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Sports gambling has become a staple in American society and accounts for hundreds of millions of dollars exchanging hands on a yearly basis. From friendly bets in households or at bars, to casinos in Nevada or online casino's residing from outside of the United States being able to accept bets without any legal problems for the most part. Sports’ gambling has become an increasingly popular industry and has in recently sparked pressure for new laws regarding where it is allowed to take place. With Sports Betting many times operating outside of the law, considering the only legal state to except sports wagers is Nevada. It's sparked and created many scams and horrible concepts and unkept promises.

While this article is going to focus with example's mainly having to do with betting in NBA basketball and the do's and don'ts I am by no mean's a professional gambler, I am hardly legal gambling age. I put $250 into a gambling account, got it up to $500, dropped down to $200, and then brought it up to around $1500. I do not sell advice nor am I telling you the following information I am going to share is going to make you rich. I am just going to share the concepts I use for picking games could also make other people successful.

What you need before you get started

First off; you should have an advanced understanding of your chosen sport. The obvious stuff in terms of understanding the roles of certain players on all the teams, who the best players really are, and an understanding of how different players look to score and the impact they have when playing with their teammates would be an absolute must to be able to make the proper decisions.

Along with that, I also found that I needed a lot of extra free time when I first got started to develop an understanding of how to bridge the gap of sports knowledge and gambling knowledge as it is not the same thing and the sports books most of the time do make a lot of money off of people who use their sports knowledge as opposed to gambling knowledge to make their picks.

Money management is also extremely key. Going “all in” except in the case of being tipped off about a game is always the wrong thing to do. No level of confidence in a certain opportunity should constitute you placing every hard earned penny you've been gambling with into one play.


One of my most time tested strategies that's held very solid is picking one game over the course of even two or three nights that you are confident of. When it comes to NBA gambling, the playoffs tend to be one of the more profitable ventures in terms of being able to predict winners and losers. If at any point the thought “There's no way this team could lose”. Bet the Money line

While the Miami Heat may have been something near the -10000 favorites in the first round against the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round of the NBA playoffs. I have never been very certain of a long standing unspoken rule amongst sports gamblers to never pick heavy underdogs or favorites within sports. 
If you are confident within a heavy favorite pick making some extra money off of it is a fantastic idea. In terms of how much to play. If I were to have $100 in an online sports gambling account and were betting on a -10,000 favorite. I may only throw down $10 on the pick. The payout may be small, but every single penny you can make off of these types of plays count.

I have also found that creating an open parlay if whatever sports book you use offers the option. Creating an open parlay with these extremely safe picks tends to yield great results. Parlaying the heavy finals favorite even every year (Yes, some books do not have time limits on open parlays) or at least the heavy finals favorite in your eyes to be able to get out of the first round


Another strategy I have found to be very valuable is to bet on teams I know more about and could even consider myself a fan of. I personally am a fan of the Boston Celtics; I also know a lot about plays the Orlando Magic, New York Knicks, and Phoenix Suns and use this knowledge to my advantage. A downside to this is betting on emotion as opposed to betting on knowledge. While examples on this would be far too broad to mention, concepts as simple as understanding what kind players and offensive game plans your team is bad at playing against, or types of defenses and having the confidence to outsmart the books.


I’ve also found certain chase systems and “autoplays” to be profitable. The time and effort you may need to put into these types of gambles may generally be a lot until you can find yourself a profitable venture. Concepts such as chase systems offer a decent assurance of financial gain even with the large amounts of money one would need to wager if you are chasing after four or five games

Author’s Notes and Overview

Remembering to practice proper money management is so key behind all of this it cannot be stressed enough. I once had a pick I thought was the best lock of my entire gambling career and botched it, and had I stuck to my money management that wouldn’t have happened. Sports Gambling can be a profitable venture as long as you understand their will be ups and downs. If you are confident in your skillset and knowledge in sports you can make decent money on the side.

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