Summary of the story

Long time ago, a mother and three children lived together in the village. One day, when the mother went to market to buy goods, bear, wolf and tiger went to her house to kidnap her children. When the mother was walking back to home, a bear, was hugging her one of children, asked her for food. So the mother gave to him and her child was returned. When she and her child was walking back to home, a wolf with one of her children asked her for food, she also gave food to him and the second child was returned. However, a tiger was dragging her child and asked her for food. So, the mother was really angry and she put much of diarrhea medicine on the food and gave to him. Later, the tiger suffered so much from diarrhea, and mother and children lived happily.



By portraying the government to animals, turtle seems it symbolizes a faithful subject, and rabbit is a peasant. It was created when peasants were suppressed by aristocrats. Thus the story might originate from peasants who suffered from political power or social hierarchies.


by understanding the meaning of the story, tellers and listeners formed a shared identity through empathy, when those who did not feel empathy such as Yangban and did not understand or know the meaning of the story, and consider the story as any other story.


By sharing the story between young one and old one, the horizontal relationship had been formed. Therefore, a bond was formed between old and young people, and the young one gained moral lesson from hearing it.

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