Of Happiness

This essay is a work in progress.

Of happiness.

Do it; take the day off, be late with your rent and enjoy the larger meal. You will be the richer for it, I guarantee you. For in this life, as we all have come to understand, either by listening to our parents, or reading or hearing about it, or coming into contact with the sheer truth alone; it is a fact that happiness is fleeting. But you can prolong it, you can remember it, and you can do it justice by seeking it once more.

It is only through will alone that we can come into understanding of happiness, because that which brings it about is either subtly, or greatly different for each individual – this is to say that one needs to have understanding, first hand; the qualia of such an experience must be fully understood to truly maximise ones happiness. Of course, this is impossible. We are all too enchanted with the moment of happiness, forgetting how much we need it almost as soon as it comes to touch us.

Sometimes happiness eludes us for want of money, or love, or some other transient thing we hold too dearly too our hearts; is this because we are chasing happiness through the familiar, the lofty, and everything in between? Or is it because we simply are obsessed with novelty, pushing ourselves from pillar to post to taste that which we know we cannot keep – perhaps this cycle can be witnessed the simplest in those who continuously eat food in an effort to quench their own feelings of inadequacy. So how do we wean ourselves from the womb of novelty? Surely we should, it is all too eager to expel us from it's comforting prescence once the money, the time, or the feeling itself has gone. If the unconscious mind truly is aware, surely this is a sign of how stubborn our active consciousness is when it comes to attempting to forget the more painful experiences we have had to weather?

Many would argue here that happiness as one experiences it is relative, and the joys one can live through whilst being either overly subject to nature, or relatively unscathed by it, are largely all the same.


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