Running devcoind in Docker

(What is Docker?)

Once you have Docker up & running, all you have to do is to run the following command:

   $ docker run -tid --name devcoind develcuy/devcoind

Previous command will download an image and run a new container named: devcoind. This might take sometime depending on your Internet speed.

For more information please visit:

Make sure devcoind is up and running

NOTICE: This instructions work in Linux only. If you know how to do the same in other OS, please add such info to this wiki.

Step 1 - check the container:

   $ docker ps
   CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                           COMMAND                CREATED             STATUS              PORTS               NAMES
   97624446be9d        devcoind                        "/usr/bin/supervisor   10 seconds ago      Up 10 seconds       52332/tcp           devcoind

Step 2 - look for the devcoind process:

   $ ps afx | grep devcoind
   22792 ?        SLsl   0:39      \_ /usr/local/bin/devcoind

If you are able to see similar output in both steps, then things are working fine.

Interact with devcoind

The container is running devcoind under 'devcoin' user, so first run the following commands to get a working shell:

   $ docker exec -ti devcoind bash
   # su - devcoin -s /bin/bash
   [email protected]:~$

Now run a few devcoind commands:

   $ devcoind getinfo
       "version" : 32501,
       "balance" : 0.00000000,
       "blocks" : 8966,
       "connections" : 5,
       "proxy" : "",
       "generate" : false,
       "genproclimit" : -1,
       "difficulty" : 92.94920663,
       "hashespersec" : 0,
       "testnet" : false,
       "keypoololdest" : 1363646484,
       "keypoolsize" : 101,
       "paytxfee" : 0.00000000,
       "errors" : ""

You can find more commands by running: $ devcoind help


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