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Here I present my examples of bad parenting. If you do not these things, you will be a fine parent.

1. Control your child, but slowly release your reins until they are about 17 or 18 and about to go to college. Some parents, known as “helicopter parents” follow their children all the way out to college. If you don't control them, they will end up doing bad things and committing crimes. Once they reach the age of maturity, around 18, let them run free. It is their responsibility to control themselves and their actions will reflect how well of a parent you were. Children who are controlled without seeming to be controlled are the best behaved and happiest children.

2. Be a role model and set and example for your children. Most childrens' role models are their parents or grandparents, and that should be your goal too. Spend time with your children, go to ball games, play catch, et cetera. When your children ask you questions, tell them to try and find the answer themselves and only return when they are absolutely sure that they cannot find the answer. This will teach them independence. Like FinShaggy said “guide and teach your [children] when possible,” but do not indulge them and give them everything which they ask. This will result in spoiled and ungrateful children.

3. Make your children do sports and extracurriculars when they are young. Even if they don't like it, make them continue doing it for at least three years. If they don't like it, you may let them quit, but by the end of the three years they will probably love whatever activity it was. Also, they will be more used to them and will be more willing to devote time to them in high school, which is when they matter most.

4. Make sure you devote your time to making sure your child is happy. Happy children are the best children!

Comment to FinShaggy: (Drugs)

You should teach your children to never use drugs, smoke, or commit crimes (which drugs falls under). Drugs are harmful, destructive, and may kill you. Smoking will cause your child's life to end early and crime will put them behind bars for their whole life. Do you really want the person you spent so much time and energy on to waste his or her life in prison, or to die early? I think not.

To FinShaggy: Luckily you are in Colorado…

FinShaggy's Response

It is better to let your kid smoke weed at home, than to have them shoot heroin in a friends car.

It is better that they know weed is fairly safe, and that trip drugs can be used properly, than to have them think everything is dangerous, smoke 1 cigarette, and decide meth is ok.

(Ex: Iboga can be used in the treatment of almost any addiction, and ayahuasca has been used to cure cancer, there are many mental reasons a person might want to use something like this as well)

And, it is better to find a natural alkaloid that grows in nature and is legal to use in america (like Kava Kava, etc) than it is to give a kid DRUGS like amphetamine (which is what is prescribed for ADD, except when it's an amphetamine alternative)

So, in conclusion. YES, it is good to teach your kid not to do drugs, but it is also good to make sure they are properly educated about them.


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