The OTdemo Open Transactions server is, like the Digitalis Open Transactions server, hosted by Digitalis Data Services of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on the planet known as Earth.

It is an “anyone can issue assets” server intended for test, demo, and educational purposes with no warrant of fitness or suitability for any particular purpose.

It is hoped it will also be useful to people who are looking into setting up assets on an Open Transactions server but who are not ready to make the leap to running a server of their own without first prototyping and exploring how exactly such a setup would work.

Since anyone can issue any assets there, such being the default configuration of Open Transactions servers, obviously the potential exists for illegal, unregistered, and or scam assets to be created there.

Inasmuch as Digitalis Data Services is not a law firm, and trolls abound making all kinds of wild and irresponsible accusations in the bitcoin community, Digitalis Data Services cannot be expected to determine whether or not any given asset created there is or is not illegal or in violation of some jurisdictions' licensing or regulating rules and so on, thus to distinguish trolls from geniune concerns it is hoped that genuine concerns will be accompanied by a court ordered takedown notice or something along those lines that will make it clear, from an authoritative source, that the asset actually is problematic and not merely a target of trolls.

The server was set up on Sunday the 7th of October 2012; its server contract was placed online as the file OTdemoserver.otc both as a standalone file and as an inclusion in the digitalis-assets.tgz archive at

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