Paper Thin Flash Drive

Does it bother you having to carry around flash drives? Do you end up using all your storage on your device? Well this can easily be solved with Datastickies! Datastickies a new and brilliant product! Its a literally paper thin flash drive! All you have to do it put it against your monitor and BAM; your flash drive will show up! This is such an amazing idea and can be used in so many situations. You could easily attach them to your phone, wallet, wall, and so much more to keep around instead of having to use a flash drive! Using this product would be amazing for people with big businesses because all you have to be connect your flash drive and all of the information pops up! And you can easily store these and write on them to know what they are used for! The outside of the stickie will even light up when transferring data to know that it is in use!

They say that the stickies won't leave marks behind and uses special pressure-sensitive. This amazing idea can be used with so many situations and is going to be new thing of the future! Imagine having to write up a report and easily saving to Data Sticky and holding onto it in anything to keep it safe then later just connecting to a computer and there it will show up that simple. The only problem is them being that thin can be easy to lose. But that’s why there are accessories that you can buy to hold them all! This is such a huge concept and will be a thing of the future to easily be able to carry huge files on such a tiny thing! Everyone hates having to carry around a flash drive. They’re so old and annoying that you do not want to carry around. But with this it wouldn't be a problem at all because all you need to do stick it to something and it will stay!

These products have such a beautiful design and would be so easy and affordable to carry around with you wherever you go. Nowadays with everyone having their phones on them all they have to do is store these behind their phone cases and then easily take them out and use them! This would take care of so much storage being used on your computer! This is such an ingenious idea and will help so many people like businessmen who are always trying to move files around and put them where they are supposed to be. There are many things like this like a pen drive so then you could use it as a pen too but this is by far the best idea of them all because it’s so easy! This product is made from grapheme. This amazing high tech new material is a flat monolayer of carbon atoms that are really tightly packed onto the super thin layer with a minimum thickness of one atom!!! This amazing thin grapheme is even able to carry huge volumes of data; this is what is going to make this product the thing of the future.

That is so amazing that it can be a minimum of just one atom thick! The data sticks also are really cool because they come in many colors and styles to organize all of yours. It’s so easy that you can even write on the top surface. They also aren’t easily lost because they are stuck down. Hopefully dataSTICKIES will be as amazing as they seem to be and have also already won a reward for it. This product is amazing and will be looking into the future for more designs to be as high tech as it can be. Sadly, this amazing product cannot be bought yet because it is still being developed to be the best it can be. So just hold onto your seat because this innovating product will soon be able to get to you in the near future. They just need to work out some kinks to make it as amazing as it is said to be. So in the future, this is really something that will be used.

No more flash drives or running out of storage. These will solve so many problems. This thing of the future will really change how things work because this is something everyone is going to want to have and everyone will be able to exchange with these! Hopefully this will be a huge success but from the way it’s looking I bet it will. The makers of this are very successful and very smart people for making this innovating product for the people. This is something that will be super easy to carry around and can hold from holiday picture to financial work to a presentation! But the beautiful thing is that once everyone starts using this product, it will change to future because having everyone use dataSTICKIES will make everything so much easier by sharing files.

But for the first couple years after it comes out it might end up being a little bit of a problems because not maybe people are going to be using it and will end up not being able to share/trade them with others. But that’s okay. Fear not future because this is going to be a huge success and change the way that people store their data and everything into paper thin stickies. This beautiful designs will be so easy to use and will be a much better idea than only using flash drives because flash drives are annoying to carry around but with these you could save so much more and so much faster for so much thinner! So just hold on for a little bit because this is a guaranteed idea that is going to change everything so do not be surprised if in 20 years this is what everyone is going to be using. These are the kind of ideas that are innovating and are going to change the future and make such a great impact on the future because everyone is going to want to make paper thin things now! It was also very smart to use grapheme because that’s super light and so powerful for so little!

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