Success, A How To Guide

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I begin with a question: What are the norms, rules, ways of being that make people successful in this country?

In regards to the question proposed as to what norms, rules and values make people successful in this country, in my humble opinion it is the rule of law and the limiting of corruption to manageable levels that allow people to pursue their dreams of the pursuit of happiness and prosperity in this great nation. The norms and rules are again dictated by our Constitution. Many states have added to this document and some have fared better than others. In my opinion though the United States Constitution, has as well been bypassed at times for anti constitutional laws. These laws are from a legal perspective illegal; however none dare to challenge them in open court, fearing for their own well being and reputation. One particular law I refer to is the “sanctuary city”1) laws passed by most large cities in the United States, like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami etc. What these laws have done is to create a safety zone where any illegal immigrant can live out their lives with complete impunity. No matter what, the illegal immigrant can and will not be detained based on his or her status of an illegal immigrant. These laws basically annul the US Constitution and allow an illegal immigrant, basically a foreign national, to dwell on US territory regardless of his or her legal definition. Federal United States law, which is only law because it has been ratified by the Congress and Senate, therefore the majority of United States citizens, becomes irrelevant and the tragedy is that our Constitution becomes powerless in this instance. So the highest law of the land has become subordinate to the laws passed by a city. How this flagrant violation of our laws has occurred is beyond me. I can only understand this process as seen through the lens of profit at all costs. Companies need cheap labor and cheap labor equals increased profits.

Therefore these sanctuary cities violate US law and exist outside the law. As I have stated previously, no one has challenged these unconstitutional laws because the people involved in the decision making progress subvert and trample the US Constitution2) as they see fit. I fear that corrupt tactics such as these will lead to states passing any laws they see fit, helping themselves first and ignoring the law. The opposite of law is chaos and chaos is the beginning of the fall civilization and of mankind.

However, having said that, hard work and the right attitude can make any person in these United States successful, more successful than in any other country that is. However, hard work needs to be coupled with more skills, such as the ability to speak English and the ability to learn. Hard work is not enough though. You have to get yourself to the right place at the right time. As Solomon Ben David once wrote, it is not the fastest runner that wins the race, and it is not the strongest army that wins a fight, but it is all according to time and place3). I have seen friends with all the right family connections and vast amounts of moneys backing them, fail miserably, and I have seen poor immigrants come to this country with one suitcase and twenty dollars in their pocket become millionaires over a short time. In the end it was the time and place that made the difference between their success and failures.

People say that if you live in a bad neighborhood your kids will end up criminals and drop outs. I say if you’re an honest hard working man, your kids will make that bad community into a better one, and help each other and the neighborhood flourish, improve and become better, in time becoming a good place to live. The streets and houses don’t make a person, the person makes the streets and houses. In conclusion, the city doesn't make the people bad or good, the people make the city good or bad. Therefore it is mostly a question of attitude. The right attitude will allow someone to become better. The wrong attitude will destroy even a millionaire’s kid, fast, as is most often the unfortunate case you read about on the front pages of scandal magazines at your nearest Safeway.

The reason why some people progress in society while others do not is not so simple. The reasons are many and as diverse as there are people on this planet. Most of the time, the idea of societal progression is tied to monetary wealth. That is not necessarily the best way to measure a person’s success in my opinion. There are also spiritual and emotional characteristics that too often get bypassed in our society. Has somebody you know become successful? How do you measure that? If you’re like most vain people in today’s society you will look at my clothes, my car, my house, my liquid net worth, and perhaps how cute my wife is. Sure these are universal goals of prosperity but shouldn't there be more to success than my ability to gather vast amounts of wealth? Shouldn't my character even be measured by this, “who’s the most successful” contest? Or perhaps the love I have for my wife and children? Perhaps the way I treat my parents and neighbor should be on this application for greatness.

People have begun to undoubtedly worship wealth and power more than love and faithfulness. Sad state of affairs on this world when six million, that’s right I said 6.000.000 million people die of starvation every year on this planet4). No war, disease or chemical poisoning, although those factors irreversibly effect the ability of the planet to grow food, but simple starvation. I have no food today, tomorrow, the whole of next week, the week after that and then I simply just die. Thanks America for growing corn and making bio diesel out of it. I guess Chevy5) and Cadillac6) need to feed all their eight cylinders and Mercedes7) is even hungrier at 12 cylinders8).

Who cares people are starving, we need to save the environment and not drill for oil, no matter that people starve to death; it is obvious that those six million people were never part of the environment, except when their dead bodies decompose and fertilize the land they walked upon. I suppose that only then, they are welcomed back to play a vital role in our worshiped environment. Insane times we are living in I say, or perhaps it should be called existing in, because living would entitle us to something more, say like loving our neighbors and dwelling in peace and respect for each other. People have lost the ability to use things and love people, instead loving things and using people!

I got sidetracked a bit, but to make a long story short, it seems that the people that make it big, are the people that share the quality of hard work, don’t take no for an answer, are very very, super-duper like, tween-turbo supercharged annoyingly persistent, as well extremely consistent, to a fault, they wake up early in the morning, are the opposite of lazy, are very passionate, are for the most part, out of the box thinkers, and last but not least and most important of all, are in the right place at the right time.

What does it mean to be in the right place at the right time? Well that all depends on circumstance and your preparation for success. Did you rise early and spend enough time learning the ropes? Did you become familiar with yourself, your friends ad your enemies, have you developed the right contacts and the right skills for the task at hand? Preparedness is the father of disaster prevention and necessity is the mother of invention. If you are the offspring of disaster prevention, preparedness, and invention, you’re a pretty blessed individual, and no doubt highly prosperous and successful!

So the answer to the question everyone wants to know the answer to is, it takes practice, hard work, experience and most importantly being in the right place at the right time. Experience and practice will help to steer you in the right direction but only time and chance will make you successful. World history is filled with spectacular examples of the importance of time and place. All one has to do is study the market, and capitalize on it. Try to get to know everything about everything and focus on the things you are passionate about, by investing your time and energy fully. Luckily these days we have the power of the internet at our finger tips. It is now easier than ever to study, read up on everything and everyone, and enjoy yourself, life is in the details. You don’t know what you are passionate about, be passionate about that! The very notion that you have no passion for anything else, you should at least be passionate about that.

I leave you with one thought; the tree of success blossoms in the mind and takes root in the heart, long before its fruits are gathered and consumed.


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