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Everybody deserves to be happy. At least most of the time if not forever. All of us have different definitions of happiness and what it should represent. Sometimes we concentrate on material things, other times we care about love or spiritual evolution. Even though it’s a washed up phrase, all happiness still lies in the little things. And only the little things can make you happier. Big things can make you feel accomplished and successful, but they take a lot of your time, not to mention energy, money and nerves. The question of how to become happier is now backed up by science. After many years and many studies, we can finally list the things that can make us feel happier instantly. You don’t need to pay for expensive surgeries, holidays and psychiatrists because as we said, all the happiness you need is in the little things.

Plan Your Responsibilities

Usually we focus on planning our big goals, but we often forget that there are many other smaller and irksome tasks and goals in between. Some of them are very boring. Like the dentist appointment you postpone each week, or the insurance problems, or purchasing something for the home, that you need, but don’t want to bother with the purchase by yourself. Many times we rush through life without making an actual plan, that will work and not get in the way of your other, more happier activities. We all have bills and taxes and doctor appointments, and our lives would be a living hell if we don’t make an effort to arrange them in such a way, that they don’t get in the middle of our fun. Sometimes we just think that we have no time for fun, because we fail to organize our chores properly. Make a list of every boring task you have to do in a month. Then look at the list and see which tasks you can do in one day, preferably in one trip. Open your calendar and note a day to do only the boring chores, so you can have the rest of the month free for other events. Note another day in your calendar to clean the house, sort out the email messages, clean the computer from viruses and similar household errands. Buy groceries twice a month. You know what your family usually eats and you know how much they eat, so it won’t be a problem to buy everything at once. It would be a relief to know you don’t have to go grocery shopping twice a week and spent your afternoon watching a movie, walking the dog or having a game night with friends.

Call a Friend

Two brains think better than one, so next time you have a problem and no way out, call your friend. They don’t even need to give you advices, because it will be enough to share your worries. Even better, let them know how you feel and make them think of something you can do that will make you feel better. When we have a lot of problems it’s almost impossible to be optimistic and that’s when a good friend will be handy. Several studies have been made and they all were conclusive on one thing: friendships are an essential part of one’s happiness. Even if you don’t have many friends right now, a 73 year long study showed that the people who had a close relationship with a sibling or a close friend while they were younger have greater chances to thrive during their later years. In the book “The Longevity Project”, the author explains that the friendships we build throughout our lives make us healthier, happier and extend our lifespan, because when you care for someone else, that someone will take care of you. But friendships are only worth if they work both ways, so don’t hold back when a friend needs your help. Maybe your friendly company and advocacy are just the right support your friend needs, and you will suddenly feel like you’ve won the lottery. If you are not in the mood for a face to face gathering, your friends on the World Wide Web are the perfect cushion to rest your tired and wired head on. We all have that one Facebook friend who has the funniest updates, so visit his page to share some laughs.

Help Somebody

Helping others is the most efficient way to bring happiness in your life. Maybe you don’t have a lot of money to give to charity, save the poor and homeless or build an orphanage, but that’s not the only way to help someone who’s in need. In one research, the participants were asked to talk about their purchases and how they feel about them. More than 70 percent felt much happier when they bought something for someone else, than when they bought something for themselves. So if you have a lot of expensive watches and you are window shopping for a new one, fetch a little further and buy something for a friend of yours, a sibling or your loved one. Gifts are best when they are a surprise, so don’t wait for a special occasion to make someone happy. The reaction you will get in return is priceless and you will remember those moments forever. Our closets are frequently the most cluttered spaces in the entire house, and there are pieces of clothes there you take out, wash, fold and place back for years without wearing them once. On your next spring cleaning, take a big box and fill it with the clothes you don’t plan on wearing anymore. Take the box to Good Will or another charity organization and wait for the feelings of gratitude to take over. Maybe you are too powerless to change the world, but while helping, you will certainly change the world for someone else.

Learn to Smile Often

A single smile can take you very far. When you are smiling everyone will respond positively. Kids will love you, dogs will love you, your neighbor will try to discover your secret, and even the bank teller might attempt to finish your trade faster. The secret behind every smile is that it blows negativity away. In the words of Louis Prima: When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles at you and when you’re laughing, the sun comes shining through. You won’t get negative people to love you however, but that’s the best part of smiling. They won’t like your positive attitude, so they’ll move away from your spotlight. You can use smiles as tools for natural selection. The positive people will adore you and love spending time with you, while pessimists, haters and misanthropes will slowly shy away from your enthusiastic vibes. When you have nothing to laugh about, you can finally give a good use of the Internet. Especially nowadays, when with Google Alerts, you can be notified about everything new coming out on the web. From jokes, funny quotes and pictures, to the latest comedy movies, series and documentaries, you will be the first one to know what’s in and popular. If you can learn to smile in difficult situations, you can proudly say you have succeeded even though you’ve failed.

Gratitude as a Tool for Happiness

Sometimes, we forget how blessed we actually are. The fact that you are sitting in your comfortable IKEA chair, reading this article, maybe sipping from your favorite cup full of Brazilian coffee, makes you luckier than 50 percent of the entire population on earth. There are people who don’t even know what the Internet is, work for pennies all day to grow your coffee beans, yet they may be happier than you. They may be even singing while they gather the beans in the field, while you have your head stuck between your knees because you can’t afford the latest BMW model. As a matter of fact, our modern conveniences and the availability of everything around us make us feel unhappy. We don’t feel grateful about anything small because everything we need is in hand reach. That fact alone should make you feel happy, because you don’t need to work too hard for anything, and you know that if you do - you will achieve anything you want. You have to find things to be grateful about. Comparing yourself with others and looking for your happiness in other people’s misery is not the way to do it. You don’t even need to believe in God to be grateful. You can be grateful to your own two hands for accomplishing everything you have in life. The more things you find to be grateful about, better things will appear, because gratefulness is a feeling that constantly multiplies.

Dust Yourself Off After Failures

So what if your marriage didn’t work. That doesn’t mean you won’t find another love and that you will spend your life alone. Maybe you haven’t got that promotion you have been hoping for. But there are always second, third and fourth chances to try to achieve something. Failures are there to tell us that we are doing something wrong. They are there to force us to change our course, our motivations, approach or attitude towards our goal. You may have picked the wrong partner, stopped communicating, spent too much time at work or cheated. There’s always a reasonable explanation for everything that is happening. You just need to open your eyes and look for it. Everyone who ever succeeded at something, failed at least a dozen times. If you keep trying, that means you haven’t lost yet. When you give up, then you can say you have failed. And choose your battles carefully. If you have very high goals, make sure you paved your way to them, otherwise you are just preparing yourself for another disappointment. But that’s just another way to learn, maybe the hard way, but it’s still a way. The important thing is to never stop trying. When the timing is right and you’ve learned to correct your mistakes, your final destination will be a very short trip. And you will realize that the happiness is always found along the way, not at the end of the road.

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