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I read the autobiography called “Steve Jobs his own words and wisdom” by Steve Jobs. This book was published in 2011. I like the title and think it helps represents the book well and clear. I think Steve choose this title to let readers know that he writing the book as an autobiography. The title was also given because it’s creative and hooks the reader.

Main Ideas

  • Apple is one of the top leading companies in the world. I think this is important because it shows how powerful Apple is.
  • Steve always makes sure his workers are happy. This shows that he cares how his workers feel.
  • Steve will always listen to customers’ complaints or suggestions and tries to incorporate them. I think this is important because this shows that he wants to make sure the customers are happy.
  • Steve never cared about how much money he makes, he just wanted the company to be successful. I think this is important because this shows that he had true passion for Apple to make it the best.
  • Apple started out worth $1,000 and ten years later is worth 10 billion dollars. I think this is important because it shows how successful he was with computers.
  • He was friends with Pixar and when they were doing bad he helped save them. I think this is important because it shows he is friendly and is will to help no matter what.
  • He was homeless for a while at Stanford. I think this is important because he never gave up even when he hit dirt bottom and worked up to be successful.
  • Steve Jobs was adopted when born. I think this is important because it shows he wasn’t raised by his birth parents.
  • He failed with business many times before he finally became successful. I think this is important because it show he is determined in what he does and stayed confident.
  • On workdays with Apple, Steve rarely got much sleep. I think this is important because he pushed himself just to make other happy.

Main Events In Autobiography

  • Steve Jobs and his friend Woz build Apple’s first computer in his garage. This is important because it was the beginning of Apple.
  • Steve built the mackintosh computer. This is important because the computer made apple successful because this computer was much better than competitors.
  • Steve Jobs marries Ms. Powell. This was important because he finally met the women that he loved.
  • Steve saved Pixar from closing down. This is important because now Pixar has the most advanced computer graphics in the world and the made many popular movies.
  • Steve Jobs left apple. This is important because he was a big part of Apple was needed greatly.
  • In 1997 Steve came back to Apple. This is important because Apple was slowing down and needed him support them
  • Steve Jobs created the first iPhone. This is important because this start a new generation for apple instead of just building computers.
  • Steve was mysteriously getting sick every once and a while. This is important because he had leave Apple sometimes to rest.
  • Steve launched the iPad. This was important because he had to get into the market and compete with the Kindle.
  • Steve left Apple since he was diagnosed with cancer and was replaced with Tim Cook. This is important because he had to leave them thinking he would come back but sadly died shortly before he could be welcomed back the his home, Apple.


  • Despair: the complete loss or absence of. “Many moments that were filled with despair and agony”
  • Era: a long or distinct period of history. “Flash was created during the PC era.”
  • Integrated: combined one thing with another. “Apple strives for the integrated model.”
  • Innovation: a new; idea. “Its time to come up with some innovation to drive the industry forward.”
  • Ripple: a small wave or series of waves on top of water. “I am really impressed by the quality of our ripple.”
  • Converging: come together from different directions. “Consumer electronic markets are converging.”
  • Creating: bring into existence. “Apple was creating jobs for many people.”
  • Evolve: develop gradually. “The trouble is, the dream didn’t evolve.”
  • Ubiquitous: Present, appearing, or found everywhere. “A force of self-interest throughout the industry made Windows Ubiquitous.”
  • Pursuing: following. “And the business model they ended up pursuing ended up working really well.”


I thought this book was very well organized with its information. The book is organized in chapters. For example, they will give the topic of the chapter like one is called “Appreciation”. I think the organization of the book helps the reader understand the book better. I think this because there are topic for each chapter, so if the reader wants to read about Steve and Pixar, you can just go to that chapter and get specific information. In conclusion, I think this book is very well organized.


I loved this book and would definitely recommend it to a friend. I think someone who like technology and computers would like this book. I think this book was just right for a 7th grader. This is because it wasn’t a challenge but it wasn’t an easy book either. I don’t think there is anything I would change anything about this book. In conclusion, I love the book “Steve Jobs his own words and wisdom” and would recommend it.

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