Storage idea's for any season

When the Spring time season comes we often start to think about “Spring cleaning.” In any season or in any time it's always a good idea to be organized and have things in their proper place. Many times clutter is not something conducive to a environment. Organizing goods and personal items can be effectively done through the method of storage.

Preparing to store

Here are some general rules and tips to think about when ready to tidy up around the home, apartment, living quarters, yard, garage, basement or just about anywhere. First of all, get a good focus on what things are needed to be readily accessible and what can be stored till later to help free up space and organize. Have a good general idea about exactly what things will be necessary to leave alone and what things will go into storage.

Make a list to document the stored items. It can be as simple as a plain list or can be made more detailed by adding data like box numbers, categories, and date information. It is a good idea to store similar items together. If items are mixed things can be confusing later when trying to retrieve something needed. Get a good look at what is being stored and how.

Many items need proper containers. For example to help protect paper items it is good to use plastic containers. Paper items can be prone to attack by bugs, so best not to store things in cardboard type boxes or containers for these items. Added protection and organization inside the container can be done effectively by using plastic type bags to sort paper items. Special bags can be used to store valuable documents, magazines, or other items. Mylar bags are often made special for this purpose. They can help protect the look and feel of the paper or printed image on the item.

Another good reason to use plastic containers or covers is they are more resistant to rodents that can sometimes chew out pieces of cardboard containers and get inside them. Once inside the rodents can contaminate or damage the contents of a container so choose carefully what containers to use. Better to plan ahead in this way to be safe.

Heavy duty type plastic is preferred for more valuable items because thin or low quality plastic will break down or fall apart over a period of time quicker than a more sturdy type. If a extra layer of protection is needed and useful for a particular storage area perhaps consider temporarily covering cardboard or paper containers with a plastic tarp, plastic bag, storage cover, or waterproof type canvas tarp. Consider sealing the containers if needed with a good quality packing tape if necessary to cover ventilation holes sometimes molded into containers. If these holes are not sealed they may let moisture in that can damage valuable goods. Sealing the containers is also a good idea to make them more secure in order to properly store valuables. Sometimes its necessary to pack certain items with extra protection like cedar wood pieces made to keep away pests, moth balls to help prevent moth damage, and possibly a scented solid of some type to discourage pests. Often solid soap bars left in the box or wrapping will help keep away pests from finding a interest in the stored items.

Be careful to consider what shape of container to use and what type. It may be necessary to stack containers to use the storage space efficiently. Also be sure the containers can bear the weight of stacking and perhaps are specially designed for that purpose. Do not stack items too high so they can be managed safely. Raise items above ground if needed by placing something under them if needed for protection. For example steel toolboxes may require a dry surface so they are not prone to rust or maybe other items might be stored best on a pallet. Use whatever is the best choice for what is needed to store the item properly.

Helpful ideas for packing some items may include using bubble wrapping, foam pieces or perhaps individual wrapping of items. Be careful not to overfill a container or make it too heavy to move, and take precaution to move containers or items safely. A dolly or hand cart can be helpful to move items. Decide and choose carefully when packing delicate items like plates or dishes. They may need to be wrapped individually to avoid chips, cracking or other unwanted damage. Take precautions to leave spacing for ventilation and air circulation. This step also helps later to more easily access things.

Color coding can be helpful when identifying item type is needed quickly. Many plastic type containers are often made for certain item types. For example Christmas items may be stored in green or red containers, Halloween items might use black or orange containers, and electronics might be stored in silver colored containers. This personal preference can be very helpful when a lot of things are stored in a place at one time.

Storage Areas

Storage areas like other considerations are chosen by personal preference. Considerations may include access, cleanliness, lighting, temperature, humidity, security, convenience and location. Sometimes using professional rented storage areas are the best choice. Often they are clean and secure places to store many types of items conveniently and efficiently. Many professional storage areas have conveniences like loading areas, monitored lots, monthly rental, efficiently designed storage, and handy disposing areas for trash or possibly recycling.

Be sure wherever you choose to store items is the right place that makes sense for what is being stored. Also if needed be sure to secure items or areas with locks if necessary. Choosing a lock is a matter of preference. Combination locks can be convenient or perhaps a extra secure type of lock might be the best choice. Sometimes rented storage may be associated with a storage association of some kind. Considering a storage vendor that is a member of this type may give you a extra measure of quality for your storage needs.


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