Recharge Your Psychic Energy

Doctor Is Cebu Councilor

Once I was asked to name one personal trait I possessed which I liked about myself. Without much hesitation I thought of my optimism, my tendency to see the brighter side of things.

Thus, when I discovered mind control, it was confirmation of what I had already been practicing in my own fashion.

Definitely, the mind method experience taught me the methodology. Therefore its application in my day-to-day life comes naturally.

A very concrete example of this was my winning a seat in the Sangguniang Panlungsod of Cebu City. Everyone knows that I am not a traditional politician. So friends and relatives were anxious about my chance of being elected. What else to do to ensure my election seemed to bother them a lot.

Amazingly, this did not seem to worry me much. I continually practiced visualization through the Mirror of the Mind. I visualized myself to be the only woman in the city council! Lo and behold, after the elections my transformation from Dra. Fe Mantua-Ruiz to Honorable Councilor Fe Mantua-Ruiz, M.D. did not come as a total surprise. Fe Mantua-Ruiz

Recharge Your Psychic Energy

You will agree that we are living in a time of great changes and continuing upheavals. On a day to day basis, we are subject to innumerable stressors and tension that easily sap our energy: the brown-outs, pollutions, and other irritants that trigger and surface our remaining negativities. We need to recharge and re-energize ourselves to be equal to these and possibly, more challenges.

For this reason, I have invited Ken to present the two-day advanced mind training seminar to help you get better and more consistent results with basic mind techniques.

Ken has years of experience with mind training and has been teaching them around the world. He commands a wealth of information and practical know-how. He was chosen to present the mind training seminars. He also serves on the staff of the new Instructors' Training Program.

I met Ken and has known him to be continually updated on the latest research in the mind development field and he integrates positive, beneficial changes into his seminars and teaching. We were together attend the Global Intuition Network Conference. He is continually focused on aiding the graduates in making things work better and better. Some of his themes that thread through the seminar are: “I know mind training works, now, how can I make it work even better? Why don't I always get the results I want?” and his major goal is to aid you in overcoming blocks that may be holding you back. The mind training seminar is designed as an advanced program with advanced techniques beyond the basic. It supplies you with more tools to overcome any resistance or blocks that may deter you from achieving your goals.

Whether it's been years since you attended a mind training seminar or are a recent graduate, whether you've been through the seminar or not, there is a lot of new and continuous updates and advances made in the field of “how the human being functions.” Since the faculties of the mind are our tools for change and our means of getting to where it is we want to go in life and how we want to experience it, your attendance at the seminar will be well-worth your time and investment.

Ken will also be conducting a workshop on Power Learning, a dynamic blending of some of the most innovative learning techniques - such as relaxation, creative imaging and speed reading. Judy Qoa

Passing The Toughest Bar

My attendance at the mind technique seminar was the graduation gift of my boss, together with his wife, lawyer Mercy Pine of the Development Bank of the Philippines. It was a gift meant to help me in taking the bar examinations. I came to a mind technique review class to imbibe the positivist attitude of the group and to negate the anxiety and stress before I took the first set of tests the following day.

Naturally I programmed and prayed that I would pass the bar with flying colors. Three times a day for at least fifteen minutes per session, I programmed using the Mirror of the Mind. My programming sessions, incidentally, coincide with the times I pray to God for I felt more intimately connected with the Highest Intelligence whenever I pray at the Alpha level.

Like a movie I saw in my white frame, my name printed in the newspapers' list of successful bar examinees. The newspapers bore the date April even though the general perception was that the results would be released in February. I also saw myself being congratulated by my family and friends. I actually heard people say, “Congratulations for passing the bar exam” and similar phrases. I felt joy with those congratulatory greetings. I heard myself responding, “Thank you, God has been good to me,” “God is so good, praise God” and other similar statements. I saw myself shaking hands with people, especially the chief justice of the Supreme Court. And throughout the programming, I showered the white frames with white light. I locked the feeling of accomplishment with the three-finger technique. Then, I ended my prayers full of expectancy that God would grant my prayers.

In so practicing going to level one, I realized that programming was helping me go through the daily challenges towards my goal. I was always renewed and refreshed after each meditation, enabling me to withstand the pressures of reviewing for the bar for six straight months. Thus, while everybody was frantically reading and discussing books and legal matters, I was relaxed. Going to my Alpha level also helped me through the anxiety of waiting for the next seven months from the time I took the bar until the results were released, seven months when I could do nothing but pray and program at level one.

Finally, the results were released in April, as I had visualized. I saw my name in the newspapers the following day just as I had seen it on my mental screen. People were congratulating me just as they had done in my mental screen. In fact, the first news that I passed the bar examination came when I was meditating. I passed the bar with an average of 81.65%. This bar examination was the hardest since 1913 in terms of the percentage of those who passed. The passing percentage was 17.25%. I was even congratulated by the chief justice himself, as visualized, when I met him at a piano recital.

My prayers were answered through my programming. And God's answer was “yes”. God is so good. Praise God. I am not only lucky, I am blessed.

I am writing this using the very same fountain pen I had used during the bar examination. This pen shall forever be reserved for the most special and most important writing occasions of my life. I am also using the last pages of writing paper I bought for my review. Incidentally, tonight is the eve of my oath taking as a lawyer. This completes the cycle of things. Angel Gatmaitan

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