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Why chose social media you say? This year generation y will outnumber baby boomers which is 96 percent social networks, social media has overtaken the porn industry as the number one activity on the web, If facebook were a country, it would be the world's third largest in the world, the percentage of companies are using social media in a hiring assessment are eighty and ninety five percent will use LinkedIn as a primary tool to find employees, ninety percent of consumers trust peer recommendations and a much lower percent trust advertisements, the second largest search engine in the world is youtube, sixty hours of video are being uploaded every second, Dell rings up 6.5 million in sells using twitter and one in five internet users are now on twitter or another status update service.

Lets talk about facebook and twitter right now, twitter and facebook are very under-rated. They aren't goldmines, which return massive instant results but they are effective and of course free. I consider social network marketing to be far more beneficial than having a decent email list, it is also one of the key ways to brand yourself effortlessly in any online program. The key to using twitter and facebook is to not look like spam, otherwise people will delete you or simply ignore your posts and you would do the same to them. The most common mistakes people have on both of these sites include, spending too long on them, which I can show you a way to spend thirty minutes per day and still build a solid network on both sites, adding random people as contacts then spamming them, this is not great marketing, it is easy to target you leads and I'll show you how and spamming groups, this is the worst idea in the world so please don't get caught up in this because it is a big waste of time.

If you look at any group on facebook, no matter if it Gdi, make money online or whatever, you will see countless people have simply spammed the wall of the group page over and over with obscure, little opportunities which are apparently all the best programs in the world. Do you ever stop to read those posts? No, I know I don't either, so why would I expect others to read my posts here. This is time consuming and returns little if any results over a long period of time. Social network sites can be fully automated and require far smaller effort. First thing's first, if you already have a twitter and a facebook which you use for your friends and family, then set up new profiles which are purely for business purposes. The reason for this is because your friends will get tired of seeing your posts, and also you will be getting a lot of new contacts here.

Step One – Profile Information

We are going to use facebook's own sophisticated friend matching tools against them here. This is as easy as completely dedicating your profile information page to your interest in making money online or whatever you niche topic is. Type in about which companies you have used so far, which companies you use right now, the reasons you are making money online for, that kind of stuff. Make sure to also put some personal stuff in there like your hobbies(this helps to prevent looking like spam and shows people you are a real person). Also, in the “Jobs” section fill in a job for every company you have used so far. Such as Global Domains International, and any others. Your photo is quite important too. This is all to do with branding yourself, getting yourself recognized. Do not use a picture of a celebrity or something like that, use a nice clear photo of you, and use the same picture on each social network site if you can, so that when your network builds people will recognize you.

Also, you want people to take you seriously, so using a half naked picture where you are covered in edible body paint or something,well that just won't work.

Step two – Immediate Contacts

Now that we have our profile set up,we'll need to add a few new friends. Do not just add random people from across the globe, if they're not interested in making money online they will ignore you altogether. What I would suggest you do now, is add a few well known gurus in your niche as a friend. You could also look through some groups to do with making money online and simply add the creator of the group as a friend. Once you have about ten to twenty friends just stop, this is really important. You see, not only will facebook notice that your profile is all about being interested in making money online, listing Gdi and whatever other companies you have used, it is now also noticing your group of friends has the exact same interest.

So it's neat little “Suggest a Friend” feature on your facebook homepage is now going to pick people from around the world who are interested in the same things you are. You guessed it, facebook is now pretty much generating leads for you, pretty cool huh.

Step Three – Communication

So now we have a bunch of people as friends, now to communicate with them and see what happens. What I want you to avoid here, is simply spending all day sending each person a message about whatever opportunity you want to promote. They will delete that message without even reading it, be sure of that. Sure, if you see someone that you get a real hunch they would love to know about what you are doing, then by all means go tell them. But what I'm saying is the vast majority will not read a message like that so don't spend all your time on it. This is much the same as spamming links all over group walls or fan pages, nobody reads that stuff. Do you read it when you join a group? I know I certainly do not and never have. As far as groups are concerned, a far more effective way to communicate is to add the group leaders as friends(they usually come with a lot of contacts which facebook will then suggest you to), and also to create your own group and invite your contacts in.

The best reason to create your own group is that you can directly message all members at the same time, which is a huge time saver. The real best way to communicate on facebook, remains the status update. You see, while nobody reads posts on group walls, and hardly anybody pays attention to messages. The one thing which everybody on your friends list will see is your status updates, make the most of this. It is very powerful, I know this for a fact, because advanced marketers use it to get over a thousand sign ups in various programs. The key is to not look like a spammer, nobody likes a spammer. Be direct and to the point, now while this is a business account you will be creating, do keep things rather personal on there, so people know they are dealing with someone real. This is where the majority go wrong with facebook, they just spam links every five minutes.

People will just hit that little “ignore” button if you do that. Keep updating your facebook, with maybe half of your updates containing links to anything, and the other half just normal updates. But how can you update your status all day long without needing to be on facebook loads, read on my friend.

Step four – Twitter

Setup a twitter account for business, in the exact same way you did for facebook. You'll need far less info for twitter which makes it much easier to do. While logged into your facebook, go to and go through that whole process, so that twitter can have access to you facebook profile as well, and make sure you click allow so twitter can post to your wall. You have now added the twitter app to your facebook page. This now means whenever you 'tweet' on twitter it will automatically “update you status” on facebook too. This already saves you time because it turns two jobs into one. But how can we take this further to cut the time it takes even less? Your going to love this next step.

Step Five – Autopilot

The great thing about twitter is that it can be automated with free software, the best one I have seen to date is tweet spinner but there are others as well. Just create a free account with them and then tell it your twitter details. There are many great tools in here, but the one I want to focus on is the ability to automate your tweets and status updates, we shall cover the rest later. They call this 'Smart tweets' and it allows you to store up to 25 tweets inside of it 80 if you pay membership, which will update your twitter around every six hours. This means you can tweet around the clock, even when you are not online. As your facebook is linked to your twitter, both sites are now automated for you. Remember, twitter hates spam just as much as facebook.

So in your pre set tweets be sure not to include a link in all of them. Just maybe over half of them will do, and also tell it to leave six hours in between updates, otherwise it could be seen as spam. From this point onwards, the only time you will really need tweet spinner again is if you want to edit your pre written tweets, or if they have cycled completely and you want to tell it to start over again.

Step Six – Targeted Twitter Following

So we're building a steady network on facebook and our updates are now automatic, but what about building a network on twitter too? Twitter is probably even more popular than facebook these days, so it would be a crime to not use it really. The worst mistake here is to simply add random people from around the world, they will probably not be interested. What's the point of having 1000 contacts, if none of them are actually interested or relevant to what you are doing? People honestly do market that way, and I see it as a big waste of time. Like facebook, you need to really target you leads on twitter and it is possible to do just that. Remember when I told you that tweet spinner had a lot of other free tools? Well, this is one of them, using the 'Keyword follower' section you will be able to search for certain words or phrases. For example, if I type in Gdi and then hit the button it will now automatically find me contacts who have recently tweeted about Gdi.

The best part about this program is that it's fully aware of twitter's spam policies, so it will only allow you to follow a few people at a time so you never get flagged up. It will also make you wait until some of those people have 'followed you back' before you can add more to your list. This is awesome, it takes a little time to build but seriously takes like 20 seconds per day, and each person who you add as a contact is specifically interested in what you are writing about. I'd rather have just 100 targeted followers than 1000 untargeted on ones. Usually when you follow somebody on twitter they will follow you back, even if just out of courtesy. However, you will get people who are selfish and let you follow them but do not return the favor. You can view how many people are doing that in the 'Follower manager' section of tweet spinner, and better still you can delete them in bulk, there is no point in following somebody on twitter if they are not going to follow you back, so use this option around once a week to weed these guys out.

The best thing about twitter is that it can be fully automated and also you can link it to all of your other social networks, not just facebook. So you can also link twitter to your myspace, google buzz or whatever else you use out there. You can also use tweep search, type in your keyword and look for organic followers to go after, don't just go after the one's with the same amount of followers as he/she is following. An organic following means, people are following a person who has established their self as a thought leader, their message gets shared. Thought leaders have a lot of followers, but are only following a few people. When you find stats like that, it means they have targeted followers, that's when you click on there 'followers tab' and follow there followers. Remember twitter will only let you follow so many people in one day so make sure you don't go over the limit, they will let you know when you reach your limit. You can also automate your welcome message using social oomph.

It's a free service that you can use that is very effective. Make sure to be creative with your welcome messages, don't just put 'thanks for following go to this link to get rich fast'. Use a welcome message that is unique, and would make them want to click through your message. Also don't use bit ly, which is a link shortening service in your bio description, and don't use 'www' either, use 'http://' then put your domain name or blog address, make sure your twitter bio is keyword rich. Following these steps will help you establish a potential massive network on facebook and twitter, for whatever opportunity you want really. And it is proven to be very successful with the simple automation strategy, if only you apply what you have learned. As far as facebook is concerned, be sure to upload payment proofs or post links to your youtube videos for people to see, people love that kind of stuff.

Also, tag your friends in your photos so they can leave positive comments all over it, when it comes to making the final decision on whether to try something or not, use this to your advantage.


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