Of Divination, I

This is a short essay, complete in itself, that I intend to commit to a series. It is esoteric by nature.

Of Divination, I

I feel that the experience, as well as the nature of mans more divine experiences are transient for many reasons. As a result, wholly it falls to us to explain as to why, to ask, where is my share of the heavens in this? – This is only a natural reaction. Our consciousness is fed unconscious cues, which in turn are emanations of the heavens, from the nearest heaven into what could be called the 'prime reality'.

I seek not to trek backwards and forwards explaining all my terms in great detail – this essay or series of essays is called divination and I believe it is nothing small to ask of the reader to infer a little, to interpret. I know that if the work is being understood the divination of these terms will be inferred by your mind alone over time. A most natural understanding can be gained in such a manner.

Now then, what is the source of things? Does it not require consciousness to originate? – Here, with consciousness meaning the ability to be aware of something. I ask these questions because I grow weary of hearing scientists compare humans to puddles when we become conscious of our stature compared to that which we observe.

I posit that the source of things is consciousness once again – which includes what has been referred to as the unconscious, here; something that in it's behaviour appears to be more of an altered consciousness, or inner consciousness, and the manifestations thereof vibrate through the metaphysics of that which we create, or engender. For example, the source of Marxism is Marx, and we understand how to reflect or show, or even divine divine Marxism through his works, his utterances, his positions, beliefs and ideals. Is it too far to say that man may be able to perceive a thing beyond his own sensory grasp? I cannot touch my logos, but I am aware of it all the same; as such, the underlying holism of the metaphysical structures within our minds may point to a holism between the mind and it's states.

Forgive me my suppositions, I am earnestly trying to reveal a thing only poked at insofar, the wider unseen order and chaos of things often deemed impenetrable in our time. For too long has man angered God by failing to do the truth justice. In an aphorism, we are the children in the swimming pool; afraid to venture into the deep end, for our times belie the fearsome waves of truth we may have to face.

Yet, men have ventured into this deep end, some by choice, others merely attempting investigation were at once, swept by hidden currents or breaking waves into the heart of the thing, the great system we have joined and will eventually shape. I express magnanimities here for a reason, to emphasise how easy it is to be swept up into the great cosmic dream of humanity, only to forget this great zeal comes from a desire to stop the pathetic undulation, the time we live in, the wounds of the suffering.

What then does that have to do with divination? It is why we are largely incapable of such a feat.


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