Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition


Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is a fighting game produced by Capcom. It was originally created as Street Fighter IV in 2008, and got multiple updates over the years. In 2010 there was a DLC update which renamed the game to Super Street Fighter IV, adding ten new characters. The DLC was available as an upgrade to the original game, but also as a standalone game. In 2012 Capcom released yet another standalone DLC update: Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, introducing two new characters. This is the most recent and most played version fo the game. In 2014, the last DLC update will be released: Ultra Street Fighter IV, which will add 5 new characters to the game, as well as balance updates to the game.


Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is a classic 2d arcade fighter. Every character has his or her own set of moves and own technical abilities, therefore every character plays a different style. The main goal of the game is to deplete all of your opponents life, or to have more life remaining if the time runs out. With the standard rules, the duration of a round is 99 seconds, and you have to win 2 rounds to win the game.

Character Type

Every character has a different way to win a round. The characters can be divided in three categories: Offensive, Defensive and Balanced. An offensive character keeps putting pressure on your opponent and do powerful, close ranged combos, a defensive character wants to keep the opponent away and slowly kill him with long ranged attacks. A balanced character has a mix between the other two styles. After many balance patches, every character is capable of beating every other character, and even though some are stronger against a certain type, there is no 'bad' character.

Normal Moves

Every character has punches and kicks (with an exception of a few characters, who only have punches or kicks), and a light, medium and heavy version of this. Where the lighter a move the quicker it is, but it does less damage and often lacks range. These attacks are known as normal moves. Certain characters have more normal attacks.

Special Moves

In addition to these normal attacks, every character has special moves. They are executed by performing a certain motion. Most normal moves also have different light, medium and heavy versions. In addition to these versions, they also have an EX version. It cost 1 EX bar to execute an EX move, with the advantage of it being the best version of the move. An EX special move often has the most damage, range AND speed out of the versions, and might sometimes even have armor. Armor means that it can absorb one or multiple hits while taking recoverable damage. Every character has at least one armor breaking move, which will instantly beat focus attacks and special moves with armor.

Super Meter and Super Move

EX bar, also known as Super Meter is gathered by hitting normal moves, or executing special moves. There is a limit of 4 EX meter, after which the super meter is filled and the Super Attack is available, at the cost of all of the meter. The super move has three versions, light, medium and heavy.

Ultra Move

Every character has two ultra moves, from which he or she can choose one at the beginning of the game. Ultra meter becomes available after your character takes damage or recoverable damage. The ultra becomes available once the Ultra meter is filled halfway. It will, however, do more damage the more the meter is filled. The Ultra Move is implemented in the game to increase the comeback potential. There are also ultra moves that do not do damage, but instead give a boost for a fixed amount of time. Every ultra move only has one version, as you have to press three punches or three kicks to activate it.

Focus Attack

Then there is the focus attack, also known as saving attack. When you activate your focus attack you are able to absorb one hit, with the exception of armor breaking moves. When you absorb this hit you get recoverable damage, which recovers over time. If you are hit before all the damage is recovered, you will lose all of it.


There are two types of throws, forward throws and backward throws. They are self explanatory, a forward throw will throw the opponent forward and a backward throw will throw him or her backward. A throw does a fixed amount of damage while also knocking the opponent down. The only way to escape a throw is to use a throw on the same time, this is known as a 'technical' or 'tech'.

Playable Characters

  1. Abel
  2. Adon
  3. Akuma
  4. Balrog
  5. Blanka
  6. Cammy
  7. Chun-Li
  8. Cody
  9. C. Viper
  10. Dan
  11. Dee Jay
  12. Dhalsim
  13. Dudley
  14. E. Honda
  15. El Fuerte
  16. Evil Ryu
  17. Fei Long
  18. Gen
  19. Gouken
  20. Guile
  21. Guy
  22. Hakan
  23. Ibuki
  24. Juri
  25. Ken
  26. M. Bison
  27. Makoto
  28. Oni
  29. Rose
  30. Rufus
  31. Ryu
  32. Sagat
  33. Sakura
  34. Seth
  35. T. Hawk
  36. Vega
  37. Yang
  38. Yun
  39. Zangief

New characters in Ultra Street Fighter IV:

  1. Poison
  2. Hugo
  3. Elena
  4. Rolento

And one character that is still to be revealed.

The Community

What makes Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition such a popular game is the extensive community. Many players play this game on a competitive level, and the top players are well known and interesting characters. Most major and some smaller tournaments are livestreamed, and thousands of people gather and watch these tournaments. The biggest tournament is Evolution. It is held yearly and professional players from all over the world compete for the title of World Champion. The last winner of Evolution is Xian, he was however beaten in a 10 game play by Daigo Umehara. It is often argued that Daigo Umehara is the best Street Fighter player of all time, but a newcomer, Infiltration, is currently rising to the top and might take this community-proclaimed title.


Daigo on the left, Infiltration on the right. Playing a game of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition at the Evolution tournament.


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