Teas and Their Benefits

For centuries tea was the most important drink in the East. There, a few cups of tea every day are regular routine for every child, elderly and people in their prime years. Lately, people from the western world adopt the tea drinking habit as well, some of them are even changing their Starbucks orders with a hot mug full with this aromatic drink. This hot beverage can easily replace your coffee because it causes the same effects of alertness without the drowsy aftereffects. The official drink of the England queen can now earn its place in your kitchen, especially after all studies made to prove its benefits. There are no downsides of drinking tea and whichever is your favorite, you are about to find out which health effects the drink poses on your overall well being.


Benefits of the Basic Black, Green and White Tea

If you ask real purists, they will tell you that teas derived from the bush Camellia sinensis are the only actual tea. This plant is native to India and China, but today its leafy blossoms and green leaves can be found in every market all around the world. Tea is still the name for many other brews, but black, white and green tea are known to have an abundant antioxidant composition. In Chinese medicine, Green tea was used as a remedy for thousands of years. Green tea is the main medicine for many heart diseases. It’s reinforcing the blood vessels, making them relaxed and ready to endure blood pressure changes. The risk of heart attack can be lowered to minimum with regular green tea consumption, because this beverage protects the blood from forming blood clots. It will lower your blood pressure by repressing the angiotensin hormone, which is responsible for a subsequent increase in blood pressure and vasoconstriction. If you were wondering why this type of tea gets all the attention, it’s because the antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate. This type of antioxidant is a 100 times more health promoting than regular vitamin C, 25 times more beneficial than vitamin E and at least twice more powerful and effective than Resveratrol. With its help, DNA damage can be prevented and restored. According to many studies, the broken DNA particles are the main cause of premature aging, tissue damage and many diseases including cancer. Black tea contains more or less the same qualities as green tea. The only difference between the two is the fact that black tea leaves are fermented. That part of the manufacturing process gives this type of tea high caffeine concentration, where one cup of black tea is highly more effective than a cup of coffee. You can use this tea as rinsing water to prevent hair loss. The high level of caffeine blocks the production of DHT hormone, which is responsible for androgenic alopecia, male pattern baldness and other ailments caused by extreme hair follicle sensitivity. White tea on the other hand is unfermented and uncured. From all other teas, this tea is known to have the most powerful anticancer qualities because it’s pure and unrefined. Oolong tea, Pu-erh tea and other varieties are also health promoting and cancer preventing, as well as they can help you lose weight and balance cholesterol levels without the use of any medications. Keep in mind that drinking this tea regularly won’t make you hunger free, but you can stop starving yourself. Green, black and white teas will promote healthy digestion, fat burning naturally and regular bowel movements. 4 to 6 mugs a day of any of the Camellia sinensis teas can have the same health benefits. The only difference between these teas is in the concentration of properties, its taste and aroma. It is advisable that you don’t drink too many cups throughout the day if you already have low blood pressure, because it might make you sleepy. Otherwise, the amino acids found in these teas are not only calming the brain cells and relieving them from stress, but will also help your mind stay alert and focused.


Nettle Tea Benefits

Nettles have a tough exterior, but underneath that stingy surface you will find a full body nostrum. This type of tea is the best choice for pregnant women, because it increases the richness of the breast milk and stimulates its production. It relieves menstrual cramps as well as leg cramps and muscle spasms, because of its high magnesium concentration. Tea made from nettles will boost your blood circulation and promote hair growth. Many organic hair and skin products are made from this plant because it’s an excellent skin tonic. In only one nettle leaf there are 17 essential minerals and vitamins, fatty acids and other plant chemicals. In Ayurvedic medicine, this tea is mostly used as inflammatory remedy. If you have respiratory problems, asthma or allergies, drinking this tea will help you calm down the inflammatory issues connected with the ailment. Other than cleaning your kidneys and blood from toxic elements gathered from greasy foods, alcohol and cigarettes, this tea will help you clean your skin too. You can make a tonic and use it to rejuvenate your skin or make a homemade hair growth treatment, but drinking it will perk up your system from the inside out.

A Famous Folk Medicine - Peppermint Tea

You may not need a scientific proof of the peppermint tea benefits because we all know we drink it when we have a stomach ache. The reason why this type of tea relieves stomach pain so quickly is because of the active ingredient, menthol. This ingredient causes antispasmodic effects, which means it helps the muscles and tissues relax. In aromatherapies, the oil made from this herb is used to alleviate the symptoms of headaches and colds, but drinking the tea regularly can have the same effects. Other than pain relief, this tea has antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiseptic potentials, and drinking it during cold winter days can help you avoid catching fever, colds and other bacterial infections. The potent aroma that peppermint tea emits will help you stay focused and alert during difficult errands, like studying, driving at night or working under pressure.

Common Sage Tea and Culiary Spice

Salvia officinalis is an aromatic herb used therapeutically for thousands of years. Greeks and Romans believed this herb to have magical properties and it is known to Chinese and Arabic medicine for more than 3000 years. This evergreen plant grows during the entire year, it’s very easy to cultivate and you can use it in your cooking, as well as to make a cup of tea. You can use not just the leaves but its branches and roots too. Vitamin A, dietary fiber, calcium, potassium and iron are the most important ingredients that will flow thru your body with every cup of sage tea. Calcium promotes healthy bone and tooth structure, while the mineral iron helps the oxygen transfer thru the cells. Potassium will aid in healthy kidney, brain and heart function and vitamin A will make your skin glowing and improve your eyesight. But those are not the final health promoting benefits of this type of tea. A type of oil found in this herb is known to kill bacteria so you can use a sage tea as mouthwash, freshener or tooth cleanser. Its antiseptic and antioxidant qualities can help you fight off coughs and colds, use it as a topical analeptic to heal small abrasions or even prevent excessive sweating and saliva production. Especially during the summer, you can use the sage tea as antiperspirant, because it cleans the perspiring pores. During menopause, this type of tea will be helpful in eliminating cold sweats or can be used to regulate the menstrual flow. The words Salvia officinalis are translated into In “Good Health”, and ancient healers used this herb to boost brain power and cure bad moods. Many alternative medicine remedies include this herb in treating Alzheimer’s disease because it is known for centuries to clear the mind fog, improve facts and data retainment, stimulate brain activity and clear thinking. In combination with other herbs, sage is prescribed for depression and anxiety.

Chamomile Tea – an Ancient Elixir

Another herb that’s been used since prehistoric times is chamomile. This tea is known worldwide and its health benefits are medically identified in large quantities. Throughout history, this herb was used orally and topically and today you can find many home remedies using the leaves and blossoms of this plant. Drinking this tea recurrently before bedtime will calm the mind and body, fight insomnia and nightmares. If you live a stressed life and you are constantly under pressure, chamomile tea will lessen the indications of anxiety and unpremeditated panic attacks. The chemical compounds found in chamomile calm the entire body, together with muscles and brain, which will make it the perfect drink after a sweaty workout in the gym. Topically used, this tea is a magical healing tonic for diaper rashes and chicken pox, as well as grownup skin infections like psoriasis and eczema. The used tea bags can be applied to cure skin irritations, like small cuts, burns and wounds. If you suffer from migraines, chamomile tea can be a wonderful remedy but make sure you drink at least one cup a day to prevent the first warning signs.

The Benefits of the Ginger Root

Another widely spread herbal remedy is the plant ginger. The tea made from its roots has many analgesic, antiseptic, anti fungal and hypotensive qualities. Most people frequently drink digestive after a greasy meal, but ginger tea is far more effective and health promoting. Alcohol after a meal causes a warm feeling in the stomach, but rather than promoting the release of stomach acids that dissolve the food like ginger, it just tires our belly out. Ginger tea is mostly recommended for successfully preventing nausea and vomiting during long distance travel. The same properties make this tea the best morning sickness remedy too. The hot beverage made from the ginger root will boost your entire immune system, energize you during a hard day at the office by stimulating the blood circulation. This potent root was used as an additional medicine for curing many eating disorders, because it stimulates a healthy appetite. Herbalists also prescribe ginger tea when one’s fighting a fever because it promotes sweating, thus the bacteria will be flushed out of the system as soon as possible. Avoid drinking this tea before going to bed because it may make you fidgety and wide awake. It’s best to be consumed when you start losing energy in the middle of the day, before or after physical exercise.

Echinacea Tea Medical Uses and Benefits

In conventional medicine, the Echinacea root, flowers and leaves are used in the making of many medications. The recovery time for common cold can be reduced twice if the patient drinks Echinacea tea as part of the treatment. Most respiratory infections, runny nose and other cold symptoms can be prevented, diminished and cured with the help of this herb. It holds powerful antiseptic and anti fungal properties. That is why in Ayurvedic medicine recommend it for treating genital herpes and treating yeast infections, as well as blood infections, syphilis and malaria. Menopause symptoms can also be reduced with regular intake of this herbal tea, like chronic fatigue, cramps, dizziness and rheumatism. Cold bandages soaked in Echinacea are used in Eastern medicine to treat any kind of skin injuries, from psoriasis, ulcers and herpes's to UV radiation damage. You can find many supplements of this herb on the market but not all of them will contain parts of the actual Echinacea plant. It will be best to buy organic tea from trusted manufacturers.

Hibiscus Tea Against High Temperature

There are over 200 different species of the hibiscus plant, but what we actually buy on the market are Hibiscus sabdariffa blossoms. North Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and Thailand are the places where this plant grows in abundance. Ancient Egyptians drank this cooling elixir to keep their temperature balanced under the hot desert sun and toast their wedding ceremonies with a goblet of Echinacea tea. In China, Malasia, Thailand and other Asian countries this herb together with ginger is used as a natural remedy against high cholesterol. Unlike other herbal teas, the Echinacea flower produces quite a sugary taste and can replace yours and your kids juice, Coca Cola and water intake thru the day. This type of tea is safe for kids and teenagers even when consumed in large amounts, because it’s caffeine free. It will supply your body with reasonably high amount of vitamin C, to protect you from colds, infections and poor immune defense. If you want to kick it up a notch, you can try sorrel tea and red zinger tea, which also contain hibiscus flowers and you can enjoy more than few health benefits, aromas and flavors.

Rose hip tea, dried or fresh

A plant that is medically tested for a high dose of vitamin C is the rose hip bush. The best way to make sure you get the optimal natural vitamin C from this plant is to plant it yourself in your garden, or at least buy the product sun dried. Most manufacturers that produce rose hip tea bags destroy the vitamin C naturally found in this plant and replace it with artificial laboratory made vitamins. The rose hip bush does not require a lot of attention and maintenance, and in exchange you can make your own rose hip tea full with antioxidants, vitamins, iron and calcium. Other than boosting your immune system and energizing you when needed, this type of tea is a natural diuretic. With regular and proper use of rose hip tea you can clean your body of toxins, rejuvenate your skin and repair your damaged hair follicles. Every cup of this tea will boost the production of stomach acids, remedying indigestion problems like diarrhea, colic, meteorism, and other digestive absorption related problems.

Safety, Side effects and Contraindications

Although all teas we’ve mentioned above carry enormous healing properties, excessive tea drinking can lead to several health complications. Before you start drinking more than 3 cups of any organic tea, make sure your body can handle it. If the description says the tea contains chemicals that lower blood pressure, make sure you don’t mess up the dose and reverse the effects. Every tea has its benefits but drinking more than your body can handle will cause new health problems. Especially if you are pregnant, nursing or already diagnosed with allergies or any other disease. Talk to your doctor about the normal tea dosage before you start drinking it and he will tell you how much you need to achieve the optimum results. Avoid buying cheap tea bags at any cost. They contain fluoride, a mineral that if consumed in large amounts can trigger the condition fluorosis. Tooth and bone decay are the result of this condition, as well as bone discoloration, stiffness and pain. Most herbs don’t require a lot of care and they can be easily cultivated in your backyard, garden or balcony. Plus, by gardening your own herbs you will have the chance to drink the safest and most organic teas and use the most natural spices in your kitchen.


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