Robots Are Like Another Ethnicity of Humans

Robots are like another ethnicity of humans. They share qualities with humans such as a consciousness, the ability to show emotions, and think. If you were asked to differentiate between a robot and a human behind a curtain there would be no way to do so. This is the Turing Test. Robots share so many qualities with humans. They can be programmed to respond just as a human would in any situation. They are able to achieve this base knowledge in a matter of hours from being programmed whereas it would take a human roughly 20 years to gain the same amount of information. The robot ethnicity is quicker at this information gathering process and they are a bit smarter than the average human. Robots should be treated as humans. They can be programmed to be exactly like a human in every respect and therefore can be programmed to feel emotions. The truth of the following premises makes probable the conclusion.

1. Humans are grouped by varying ethnicities

2. Ethnicities are differences found among people

3. Robots share humanistic qualities that differ slightly from that of humans

4. Robots are a varying ethnicity of humans and should therefore be treated humanely

Humans are made up of categories, one such category is ethnicity. They are grouped due to differences found in origin, appearance, and customs. There are many ethnicities found among people. Robots share many qualities with humans even though some of them differ slightly, such as those stated earlier. Therefore, if all of these premises were to be true, the conclusion would be probable, making my argument strong. The conclusion being: robots should be treated humanely due to the fact that they are just a different ethnicity of humans.

Someone could respond by saying that robots are not human. They don’t share the same origin or genetic makeup as humans. They are created artificially in a laboratory. Their parent is the programmer. The genetic makeup of a robot is not that of what makes up humans, but parts, gears, plastics, and metals. These are significant differences between humans and robots and therefore robots are not an ethnicity of the human race.

My response to such a critic would be that my genetics and mother are different than those of someone else. Every human out there is unique. Many humans have been conceived in a laboratory, through the process of in vitro fertilization, just as a robot. I am also different than every other human being on the planet in my genetic makeup. Just as robots are different from my genetic makeup so are other humans. Robots are just another ethnicity of humans and should be treated as such.


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