SciFiHits is not itself a Science Fiction Coins Exchange, but, rather, it is a Traffic Exchange.

A “manual traffic exchange”, in fact, which means unlike an “autosurf traffic exchange” it does not flip through web-pages automatically every few seconds but, rather, requires you to wait a few seconds before clicking to see the next web-page it wants to show you.

The “traffic exchange” part of the equation lies in the fact that you earn pageview credits for viewing other people's pages, and those credits are, in turn, used to have other people view your own page or pages.

It seems a useful venue for users of “Sci-Fi coins” because its name and theme resonate with the niche and it provides a simple way for such users to read each others' offers and to post offers of their own.

To view offers is easy, just sign up at SciFiHits as a free user and view web-pages. (They call it “surfing”.)

To post offers yourself you will need a web-page describing your offer and how to contact you about it. That is easy to do even if you do not have a website of your own, because in addition to the internet having many places where you can get a free website the Internet Marketer community has things they call “Splash Page Builders” that let you build a single page that is specifically intended to be shown in “Traffic Exchanges” such as SciFiHits and might even include visitor statistics so you can tell how many people have been seeing your offer(s).

Of course, not all the pages people post there for you to view are to do with Sci-Fi themed Cryptocoins, but as I point out on one of my own "Splash Pages", the more people who are into a particular topic or niche congregate at traffic-exchanges whose theme ostensibly seems appropriate to or related to that niche the more they will be able to run into each others' offers and maybe, ultimately, make the pages viewable within the exchange come more and more to be related to the exchange's supposed theme.

Thus what I propose is that users, and most especially afficionados, of Sci-Fi themed CryptoCoins converge upon SciFiHits and post offers relating to such coins.

If you took the trouble to check out my own "Splash Page" mentioned above you might have noticed that on it I refer not only to SciFiHits but also to Deep Space Traffic.

There is a reason that I am favouring SciFiHits over Deep Space Traffic though…

The thing is, different Traffic Exchanges have different policies or settings about things like how long you can “idle” before being logged out and how long you can go without logging in before they decide you are never coming back, or even whether to delete your account if your email address becomes problematic (bad email address, full mailbox, autoresponse etcetera).

Both of these exchanges have let me go away for years at a time without deleting my account, so no problem in that regard. But Deep Space Traffic tends to log me off if I do not surf another page within a certain number of minutes. (Minutes, not even hours! I sometimes sleep y'know, so even hours can lead to me having to log on when I wake up whether in the middle of the night or when I have slept my fill.)

A few minutes is pathetic when you have several browser-windows on the go with several tabs on each, heck just trying to cycle through one window's worth of tabs each containing a different traffic-exhcange can take hours to get back to any given tab if something actually interesting comes into view in one of the exchanges! Too often I have seen something interesting, signed up for it, run around to all my downline-builders to log into them and enter my referral ID for the new thing into all of them (note that many traffic-exchanges contain downline-builders themselves, so to be thorough when one signs up for a new exchange one has to go look up all one's referral IDs for all the things it contains in its own downline-builder)… All in al it is very realistic for someone actively doing “internet marketing” to take hours or days to get back to any particular traffic-exchange, and it is so nice when one does get back to it to be able to simply click for the next page to view instead of having to go through the whole login process again, especially if that login process involves having to click past one or many “special offers” on the way in.

So basically I suggest that for casual use and to have open all day every day, you use SciFiHits, reserving Deep Space Traffic for dedicated focussed surfing-sessions in which you expect to get back to each exchange you are concurrently surfing within a short enough time that it will not have logged you out.

Posting your own offers

I suggest using a splash page builder for this, but because most of them include a link to the builder itself to recruit downlines under you in the splash page builder site, I recommend that you sign up for EasyHits4U and use the Splash Page Builder that they give you. The reason I recommend this is that EasyHits4U gives you pageview credits and commissions for five levels of downline (six if you upgrade), which is really powerful. I only recruited five people into EasyHits4U yet now, years later, I have thousands of people in my downline, gaining me credits constantly. I logged in recently after a long time away and found forty thousand credits waiting for me to assign!

EasyHits4U's free splash page builder lets you build three splash pages, so you can make one to run in that exchange itself, one to run in other exchanges that are not Sci-Fi themed, and one for you Sci-Fi Coins offers.

It also gives you a free rotator, which is a URL that will rotate through pages, that lets you put just one URL into other exchanges to have all your splash-pages shown there in rotation. That way on most exchanges you just put in your rotator and don't have to run around from exchange to exchange to change what is showing in all of them, you just adjust what your rotator is showing.

If you join any of these sites under me, your surfing will generate pageview credits for me as well as for you, so if a lot of you decide to do this I will be able to assign lots of credits to my Sci-Fi-Coins Offers splash page; which I can then use to show your offers too as well as or instead of my own. Or eventually even maybe drive traffic to a Sci-Fi-Coins site of our own (I am looking into creating such a site…)



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