Ripple (XRP)

Ripple uses the Ripple currency, XRP (sometimes called ripples), which also acts to stop network spam (a small amount of XRP must be used in each transaction, and this XRP is destroyed after use). The creators of ripple created the network with 100 billion XRP, and gifted a for-profit company, Opencoin, with 80 billion XRP. Opencoin intends to distribute 50 billion XRP to users of the network, and will keep the rest, in the hope that this XRP will grow in value over time.

Reserves In Ripple Accounts

To protect the ripple network from abusive creation of excess entries in the ledger the Ripple Network requires reserves. As the time of writing this End of February 2014 this is an account reserve of 20 XRP and an owner reserve of 5 XRP. So you can never send more Ripples from your account if you are down to this reserve amount XRPs. If you own 100 XRP, you can send 75 XRP.

Activation Of Ripple Accounts

In order to get your Ripple Account started and activated, you need to get 25 XRP into your account. If someone sends any amount smaller than 25 XRP those first payments will get rejected. This causes quite some confusion for new users. For example if people participate in the World Community Grid Project with Computing For Good they will reserve XRPs for donating computer power. If people would simply wait until they have 25 XPR accumulated, their account would be activated.

Most people do not want to “wait” for that, especially if people want to use the full functionality of the Ripple Wallet, like creating trust lines and other features. In this case you can either fund your Ripple account via Bitcoin or use some service providers like Fiverr where some people are ready to help you with your first activation of your Ripple account.

Get New Ripple Accounts Activated Via Fiverr For $5

Funding Of Ripple Accounts Via Bitcoin

There are many options to send Bitcoin to your Ripple account, but the easiest way without the need to establish a new account with some of the Digital Currency Exchanges that require a lot of paper work proving your identity, you can use the service of where you just create a real-time converted invoice, pay with Bitcoin and have your account funded within minutes.



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  • Is associated with the science research project Computing For Good via the World Community Grid is giving away Ripples (XRPs)in exchange for people who donate computing power to help research for Cancer / AIDS and other worthy research projects.

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