Outdoor Camping Essentials - The Coffee Pot!

coffeepercolator.jpgA good camp coffee pot – a percolator you can use over the campfire – if you don't have one – you might be in trouble.

I was at a family reunion a few years ago that was held at a Christian camp up in the mountains – log cabins, snow on the ground – deer wandering around… and each morning around 6-7am, about a dozen guys would gather in the main meeting room for our morning cup of coffee. One morning, we all gather together, and the coffee machine was loaded up, and we turned it on… and nothing happened.

We'd lost electricity.

We still had gas stoves working… and we ended up boiling water to make instant coffee… but as everyone knows, “instant coffee” isn't really coffee. No-one had an old-style camp coffee percolator with them. Now, true, it wasn't really camping that we were doing… no-one was pitching tents, or cooking over a campfire – but still – not being able to make coffee with a camp coffee pot really put a damper on the enjoyment that morning.

I'm not a big fan of instant coffee – it's something I can easily live the rest of my life without. How 'bout you? So if you're heading out camping, whether hiking or RV'ing – having an old style camp coffee percolator that you can sit over the campfire and make real coffee is something you shouldn't ignore.

I rather suspect that most people younger than I (and I'm in my 50′s) have never even seen an old-style camp coffee percolator, let alone used one. Times, they are a changing… I was speaking to a young guy in his twenties the other day, and he commented that he didn't know anyone his age that had a regular phone at their house – everyone used cell phones. So society moves on – and changes are everywhere – but the old-fashioned coffee percolator still hasn't been replaced at the campfire by anything better. Certainly not by instant coffee.

Aluminum or Stainless Steel?

Now, just a thought when looking for a good camp coffee pot – I've seen too much research about the dangers of aluminum and links to Alzheimer's disease, among others. I don't necessarily accept the dire warnings you see, but if a stainless steel camping coffee pot works as well as an aluminum one, why risk your health? Some readers may feel it's a risk you're willing to take, others will not. Just a thought to keep in mind when you look around for a good outdoor camp coffee pot.

The only real advantage, in my mind, that aluminum will have over stainless steel is that the camp coffee pot made out of aluminum will be a lighter load to carry than the one made out of stainless steel. But the only outdoor campers that will be concerned with this factor would be those of you who hike to your campground – and most hikers don't need an 8 cup, 12 cup, or 20 cup camping coffee percolator. But only you can be the ultimate judge of which type of outdoor camp coffee pot you prefer.

But going out to a campsite without a coffee percolator - that's a recipe for disaster! :-)

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