“I felt awful. I don't think I'll ever sing again in the contest,“ totally disappointed, Rosie told her friends after losing the award in the talent show that night.

“Hey, Rose, stop it! You shouldn't let yourself get down like that. It's not a big deal. You'll soon get over it,” Remy said.

“She's right,” Aida added, “it's not as bad as you think. But you can do it better next time.”

“The fact is your experience is nothing compared to what I went through when I lost in our school track race. Aside from getting a leg sprain, I felt humiliated. But I hate to be thin-skinned. I mean, you don't have to be. You can always do better than that,” Dana said.

Then it was Lydia's turn to relate her story. “Talking about frustrations, I too had my share of it,” she said. “Now, that was when I had to play a role in our school play and couldn't make it. I got mumps and had to spend long, boring days in bed. Of course, I love to act. Nothing could be as exciting as being on stage. So you know how much it meant for me to have missed it.”

Rosie managed to listen but soon broke into a sob. “I just did a lousy job! I hate it! I was so embarrassed. Nothing went right today!” she whined.

“Well, you can do nothing about it,” Laura responded almost impatiently. “All you can do is stop being silly. You can't expect to be the best at all times. Besides there are a lot of talents to contend with. If I were you I wouldn't have joined in.”

“O, c'mon,” Dana tried to divert the topic, “let's talk about something more pleasant. Forget about the troubles. Now, let's talk about that outing we're going to have on Sunday. ”

While her friends continued to talk about themselves and some other things, Rosie couldn't help showing her feelings. She knew she did her best and she was upset when she let herself and her friends down. Soon she'd forget about it. But it seemed no one really understood how terrible she felt that moment.

Rhona, who was standing nearby, put her arm in Rosie's. “I know how you feel” she said. “Well, it must really have been an awful day because I know how you enjoy singing and wanted so much to be in that contest. Are you feeling better now? Wanna talk about it?”

Rosie stopped crying. Her face began to brighten. She felt a whole lot better after realizing she had an understanding friend who loved her, listened to her, cared for her.

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