Queen Silvia of Sweden

Queen Silvia of Sweden is the wife of King Carl Gustaf of Sweden.


Her maiden name was Silvia Renate Sommerlath, and she was born in Heidelberg, which was West Germany at the time, on December 23rd 1943. Her father Walter Sommerlath was German and her mother Alice Soares de Toledo was Brazilian. Silvia spent her early childhood in Brazil - her family lived in Sao Paulo from 1947 to 1957. They returned to Germany in 1957 and Silvia studied languages in Munich.

Marriage to Carl Gustaf


Silvia Sommerlath met Carl Gustaf of Sweden at the Munich Olynpics in 1972. Because of her language skills, she was an official hostess at the Olympics, and Prince Carl Gustaf is said to have spotted her through his binoculars after which he asked her out.

Carl Gustaf was crowned King of Sweden in 1973 and married Silvia in 1976 (the pop group ABBA performed Dancing Queen at the party the night before the wedding). Here is a Youtube clip of the wedding footage. They have three children -Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine.


Though Silvia has been a popular Queen in Sweden there have been a number of controversies that have erupted while she has been Queen Consort.

Plastic Surgery


There has been much comment about the facelifts and plastic surgery Queen Silvia has undergone as she has aged, with one rumour that she had a facelift in Brazil in 2007. Each facelift has made the corners of her mouth turn upwards, so the cruel have labeled her “The Joker”.

Her Husband's Infideliy

In 2010 a book was published: Carl XVI Gustaf – Den Motvillige Monarken (Carl Gustaf - The Reluctant Monarch), which spilled the beans about his taste for orgies, prostitutes, sex parties and strip clubs. Worse, the book detailed how a Serbian gangster Mille Markovic, had hosted many of the parties for the King, in a club that was beneath the National Police Department.

The King tacitly admitted it, making a statement that “I have spoken with my family and the Queen and we choose to turn the page and move forward because, as I understand, these are things that happened a long time ago”.

Queen Silvia's response has been silence.

Queen Silvia's Nazi Past

In 2010, the Swedish press became interested in German state papers, which had been released in 2002 and which mentioned Queen Silvia's father, Walther Sommerlath. There had been rumors at the time of the Queen's wedding in 1976 that her father had been a Nazi, but the official German state papers were the first concrete proof.

It turned out that Walther Sommerlath had joined the Nazi party in 1934, just after the Nazi's had won 44% in the German general elections the year before and had taken control of the government.

The Nazis had a policy of not allowing Jewish people to own businesses (the Aryanisation policy), and they were forced to sell their commercial assets at knock-down prices. Walther Sommerlath took advantage of this, obtaining a factory, Wechsler & Hennig from a Jewish man called Efim Wechsler in 1939. Source.

Queen Silvia's response was to make a statement saying “Of course The Queen is sorry about her father becoming a member of the National Socialist Party in 1934. The Queen first got knowledge of his membership in adulthood, and she never had the opportunity to discuss this with her father.” She initially denied that her father had taken the factory from it's Jewish owners, but later changed her story to say that her father had “helped” the Jewish family by buying their factory for a deep discount as this helped the Jewish family to emigrate to Brazil.

Under Walther Sommerlath's control, the factory made armaments for the Nazis which was used against the Allies.

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