Restore the balance in your life

What is success? What is happiness? These are two of the most sought after goals that people strive for all over the world. But it means different things to different people. To some, success is having lots of money or fame, and to others it’s simply being able to raise their kids properly and maybe pay off their homes. It seems that the older generation did not strive for bag-loads of money but instead were quite content to live average lifestyles and in their minds, they believed they were both successful and happy. So it might be that success or happiness is just a state of mind? People become frustrated when they cannot fulfill their desires or achieve their goals and this causes unhappiness. One way of combating this is by playing a little gratitude game. Each day before going to bed, say thank you for at least 5 things that you either, experienced, saw, heard or just felt that day. You cannot use the same 5 things again so you must say thank you to 5 new things each day. You’ll notice that there’s always something to be grateful for and this will make you feel much better.

I believe that people should strive to find some balance in their busy lives. We’re running around like crazy people all day long, rushing to work in the morning, stuck in traffic… then working and stressing at the office till five, sitting in traffic again on your way home, then we have more duties to perform once we eventually get home not to mention still spend time with the kids etc. It’s CRAZY! We always have too little time for this and too little time for that but at the end of the day our lives are passing us by, and the lives of our loved ones. One day you’ll wake up and realize you’re old and haven’t done much with your life except run around like a mad person. For me the most important things are my partner, immediate family, close friends, health, money and spirituality. I think that these are the most important aspects to find balance in. If you can find a balance in these you can be happy and successful. Let’s discuss each of them now:


This is your life partner/wife/husband. The two of you must be close, loving, caring, committed to each other and be best friends. If you are living together you must have a good relationship, this is imperative. Enjoy each other’s company and do things together. This is the person you spend most of your time with so make it a happy time. Find balance…. make enough time for each other but don’t overdo it by forcing something onto the other party or always wanting thing done your way. Compromise.

-Family and friends

Your immediate family is also important in your life. Your mom, dad, sisters, brothers are all necessary in your life, you need them and they need you. Many families fall apart and have feuds and quarrels and end up never speaking to one another ever again. This will make you unhappy. Try to find balance…. Spend time with them, get together if possible, keep in touch with email, skype or one of the many technologies available today. Try to resolve old squabbles and forgive each other. Show them you love them and you’ll get the same back. Have a small group of close friends who you can talk to about troubles you may have and also to go out with and share good times. It’s better to have a small group of genuine, reliable friends than to have a large group of acquaintances who you think are your friends.


Look after your health. Your body must be healthy and strong to fight off illness or ageing. It will be very difficult to be happy if you have all kinds of ailments and problems burdening you everyday. Stay healthy, prevention is better than cure. Do some light exercise like walking or even just sweeping the front porch or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Get your heart rate up a bit. Try to eat healthy as far as possible, this will strengthen you whole body and immune system. When some asks you “how are you doing?” you can say with confidence “I feel great, I feel happy!” Find balance…. Don’t kill yourself with strenuous exercise or injure yourself, instead do light exercise that gets the blood flowing and puts you in a good mood.


Some say “money is the root of all evil” but I disagree. We all need money to do all kinds of things, in fact we cannot survive or provide for our families if we don’t have money, so I say…. Go get that money! Accumulate large amounts (legally of course!). This can seem quite daunting if you don’t know much about making your own money but there are tons of books out there to put you on the right track. My personal favorite author on this topic is Robert Kyosaki. I read many of his books and he tells you how to start moving in the right direction. Money is not evil, it’s what you do with it that makes it evil. If you do good with it, how can money be a bad thing? Money is a necessity and I believe you need enough of it to be able to enjoy your life and be happy. A lack of money will cause problems in your life, marriage and in your household resulting in unhappiness. Find balance…. Don’t make money your main goal, don’t obsess over it. You must make generous amounts of it but don’t neglect the other things (partner, family/friends, health, spirituality)


Have a good relationship with GOD. Religion is important as well. You need inner spiritual strength and inner peace to be able to achieve happiness. Many religions talk of a higher power and I believe we’re all praying to the same higher power or GOD, just there are many different versions, hence different religions. Being at peace is an important emotion. You will be able to achieve happiness in your life and household if you and your family go to church and praise together. You will be blessed. Find balance…. Again, try not to overdo one thing and neglect the other 4 things I mentioned earlier, keep a balance. Although, I don’t think that too much praising can do any harm!

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