Satoshi Live Launches The World’s First Live Streaming Online Bitcoin Casino Experience

With the ever rising popularity of the online currency Bitcoin – online Bitcoin gaming is establishing itself as a multi-million dollar industry worldwide. The latest and most revolutionary online Bitcoin gaming platform to emerge is; which aims to recreate the live casino experience in the online space. This is the first live online Bitcoin casino of its kind, with no other Bitcoin gaming platform boasting fully live, interactive gaming, allowing gamers to interact directly with dealers via live video feeds.

Satoshi live’s pioneering, industry leading proprietary video streaming technology has been custom constructed from scratch, specifically geared towards creating the ultimate live casino gaming environment and this robust system incorporates both Flash and HTML5.

The Satoshi live platform allows gamers to make deposits with Bitcoin, play their favorite interactive and live games using their Bitcoin funded accounts and also withdraw winnings in Bitcoin, over a network and online gaming environment that is 100% fair to everyone.

Another truly impressive feature of the Satoshi live offering is that of the players’ ability to enjoy interactive online gaming without the need to download any cumbersome and resource-consuming software applications. Games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat can be played through any browser, levelling out the playing field further since rogue gamers cannot gain any upper-hand with the use of third-party add-on software and no gamer can benefit from having a better device than others. That, together with the fact that live dealers are used, is what makes Satoshi live 100% fair and transparent.

The emphasis on trust and fair play issues dogging the online gaming industry has spin-offs that go beyond complete fairness for all gamers (and the house), with the live gaming experience adding a whole new dimension to the actual game-play. Enjoying a game of Black Jack is now enhanced by live dealers and live bets, while the Roulette and Baccarat tables also come to life with real-time table operators.

As Satoshi live said in a recent interview: “We have done a lot of research and no other Bitcoin gaming site offers this sort of platform. We are extremely excited to be offering such a high quality robust gaming experience.”.

With its innovative proprietary live streaming Bitcoin games with dealers that can be seen in real time on camera, the professionalism of the platform and its offerings of Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat Satoshi live is well positioned to carve out a significant niche for itself in the online Bitcoin gaming space.

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