School Safety Investigator Ex Cop Threatened With Arrest For Seeking Answers To Sandy Hook Mysteries

Wolfgang Halbig believes his life may be in danger for asking questions about the Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut, but he has no plans to stop.

Halbig is a professional and nationally respected school security consultant and investigator. He has been paid to investigate school shootings, including Columbine. It has been his job to help make entire school districts safe.

Skeptics like to put down or pay no mind to citizen investigators with no previous experience who create YouTube channels dealing with the Sandy Hook shootings It is rather difficult to try that when it comes to Halbig, who has also been a Florida state trooper, a United States custom officer, a teacher, a dean and a vice principle.

He doesn't just know standard operating procedure for school shootings, he has helped to create some of the protocols. From the very beginning of the Sandy Hook event in Newtown, Connecticut, he couldn't believe how the authorities strayed from standard operating procedure.

From gathering all the public information that's available about Sandy Hook, and then asking questions to officials and opening Freedom of Information requests in Connecticut, without getting anyone in an official government capacity to show willingness to answer a single one of his questions, he has come to a conclusion.

Illusion is the word he uses. Halbig says the entire Sandy Hook event is the biggest illusion he has ever witnessed. He estimates that it must have been in the planning stages for two to three years.

He has been threatened with arrest for calling up and sending letters and emails to various officials seeking answers to some very simple questions. He's adamant that his tone is always polite and his behavior never smacks of stalking.

He told the two Florida law enforcement officers who knocked on his door, and relayed the arrest warning from Connecticut officials, to tell them he isn't ever going to stop. In other words, come and get him.

If you remember, one of the many anomalies during the immediate aftermath of the Sandy Hook event came as a warning from Lt. J. Paul Vance, the official state police spokesperson. He said that people posting misinformation on social media will be prosecuted.

Of course, “misinformation,” probably includes anything that does not mimic the official story. Perhaps the threats to Halbig is Lt. Vance making good on his promise.

Anyone who has studied conspiracies understands how the conspirators tip their hand by harassing individuals they feel pose a threat to them, and by making efforts to suppress their information. If someone is simply wildly off the mark, why would there be a need to make threats and try to intimidate them?

Halbig has now had visits from the police on multiple occasions warning him to stop his investigation. That speaks volumes to the fact that he is on the right track to finding out the truth that the conspirators wish to remain hidden. It has had the opposite effect than what the powers that be, intended. Rather than stopping him from asking questions, he now has decided to take it to a higher level. He intends to start a class action lawsuit, so that people will be forced to answer his questions, under penalty of perjury.

Although there are easily, many hundreds of unanswered questions surrounding Sandy Hook, on Halbig's website he lists 16 burning questions he says should be first and foremost. As far as Halbig is concerned, the first question that should be answered is who made the FBI report on Sandy Hook, classified? That leads to the second question: Why?

According to Halbig, this has never happened in any other school shooting. If the official story is true, he says, there is no reason for the report to be classified. He also does not believe that the report was 10 months in the making, or that the President of the United States had to wait ten months to get it on his desk.

When you hear Halbig being interviewed, there is one statement he keeps repeating throughout the course of conversation; “That is unheard of.” He says that, not about a certain aspect of the case. He is referring to completely different aspects. Many of them.

The narrative of the Sandy Hook school shooting is filled with possibly dozens of accounts and scenarios that are absolutely unique to the event. They often are decisions that were made that's unheard of, or other times, decisions that were not made. It's also often unheard of, that no one will answer basic questions.

If there is a common theme to Halbig's questions, it is an attempt to get individuals to be accountable for actions that were taken (or for actions that were not taken.) For instance, the Federal Emergency Management Administration assigns an Incident Commander to oversee any mass casualty shooting incident. Yet, when it comes to Sandy Hook, no one is willing to say who that person is.

It isn't difficult to understand, though. If we knew who that person was, then someone would finally have to be accountable and to answer some simple questions about diverging from standard operational protocol for such events. For instance, why were no trauma helicopters called?

When it became apparent that dozens of people were shot, that call is the very first thing that should be done. It is even done in many common automobile accidents. Out of all the officials that were on the scene, are we expected to believe that nobody thought that would be a good idea?

Gee whiz. If we only knew the identity of the FEMA Incident Commander, perhaps we could get some clarity on the subject. Oh, that's right, she's playing hide and go seek, and she's really good at hiding.

If you were a parent of one of the children, I imagine you would especially be interested in ascertaining the answer to the lack of trauma helicopters question. Suspiciously, not a single parent is speaking out about any of the unheard of decisions that were made that day. That has never happened before.

In fact, Sandy Hook was the first such event in which not even a single parent filed a lawsuit. In every other school shooting, there were even parents of kids who were not shot, who sued, but Sandy Hook is special. It's different.

Sandy Hook parents don't complain. They don't sue. They don't even cry. Within 24 hours they started showing up on national TV programs with stoic smiles and the sweetest facial expressions you ever did see, recalling the fond memories of their just-murdered children.

If one or even two parents reacted that way, perhaps it would be believable. The argument is that people don't all react the same way to the death of their children. The problem is every single purported parent that was ever interviewed, (and there were quite a few), reacted in this extremely curious manner.

Of all the parents, Robbie Parker's performance was the worst. The day after his little daughter allegedly was murdered, he decides to hold a press conference, where he sends his condolences to the family of the purported killer. He starts off with a smile, and then, doing his best impersonation from Joey, from the TV show, Friends, he seques into several seconds of hyperventilation to psyche up and get into character of somewhat sad dad. It's actually surprising he didn't end it with, “And… scene.” He said he was, “happy,” to answer any questions.

If you haven't seen the interviews of parents and other family members of the alleged victims, you should really dedicate at least an hour of your life and do so, immediately. If you have an modicum of an open mind, you'll come away with the realization that there is something very wrong with this whole affair.

Another one of the worst actors, though not an alleged family member is Gene Rosen. The creepy old guy who lives down the road from the school He invited six little kids into his house when he realized something terrible had happened to them at the school.

He seemed to get almost as much media face time as any of the parents, for some reason. It's been a massive mistake by the perpetrators. He has probably, single-handedly, been responsible for more people waking up to the hoax, than any other factor, save arguably, for Robbie Parker.

He tells how several children were sitting on his lawn when they should have been in school, and for God knows why, he thought they were rehearsing a play. Really? I think he adlibbed that in one interview and then loved it so much he used it every time.

Other parts of his story would change as he told it to different TV shows. Sometimes a bus driver (female) was with them. Sometimes they were alone. Sometimes a male adult was with them, but not identified as the bus driver. Other times the male was with them as well as the female bus driver.

In some versions, he found out their teacher was shot, before he invited them in. Other versions he could only tell they were distraught, and he invited them in, and then, only after 15 minutes inside, did they actually tell him what happened.

In some of the versions, one or both of the adults came in with the kids, but he still couldn't make sense of what the problem was for fifteen minutes. I guess he didn't think to ask the adults. In almost every interview, he never mentions calling 911 to report the murder of a teacher. I believe at some point, due to so many online commenters pointing that out, he started including a phone call to the police, in his last interviews before his 15 minutes of fame had elapsed.

It's hard to fathom that the bus driver would not take them to the fire station, smack dab next door to Gene's house. It's even more curious that she would accept the invitation to bring the kids into this stranger's home, and that she was content to hang out there as he brought them his grandchild's stuffed toys and served them juice.

I have recently discovered a number of other interviews where he either says he doesn't know how they got to his house, or that they ran to his house. There are no adults with them in those stories.

Perhaps they put a lot more fluoride in the water in Connecticut than other states. Fluoride is proven to make people more docile and more accepting of government control. I know it's a stretch, but am racking my brain trying to understand why Sandy Hook parents don't even need to see their dead kids in person to identify them and start the grieving process.

Twenty young children were murdered, but the coroner made the decision that it would be just too much for the parents to actually see their children. In all probability, for first only time in the history of the world, 20 sets of parents, to a person, did not attempt to see their kids deceased, murdered children, and have the reality sink in person.

Instead, the coroner – who led the strangest press conference you could ever imagine, making jokes and non sequiturs – said he brought in photographers to take pictures of the victims. In the press briefing, he made a comment about having great photographers, as if that is why the parents were willing to settle for pictures instead of seeing their kids in person.

We are supposed to believe that 40 parents identified their precious babies through photos. We are supposed to ignore the fact that we know, in our own heart of hearts, that if it happened to our kid, they would have to kill us to keep us out of the morgue. Yet, for some reason, not any of the parents demanded to see their kids.

You might think that they able to be talked into that since they would see them in the funeral home, at the viewing and the funeral. You would be wrong. The caskets were sealed shut, even to the parents. Additionally, each parent was assigned around the clock police officers to keep anyone from talking to them.

The coroner, who laughed a number of times in his press conference, decided not to do autopsies at the morgue. They had a tent set up and they did the autopsies at the school over multiple days. I think it was due to the fact that people started commenting on how bizarre that decision was, that they changed their plan, and brought in a refrigerated truck and transferred the dozens of bodies to the morgue, in the middle of the night. One can only imagine that moving desks together did not make for the best of working slabs.

Speaking of the tent, he was especially impressed with that majestic structure, describing, in the press conference, how special it was to see it being erected. There was a moment when it seemed like he was going to recite a poetry, to express his feelings about the tent.

What? You think there is anything unusual about a coroner laughing and making odes to tents, while taking a break from autopsying 20 little kids, to answer questions in a press conference? You must be a conspiracy nut-job.

Let's get back to the helicopter question for a moment. Lifestar is the company that supplies the trauma helicopters that would have been used at Sandy Hook, if someone had thought to call them – or if someone didn't give a stand down order for dispatching them.

Whichever it was, it's a real shame they were not used. They have the best medically trained personnel and the best equipment, Nobody argues that they could have gotten any and all of the wounded victims, clinging to life, to the hospital faster than anybody else that fateful day in Newtown.

Interestingly, Lifestar was one of the few places that Halbig communicated with that was actually willing to give him an answer. He asked them why they were not used. Their answer was simple, and matter of factual. They have no idea. Everyone was utterly shocked that they were not called. They were ready and standing by, but the call never came, and it is a huge mystery to this day.

Curiously, according to Halbig, porta potties were ordered for the event and were delivered within three hours. Was the reason nobody ordered helicopters due to the fact that the person who was supposed to do that, decided to call for porta potties, instead?

I'm wondering if she was instructed to either call for medical helicopters, or porta potties – her choice? Did she order the porta potties because they were less expensive than the helicopters? Or did she flip a coin?

Halbig has even mentioned in interviews that cops were delivered lunch. I'm not sure if that was part of the official records or not, and it's not one of his 16 initial questions, but it brings up a decent point.

If you are a cop, working the scene of a mass shooting. 18 little kids and 6 adults are dead. You have to look at that. Are you going to have a big appetite? Do you start a collection for a Pizza Hut delivery? Luckily, they had the porta potties there because heaven knows that pizza can run right through you. Sometimes things just happen to work out. I won't go so far as to call it proof of God. Let's just say it's “kismet.”

I intend to get a hold of Halbig to ask him about the porta potties. Does he see it in any official records, or is he just going by video clips aired by the state run media networks, CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, MS-NBC, CNN?

Early on in Sandy Hook, I read a piece by someone that intuitively rang true. He said that it is likely that the various video clips we were seeing, including some rather bizarre, out of place interviews with parents and kids, were actually taken from different locations and different days, during multiple drills.

Then, in one of the citizen journalist YouTube videos, someone showed the online announcements of various drills that had been scheduled in Connecticut. One of pages said there would be bottled water provided, and also that everyone must sign in as soon as they get there.

Then in the video, they showed a stack of bottled water against a wall in the fire house. They also showed one of the many videos featuring that ridiculous Gene Rosen, telling the unlikely story that six kids and a bus driver – (or maybe it was the version without the bus driver. He would change up some details each time he told it) – were sitting in his front yard saying their teacher was dead, so he invited them in his house and gave them his grandchildrens' stuffed toys to play with.

Most of his interviews were done in his front yard. But in this particular video, he's on the side of a road. Across the street is a portable traffic sign; the kind you see in highway construction zones. It was flashing the following message off and on, “Everyone must sign in.”

Everyone must sign in, was on the announcement page for one of the drills. The same page also mentioned how bottled water will be available, and there was bottled water stacked up. Oh, I see. It's all starting to come together now. That guy was right. The networks were showing video clips from different drills.

Halbig mentions that sign, in radio interviews, but, unlike the porta potties, it's not mentioned in the initial 16 questions. I'm guessing Halbig noticed porta potties in a video, but it's not mentioned in an official report.

My guess is that the porta potties and the sign were not present on the actual day of the “shooting.” They were present at a drill (or multiple drills), though. If they actually were present on that day, how stupid is that?

I mean, why would everyone have to sign in for a school shooting, for Pete's sake? For a drill, yes. That makes sense. They want to know who they can count on for future drills. Maybe get their email address to send announcements to, etc. Even if you say the sign was meant just for people working, it's still bizarre that people would be detail oriented enough to order sign-in signs, porta potties, lunches, but not trauma helicopters.

Perhaps just as bizarre as the lack of trauma helicopters, you should know that no paramedics, no medics, no EMTs, no ambulance drivers were allowed to go into the school. Not one. They had strict orders to keep away from the victims.

Halbig wants to know who ordered that, and, of course, why? WTF were they thinking? It's evidently a matter of record that within eight minutes of the shooting, everyone was declared dead. Really? No, say it ain't so.

Sorry. Halbig says that is an unequivocal fact. So, one of his questions is, who in the world, declared all those victims dead within eight minutes? How could that possibly be? Connecticut law says that only a doctor can pronounce a person as dead. There is no record of a doctor being on the scene… And what kind of doctor would be able to pronounce 24 people dead within eight minutes?

Even if the next thing we get told is that one of the cops is doctor, and she made the all encompassing, group death pronouncement, it still makes no sense to not allow medics to come in and double check. Are we really to believe that somebody didn't want medical personnel to be sure that there were no potential survivors?

That is what medics and paramedics do. They work on people they are all but sure are dead, until they get to the hospital. Then in the hospital, the emergency room staff continues to work on them. It is not all that rare that people live, who the staff was sure were a lost cause.

So many medical personnel have said this is the aspect of the story that let them realize something was terribly wrong with what we've been told. In the United States of America, nobody pronounces almost 30 people dead within 8 minutes and refuses to allow medics to try to save their lives. It simply does not happen.

Moreover, there seems to be no official story about how the two survivors we found out about, some time later, got to the hospital. As stated, ambulances we're, rather insanely, not allowed on school property that day. Of all the days to not allow ambulances, that is the one the brain trust running the Sandy Hook shooting chose.

There were a handful of ambulances behind the fire station, about 1/2 mile away. A few medics were allowed to wheel gurneys all that way to the school (empty) triage mats area. Are we to believe the two survivors were placed on gurneys and pushed over asphalt, that far, to the ambulances – which by the way, we're blocked in by parked cars (as were the fire trucks?)

We don't even know who one of them is. The one that was identified is Natalie Hammond. She is said to have closed the door on the shooter and held her body against it as he shot through the door, hitting her multiple times. She, is reported to have had the strength to continue holding the door, preventing Lanza from ever getting in, even though she took a number of direct hits.

In video footage from the fire station parking lot, we see someone being put in the back of an ambulance. There seems to be no urgency at all. It happened about 90 minutes after the shootings. It is hard to fathom that gun shot victims were allowed to languish for an hour an a half before even getting them in ambulances parked around a half mile away from the scene of the crime.

One of Halbig's biggest problem with Sandy Hook is the lack of forthcoming decision makers. No one seems willing to answer questions and be held accountable. Nobody is willing to tell us how the decision was made to keep the ambulances off the property and to not call the medical helicopters.

I have to admit, I too, am extremely anxious to know how that went down? What was the thinking? Was it a matter of ego?

Did somebody say, “I said they are dead! What? You don't believe me? You don't think I know what I'm doing here? I know for a fact that all of these 24 people are dead within eight minutes of being shot. How dare you question my pronouncement? Don't you dare try to override my order. Do you want to keep your job, boy? I said there is nothing anybody can do and I will not put up with insubordination from a punk like you, especially at a time like this. Keep the goddamned medics outside. Tell them they sure as hell will park over at the fire station if they know what's good for them. The last thing we need is a bunch of ambulances at the scene of a mass shooting. Sheesh! Am I the only one around here who gets it? Duh!”

Anybody who has been around trauma victims knows that, many times, people are assumed to be dead, but medical personnel keep working to revive them, and sometimes, they are successful. Medical professionals do not give up on a single person in eight minutes, yet we are expected to believe that hope for 24 people was dashed within eight minutes.

One thing that confuses me on Halbig's website is that it states everyone was pronounced dead within eight minutes, yet later it mentions two students were transported to Dansbury Trauma Center, more than an hour later.

That is not the only site that carries that conflicting story. Like so much of the narrative, we keep getting information that is at odds with other information. There are officials who are defending the decision to not allow ambulances on school property, yet there seem to be other officials saying that two children actually were taken by ambulance to the hospital.

They were said to be pronounced dead at the hospital. It was reported that the parents were not willing to give their children's organs to other children. Halbig wants to know who transported them and why the parents didn't give the gift of life to other children.

I don't know what the percentages are for parents saying yes to that request, but that, in and of itself, doesn't strike me as odd. I know I've never been compelled to sign up as an organ donor myself, and I'm not even sure I would opt for an organ transplant to save my life.

First, I'm aware that many medical personnel have stated that they have noticed that as soon as the hospital has permission for organs from a person who is clinging to life, there is no longer the same level of care when it comes to striving to revive a patient.

I've read horror stories where a person came to consciousness in a hospital room while their body was being prepped for organ removal. I also am aware that in some parts of the world, people get kidnapped and killed as involuntary organ donors, on a daily basis.

Sometimes it is from inmates, and other times it's just people off the street. This is said to be especially prevalent in China, where there are reportedly, medical vans staffed with people who drive around looking for victims.

It is said that a certain sect of Chinese monks make excellent organ donors because of how pristine they keep their bodies with organic food and exercise, therefore, they get abducted and killed quite regularly.

The whole organ transplant concept seems creepy to me. I'm not sure it should even be legal when it's obvious that there is likely to always be a foul play black market for organs.

So, unless I discover that 99% of parents allow the organs of their newly deceased child to be harvested, I'm not concerned with that particular question. Even if that were the case, that statistical aberration would not be high on my list of meaningful evidence from that day.

What I find more compelling is the alleged acumen the young culprit had with his weapon of choice. How is it possible that he was able to kill everyone? Not a single survivor. The culprits of the Columbine massacre managed to kill only 13 people while wounding 23. There were two of them.

Even a professional hit man with a lot of experience would be hard pressed to have a kill rate so close to 100%. Originally, officials reported it was 100%, but the narrative changed later. Perhaps someone realized it would be too obvious, so they tried to make it more realistic.

The final total was 26 dead and 2 wounded, done in a matter of a few minutes. The alleged culprit is said to have shot as little as three rounds and as many as eleven, per victim. That kind of kill rate in the time frame is is basically a supernatural display of shooting ability.

Shooting victims quite regularly live despite a ridiculous amount of bullets and damage. People with multiple gunshots to the head sometimes lives. You just never know what paths the bullets are going to take and what damage they are going to do.

Even if Lanza had a lot more time to do his purported damage, like Clebole and Harris had at Columbine, a realistic kill rate is what they managed to get, 13 out 36. 26 out of 28 in the course of a few minutes stretches credulity, like so much of the Sandy Hook narrative.

As if all this isn't enough to make you question the official story, Halbig has more questions. These involve cops, putting or leaving, kids in rooms where there are other children just like them, (except for the fact that they are dead.)

There were only three rooms that were crime scenes, including room 8 and room 10. A lieutenant Vangehle on the Newtown police department said he found a kindergarten girl in the hallway who was not shot. What would you do? Perhaps pick her up and run her outside to safety?

Well that explains why Vangehle's a lieutenant and you're not even a rookie cop. He did the sensible thing and told her to get inside room 8, the one with the dead kids and maybe a dead teacher, for good measure.

Not to be outdone, ten minutes later, two state troopers went into room 10 where some of the dead kids were, and when they opened the bathroom, they saw a little boy. They evidently had the same training as Lt. Vangehle, because they also did not think it was a good idea to get him out of the school.

They told him to stay put until it is safe. Actually, they said, they told, “them” to stay there, so even though they mentioned just one boy, there may have been more than one kid they chose not to usher to safety.

Halbig asks one of the favorite questions the YouTube citizen journalists asked. Where were all the pictures of of the evacuation? There were 500 kids and 60 teachers and other staff members, yet to this day, the only photo of students is that one where 18 kids are in a line, with their hands on the shoulders of the kid in front of them with their eyes closed.

We are expected to believe that reporters would not do anything to get photos of the kids in the parking lot? We know there was at least one media helicopter there. We saw the shot of the woods from their chopper.

How could they miss the children in the parking lot? Maybe to protect the privacy of the children? Wait, the one picture of the 18 kids shows their faces. An aerial shot would not be enough to make out their faces.

In interviews Halbig mentions something that certainly jumped out at me at the time. The school nurse who says she stayed in a closet for five hours. That was about four and a half hours after the school was declared safe.

Not only did she not hear several units of SWAT team members come into her office at any point, it's even harder to fathom how professional SWAT team members did not open the closet door at any point.

He also talks about how some videos show what seems to be an obvious drill of people just moving about. I believe I know the one he is referring to. It's not at the school. Only a few people are ever seen in the school parking lot, and they mostly stand still.

Down the road is the fire station and there is an aerial video of people going in one door and out another. Sometimes they go in one door and a few minutes later, out the same door and then around to another door and so forth. It's like atmosphere players (extras) on a movie set. I would bet the farm that was taken from a drill day, some time before the so-called shooting.

You might remember the story of the father who was supposed to go to class to help build a gingerbread house. If you saw the helicopter footage of the woods, it was supposed to be of the cops confronting this father.

If you were a parent and you were about to enter the school when you heard shots being fired, what do you think you would do? Run toward your child's class? Or would you high tail it out back, into the woods to ensure your safety, like that man is said to have done?

When it comes to Sandy Hook, very little makes sense. Parents don't act like you think they would. The same can be said about cops and even the people in charge. Then after the fact, nobody will answer questions.

Donation pages not only were made on the same day as the tragedy, but date stamps online show that some sites were made in advance. (That is reminiscent of the BBC reporter on 911 stating that building 7 came down, even though you can see it standing behind her.)

The mayor of Chicago and Obama's former chief of staff is infamous for his quote about never letting a crises go to waste. He said you can get things done you would never be able to otherwise. He didn't say anything about creating the crises in the first place, but that is a trick that goes back hundreds, if not thousands of years, historically, and it seems to be the case with Sandy Hook.

This has been used to deny people their right to bear arms and the push is on to continue the trend. Connecticut has sent out warning letters to many gun owners to turn in their weapons or basically prepare to be SWAT teamed.

New York has instituted draconian gun laws for the entire state. Of course, New York City has been a gun free zone for years, and consequently has always one of the highest crime rates in the USA. The same is true of Chicago and Washington DC.

It is cause and effect. The bumper sticker is right. when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns, and that gives them free reign to wreak havoc on the populations of gun free zones. Most cases of mass shootings happen in gun free zones.

Guns are used to save lives and keep people safe, much more than they are for nefarious purposes. If you want to reduce the crime rate in those cities, legalize guns and see what happens.

Don't let anyone tell you they will never confiscate guns in this country. They did it in Hurricane Katrina and they are doing it in Connecticut and New York as this time, to comply with new gun laws, brought about as a direct result of the Sandy Hook psyop.

They are openly training the military to do exactly that. Inside military sources have been reporting a purge in high levels officers in the military. The litmus test is their willingness to confiscate guns and turn their guns on US citizens.

There are only five countries that allow the masses unfettered access to guns. The globalists are just 5 countries away from the gun free zone planet, where the only people who have guns will be the government and the criminals. It is never a pretty picture when a country succeeds in disarming their populations.

If you want to make schools safer, have all teachers trained in firearms and have one with them at all times.

If you would like to get to the bottom of what happened at Sandy Hook, help Wolfgang Halbig fund his class action lawsuit. He says that once we get people forced to swear under oath what they know, a lot more information will be forthcoming.

He has a fundraising goal for the lawsuit. At the time of this writing the goal is 6% accomplished. If you would like to be a part of that, click here now.

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