What is Solar Power

The sun does not only generate heat and light, it can create electricity as well. You probably have a calculator at home that doesn’t use batteries or charger. Basically, the same principle is used in solar panels. Large companies like, IKEA, Kohl and Wal-Mart are voracious solar electricity consumers, not out of their corporate apprehension over renewable energy issues, but because the solar panels resolved many of their energy expenditures. The commercial use of solar power in America has jumped 40% since 2012, creating a bright spot for using green technology for many homeowners and business owners alike.


How Does Solar Energy Works?

Our Sun, the center of our solar system rises every day, producing new sunrays, light and heat and finally we’ve found a way to use that free energy. According to the laws of physics, every type of light, regardless of its source creates heat. We feel that heat while we are outdoors, when the sun hits our skin and we feel it when we touch a light bulb. There are certain materials that can turn that light into an electric current. Those materials have photovoltaic cells which are responsible for turning light into another form of energy. Today, most solar panel systems use silicon, as a material that can most easily and efficiently transform the light into electric current. The photovoltaic cells, or more accurately, their molecules, when there is no light stay in one place bonded together. Once the light reaches them, the molecules become loose, they can move freely and create a current, which scientists found a way to make into electricity. The reason why these molecules move is their specific number. They are closely attached to each other in pairs inside the atom until light strikes, which forces one unpaired electrons to break from the bond and search its place in another atom. This movement causes the current which we transform into electricity. The solar systems produced currently use silicon in crystalized form because its electrons are easily manipulated by light. Researchers found out that, mixing silicon atoms with phosphorous atoms make the impure silicon atoms even better conductor of energy, so nowadays you can find solar systems with many different solar cells.

Why People Choose Solar Energy Systems

Solar power offers numerous benefits which are helpful for human life in many different aspects. Apart from the installation and maintenance procedures, solar power system doesn’t require the use of expensive raw materials like coal or oil. With solar power, there is no fear of running out of energy reserves because it comes directly from the sun and will last as long as the sun keeps rising every morning. The solar energy systems need sunlight, but the sun doesn’t have to be too bright. That means that even on rainy or cloudy days you can still use the energy from the sun. You can use your solar system forever, without fearing that it will run out of energy. They don’t require much maintenance and usually come with a long time guarantee. It is a single time investment which will be fixed on your roof, saving your efforts for many years to come. For the same reason, it also requires little or no human labor which makes your every penny count, once you’ve invested. One of the most important benefits of solar power is that it doesn’t cause any pollution. The greenhouse gases, produced by fossil fuels, are contributing to global warming, acid rain and smog. Solar systems work entirely on the energy collected from the sun, they discharge no gasses, fuzzes or fog, which makes this source of energy increasingly popular because of its harmless production. The energy generated from other renewable conversions, such as hydro and wind can be very noisy which often disturbs the nearby setting. Solar panels have no moving components, so they produce electricity very quietly. If you think that your nicely decorated home will lose its artsy touch with the solar system, you can integrate your solar modules in the form of pergolas, roof tiles and windows.

Facts to Consider Before You Arrange Your Solar System Installation

Solar energy allows houses to go off the grid. This is extremely important if you plan on installing solar panels in isolated and rural areas. Electricity prices are high with frequent power cuts in places far from the cities, so going off the grid will allow you to solely depend on solar energy and lead a self-reliant life. Be careful where you install your solar modules, because not as much electricity can be produced when the panels are in shady places or areas without many sunny days. Your electricity demands are maybe the most important factor to study when you plan for installation. Solar panels might be efficient and will definitely cut your bills in half, but they can also be very expensive. The larger the system the greater the electricity coverage is, but if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy panels for your entire house, you can always add a couple solar modules more when you raise the funds. The solar power’s main obstacle is perhaps its high cost at the time of installation. But think of the advantages it provides you in return. Heavy electricity bills and increased power rates are not a worrying matter for people who have installed solar systems. Considering the facts, it is just like a sensible business investment that promises excellent future returns. Moreover, Government incentives and advancement in technology have also lower solar systems prices.

Are There Disadvantages of Solar Power?

Solar panels can generate approximately 1,000 watts of energy from every square meter that is lightened by the sun. With that amount of energy we will be able to power our buildings, commercial and private forever. There are rumors that solar systems are unreliable and inconsistent in their production. With the right contractor, you can have electricity generators in your home that will store every watt of unused energy produced by the panels, for rainy days. Depending on how much of your budget you have available for solar installations, you can have solar water heaters, panels for creating electricity, air conditioning systems, or house appliances like refrigerators, cookers, dryers, trash cans and even cars. There is no denying that Solar Power holds the best for the future. This renewable energy is gaining rapid popularity as the technology is improving day by day. It is becoming cheaper, sufficient and most importantly accessible with the advent of time.


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