Sexual Education or Memories of the funniest class I've ever had

Now we all have our fond memories from school and today I would like to share with you some of these memories of my Sex Ed class back in seventh grade. In my school a few of our usual teachers and the school counselor teamed up together to hold this class. Which I'm not surprised at in retrospect seeing as it's better if there are female and male teachers you can ask about things you're wondering.

Of course much to the disappointment of some of my male classmates the class was as formal as you could imagine. So as such none of the “fun” topics such as pornography, the Kama Sutra or the pleasure aspects of sex were discussed. Seeing as this took place during what would have been our science class it stayed in that format pretty much. But of course there still were some funny moments. I mean, I'm sure all of you can imagine when at one point they made sure to mention that it was not allowed to ask the teachers about their sex lives. The awkwardness of both parties was just hilarious.

They did of course at one point ask us of the typical pleasure points for arousal that there were. You know, such as the neck or chest or even feet sometimes. At least you can give them the fact that they did not leave us completely ignorant expecting to just stimulate the genitals and that's it. But it still felt a bit like they were asking us to answer a math question because of the formality of one of the teachers were writing the answers on the board so we could take notes. But then again you can't expect them to really want to make it less formal for a bunch of twelve year olds. And regardless of that the topic of sex between students and teachers is always awkward no matter what age.

At one point we got to the topic of contraception and STDs. We did get a bit more panicked about getting AIDs because of a rumour spreading about how people get infected. (Another teacher I guess trolled us a bit unintentionally because he jokedly said that you can get it only by transferring spit and that humans first got it after having been with monkeys in a laboratory. We actually believed him and that caused the other teachers to facepalm. We were twelve! What do you expect!) Also, whilst one teacher showed us all the different methods he did make a point of saying the ones on the front table he was showing were punctured with little holes in case someone thought of stealing them. It kinda makes you wonder if someone did steal them before…

After telling us how condoms worked, how to put them on and how to open up the wrapper without damaging the condom came the practical aspect of it. No we did not practice on bananas we actually had a plastic version of a penis everyone had to practice on at least once. Not everyone was willing to do so like the arabian boy that sat next to me. He immediately passed the in my mind at the time, huge blue thing to me whilst I insisted he do it. I even said out loud he hadn't done it yet and the face of anger I was faced with was priceless. But the guys were shy in general because they kinda imagined it implied it was practice for doing it on another guy. I laughed at their faces when the teacher replied “Hey, you never know!”

But to me the funniest of all was our final sessions where the boys and girls were split so they could ask any sort of questions they still may have had unanswered. Our teacher first showed us tampons and the different kinds there were to use. I guess that was too awkward too show with the boys around even though we did have the menstrual cycle as a topic as well. The last minutes were for any questions and I was the only one that had one. Or at least my question probably stopped the other girls.

If I was older I probably could not have helped laughing when asking it but such is the innocence of youth. As with a straight and wondering face I asked the following question. “Teacher, you told us that after a week of the sperm entering the vagina they die if they don't reach the egg. But when two guys have sex together what exactly happens to the sperm then?” I remember wondering why the teacher was slightly stumbling on her words as after a slight pause she said “They just…go away.”

Nothing beat this class in funniness I can tell you that.

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