Payday: The Heist

payday.jpg Payday: The Heist is a first-person Shooter, co-operative survival game by Overkill Software, published by Sony Entertainment. The game is available for the PC, Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 in October 20, 2011. The game can be downloaded from Steam in the US and UK. The game ran on a modified version of Diesel engine. According to the developers of Payday: The Heist, the game was based off the movies “Heat” and “Die Hard”.


The gameplay is revolved around a first person ‘Left 4 Dead’ style gameplay, where 4 players are dependant on teamwork to survive through endless waves of the police force and complete tasks throughout the mission. The player can never die, but only to become immobile (with the option to switch to a secondary and pick off any hostiles around him/her before he/she is completely on the ground), thus requiring the help of a teammate to help the him/her back up. The game includes a leveling up system in which they can choose different paths to take (eventually maxing them all) to improve specific types of weapons, skills and armors. Players can go on different heists, which are actually maps with a set of different objectives and mechanics:

  • Heist 1: First World Bank - This heist is the first (and mostly advertised) in the game and is a complete reference to the 1995 movie, “Heat”. The players spawn outside of the 'First World Bank', hence the name of the heist. Players will have to rob a bank by first finding the bank manager with the keycard, getting the drill and thermal compound found within a locked room. They must place a drill on the gate of the interior vault and wait while they access a laptop to erase security footage. Then, thermal compound is placed right above the vault, exposing a room with multiple stashes of money for the players to bag. They then must escape by placing C4 charges against a wall to exit through the other building, ending the heist.
  • Heist 2: Heat Street - This heist focuses on the crew after a jewelry store raid, only to be double crossed by their driver. The players then must catch up with the vehicle which has crashed while avoiding gunfire out on the streets. After they catch up, the players force the traitor out of the vehicle by heating it up with fire, and escorting him to an escape helicopter thus ending the heist.
  • Heist 3: Panic Room - This heist involves on the team making a fake drug deal with a group of gangsters. Their intel shows that they keep a heavily secured safe room full of cocaine and money, so the team creates a deal with the gangsters in order to get access into their base. The plan is executed by having multiple C4 charges placed around the corners of the safe room, and then a helicopter picks it up. The team then escape through the sewers, ending the heist.
  • Heist 4: Green Bridge - This heist calls for a prison break. A gang makes a deal with the team to have one of their members broken out of prison. The heist starts by showing the team blowing up the bridge with C4 where the prison convoy was traveling across. The team now has to drill the correct truck that contains the target, and they have to escort him to a seat with a built in Fulton Recovery System. A pickup airplane then hooks onto the balloon and the heist is completed by escaping.
  • Heist 5: Diamond Heist - This heist involves in the team robbing a vault full of jewelry in the 'Garnet Group's Skyscraper'. This mission is described as the hardest heist, but easily done if players in the team are disciplined in stealth. The first objective is to hack into the security system, then the group will focus onto the vault. There's a random chance that their codes to the vault gained from prior of the mission will work or not. If it does not work, the team would have to find the CFO of the company and escort him to bain for interrogation. There's a chance that the CEO will not accept the trade of the CFO's life for the codes, so the team will have to find his son. After escorting and interrogation, the team can finally access the vault, and then escape via a helicopter.
  • Heist 6: Slaughterhouse - This heist focuses on the group attempting to rob an armored convoy transporting bars of solid gold. The team ambushes the convoy with a bulldozer from a rooftop, only the find that the convoy has hit into a slaughterhouse nearby. After drilling the safes, the team bags up the gold and prepares to escape. A smokescreen is needed to hide the tracks of their escape route, so they light up a fire using gas canisters around the area. A crane moves a cargo box to reveal the escape route and then the heist ends there.

Modding Controversy

Overkill developers has stated that Payday is unmoddable due to their custom game engine. However, the community quickly found tools to unpack their texture files and made multiple, hilarious mods showing off in youtube videos.


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