– Bitcoin Dice Platform Generates Over $15 Million USD of Turnover In First Three Months of Operation

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The emerging Bitcoin gaming industry can be divided into two categories: the quick and the dead. A recent redesign of has made the platform the quickest online casino dedicated to digital currency.

Prior to launching PrimeDice, founding partner Stunna was baffled by how slow SatoshiDice was, “You have to wait for a confirmation on every bet.” Stunna and his partners saw an opportunity and pounced. They launched PrimeDice, which takes no confirmation deposits, on May 18, 2013.

The site was registering 100,000 bets per day in the beginning. An overhaul, which allows gamblers to bet an unlimited number of rolls, has resulted in a tenfold increase in daily bets.

Multilingual PrimeDice operates in English, Chinese (simplified), German, Spanish, French and Italian for players using more than 50,000 registered accounts. At some point in the near future, PrimeDice will offer blackjack, roulette, slots and 0% house edge PVP.

At its inception, PrimeDice took in approximately 1000+ bitcoins worth of wagers per day ($120,000). The site’s streamlined redesign has boosted daily totals to 3000 – 4000 bitcoins bet per day.

In addition to automated rolling, Stunna attributes PrimeDice incredible acceleration to a number of features, “We offer the lowest house edge (1%) We also have the highest paying bitcoin faucet (0.0001 per minute). PrimeDice is provably fair; all bets are verifiable.”

Stunna is proud of PrimeDice simplicity, “Our site is the most intuitive in the world when it comes to gambling bitcoins.” It’s also one of, or perhaps the least invasive, “Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t require gamblers to register user names and passwords. Just enter a name and you can make deposits immediately.”

“Some sites even require you to give them an email address,” says the perplexed Stunna. While it’s true that in space no one can hear you scream, in cyberspace the NSA can pick up even the faintest whisper, and in the post-Snowden world that’s, “an absolute turnoff to Bitcoin users who are very concerned about their privacy,” quips Stunna.

PrimeDice has experienced phenomenal growth since launch – with over 100,000 Bitcoin having been wagered since May 2013. At current exchange rates this equates to over $15 Million USD of turnover for the online Bitcon casino over this three month period.

The largest potential black hole on the horizon for the global Bitcoin gambling industry is compliance, according to Stunna. “Bitcoin casinos will have to work with governments throughout the world to reach compliance.” He predicts that online gambling, “will return, in full force, within the next five years, to all of the USA.”

Should Stunna’s prediction come true, and should the US government accept Bitcoin as ‘real money’, Stunna says that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that Bitcoin online gaming platforms will triumph over space shuttle era online casinos, “because they offer significant advantages.”

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