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This article is about my personal opinion on Apple's tablet, the iPad Mini. In this article I am going to explain specifications, and give feedback on my thoughts as I use it.

The iPad Mini is an amazing machine; it has a great camera, processor, and is able to have some of the most amazing applications on it. I bought my iPad Mini as an upgrade from my iPod 4th generation. I bought the iPad Mini since it was able to support iOS 7. I use my iPad Mini mostly for gaming but I have made power points using Keynote, and written articles for devtome using Pages. I am really pleased with the iPad Mini and have made a list of pros that I will go more specifically into.

  • Camera
  • Apps
  • i5 Processor And Speed Of iPad
  • Built In Apps
  • General Design

For those of you who know about the iPhones and the new versions of the iPod touch you know that the iSight camera is a big deal. With the ability to auto focus and record at amazing quality you can really use your device as your primary camera. With many features such as zooming lenses you can purchase separate from your device you can take so e of the best pictures. I have always thought it was funny to see people in public places with their iPads taking pictures. As I was visiting family members we all went to the aquarium. You would not believe how many people where taking pictures with their tablets; it looked so silly to me.

Until I bought my iPad I thought that it made no sense why someone would use his or her iPad as a camera. After buying the iPad Mini I have taken many pictures and have even done a mini photo-shoot of one of my pets, a Chinese Water Dragon. By searching iPad Mini photographs into Google you will see so e really high quality photos. The camera is just amazing. The only downside to the camera is since there is no flash you will get grainy pictures if not in amazing lighting. The back camera is 8 megapixels and the front camera is 1.2 megapixels. Face Time is great having such a clear camera. I would say the iPad Mini does an amazing job with the cameras.

The apps on the iPad Mini are outstanding. From games to photo editors there is not much you cannot do on the iPad Mini. Upon first setting up your iPad, Apple asks if you would like to download some great apps such as Pages, Keynote, and iPhoto. I would recommend getting these apps because they are really quite amazing and are free.

I have created multiple power point equivalents using Keynote and have made a few articles on my devtome page, including this review, with the help of Pages. Gaming on the iPad is also amazing. Games such as Kingdoms Of Camelot, Minecraft, and others are really mind blowing. The iPad Mini has amazing graphics and is able to feature simple games like Doodle Jump to more complex games like Real Racing 3. Apps on the iPad take full control of all of the iPads features. Apps have the ability to go into your photos and help you edit them and they can even control your Apple T.V. The apps on the iPad are some of the best, if not the best on any device from any company.

For those of you like me you probably have no clue what the i5 Processor is or what it does. We'll I can tell you what it does; it makes your iPad Mini really fast and powerful. Comparing my iPad Mini i5 to the iPod 4, i4 processor chip you can really tell the difference. Games that require a lot of RAM and processing such as Minecraft run so much smoothly on the iPad Mini. The iPad Mini and its i5 processor really make it the best tablet in my opinion on the market right now for its price. With the i5 you no longer have to suffer from constant app crashes and other problems seen with the i4 processor.

Built In Apps on the iPad Mini are also no surprise they are just great. Calendar, Clock, and Reminders allow you to never fall behind or out of schedule. iMessage and Face Time let you connect with friends and I have had no problem with them. Contacts is also great as it allows you to list out a ton of information while keeping it all organized. One problem I have with the built in apps is just there is no calculator. This is easily fixed buy just downloading a calculator app from the App Store. That is really the only thing I would add to the built in apps.

The over all design of the iPad Mini is also like everything else really well done. It fits perfectly in one hand and is super light. The screen is nice and large and I have had no problems with any thing such as design flaws. One thing that is great is the speakers are really nice. This makes watching movies on it good if you are out and about and do not have ear buds. One thing though that is really a matter of preference is the headphone jack is on the top of the iPad so sometimes the cable can get in the way. The iPad is super thin and light and can easily fit in a backpack or in a binder while still giving you the features of the full size iPads.

Overall I would recommend this product to a friend. There are so many other tablets but for the price and quality of the iPad Mini I really think it makes a good investment. If buying though you can get great cases and physical keyboards from Amazon, or Best Buy. I would suggest buying these if you are going to be using the iPad for work. If you are just using it to play around you can get a smart case from Apple, this case only protects the screen and does not really interfere with games as much as others. Thanks for reading this review and I hope I helped you in making your decision on purchasing an iPad Mini.

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