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Small businesses are the backbone of any economy. Think of all the small businesses you probably deal with – hairdressers, butchers, hobby shops, and the list goes on. This page is written from the perspective of a life long hard working entrepreneur. I started young delivering papers and soon had three paper routes. Growing up in Canada I provided snow blowing services to my paper route customers. Everything I had as a kid I got by working for myself. If I wanted a bike or a TV I had to earn the money to pay for it. A few years later I was tying flies for trout and bass fisherman. My next venture was a roofing company which employed five people, followed by several construction businesses over several years which employed on average two people besides myself. I’ve also ran an online store drop shipping for a couple of years in the Global Financial Crisis in the USA. I have long believed that to be happy you have to love your work, but more than that – you have to create your own job.

Why Support Small Business?

I support small businesses as they are the people that work hard, often build a business from scratch, or are still struggling. If given a choice I will support a struggling, but dependable, business over a more established one. Of course I do my due diligence and so should you. And if a business is woman owned, I will support them even more. Where I last lived I had a great woman hairdresser, woman dentist, and woman accountant.

Small businesses employ local people. Small businesses spend their money in the local community. Small businesses try harder, generally deliver better customer service, care more about their reputation, and want to make you happy as referrals provide them significant business. They know other small business owners and can also steer you towards reputable people, as well as direct work your way. Small businesses provide everyday services and also most specialty services are small business. Small businesses have better ethics and morals than a faceless corporation. Small businesses will look after you down the road if any issues arise. When some one has their name and reputation on the line, of course they will want all their customers satisfied.

Why You Shouldn't Support Big Business

When you spend you money at a large corporation you are contributing to the multi million dollar bonuses’s that CEO’s take home. You pay for the lobbying that goes on to get favorable regulations or appointments. But not only that, when a large big box store or supermarket opens, many Mom and Pop establishments go out of business. From shoe shops to hardware stores to specialty stores, the placement and increase of these large outlets hurts our economy in many ways. When a small business goes under their employees are left without a job. The owners have probably struggled financially to keep going and they will have to sort them selves out, perhaps moving, taking a job that doesn’t contribute to the economy, or filing bankruptcy.

And the large corporation – what do they contribute? They hire locals but often on part time hours and minimum wage. Their suppliers are often in foreign countries being paid slave wages and working long hours. We get cheap imported products at the cost of low wages, locally and overseas, and the money from sales doesn’t stay local but siphons to the top of the corporation to pay for lobbying and for CEO’s big bonus’s. When large big box outlets form in a cluster, traffic patterns change as people flock for deals. Not only that, but regional commercial centers and downturns often turn stagnant, one by one shops close, and these areas often don’t return to their former vibrancy. When we shop at these large outlets, whatever they are, we do so at the expense of diversity and specialty services.


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