0,5 civs, 50 techs, 1 settler)

       *** Settled 1593ad from M4 via M5->M6 (hop 2 from M6) ***
       1593ad: Warbird 2 arrives via M5 carrying 1 settler via M5->M6 from M4,
               founds Capitol-M10, starts establishing democracy.
       1594ad: Warbird 2 returned empty to M6.
       1595ad: Israel became a Republic. Gauls founded first city (Bibracte).
       1596ad: Gauls became a Republic. Mayas become a Democracy.
       1597ad: Hittites became a Republic.
       1598ad: Martians become a Democracy. Warbird 2 arrived from M6 with 2
               settlers from M4, founded Olympus Ferrous and Ferrous Pheasantia.
       1599ad: Warbird 2 returned empty to M6.

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