iPad 2 and the Elonex touchpad

Owning the iPad 2 may make you feel awesome. What about the people who can’t afford high tech equipment? They have to find alternatives.

The iPad 2 and one of its competitors, which recently grabbed my attention when I was in Toys R Us. It’s called the Elonex eTouch. I bought it for my girlfriend but I had a play around on it to set it up before wrapping.

Even though the iPad 2 is a nice, slim and sleek device, which has many capabilities, the eTouch can do almost the same. Firstly apple brought HD to the iPad 2. This brings immense graphics to the iPad 2 making the thousands of applications and games from the Apple App Store much better, brighter and crispier in texture on the screen. More detail can be seen. Although the entire high tech screen has become an improvement, the eTouch has a normal standard screen. Some people may still like that and with it being normal, less time is needed to make images HD for the games from the Android Market. The iPad 2 has a 9.7inch screen while the eTouch has a 7inch screen. But why do you need a big screen? I’m sure all the stuff you can do on 9.7” is the same as 7”.

With the Apple iPad 2, it’s fast as it comes with a dual core processor operating at 1GHz per core. That’s more than you’d ever need on a tablet, which is pointless in my opinion. The same thing loads no matter if it’s fast or not. While the iPad 2 still has all that hardware, the Elonex eTouch comes with a 1GHz processor, which I would say is recommended. It’s going to be fast and reliable for what you need to do and then with a smaller speed it also saves battery.

Both devices contain WiFi. This means that you can access the Internet through a router or any wireless access point. But the iPad 2 models can come with WiFi and 3G but this option normally costs extra. 3G iPad 2 means that you can use a sim card and use the Internet on the providing you got enough credit on your account. Then it’s basically a big phone, which doesn’t make or receive calls or texts. The eTouch can do the same as the iPad 2. It also has WiFi but unfortunately, there are no 3G versions.

Battery life has 10 hours of Internet usage on the iPad 2, which is amazing. While on the eTouch it features 3.5 hours.

Elonex uses Google Android operating system to run the device. This is actually a very stylish and neat design. The interface is exactly what you want. If you want to do something, you just simply tap it. On the other hand, the iPad 2 features one of the most advanced operating system for devices made by Apple. It’s called iOS. These are pretty nifty designed and easy to use. Even a 7 year old can use it.

On the iPad 2, Apple includes iMessaging software with the iOS5 update. This enables you to send and receive messages for free over 3G or WiFi to and other device made by Apple. The eTouch doesn’t have any of these features. Instead it has open development where people can get apps for free on the Android market place; free and paid. Apple uses the App store for its games and apps for everyone to download. The iPad retails between £399-£ 699, while the Elonex eTouch ranges between £99.99-£149.99 in Toys R Us which is the best deal I have ever seen for an alternative.

Overall, in my opinion I would rather get the Elonex eTouch if I was on a budget and would like to use it for education. There is no need for all the technology in the iPad 2, as not everyone will make use of it. The android store is all I need for applications. And it’s a quarter of the iPad 2 price.

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