Ode to a Songstress

An angel’s voice did float across the tavern’s dirty floor
It held me like a velvet glove as I dripped through the door
The night was dark and stormy – there’s a start for every tale! –
But when I saw that angel my wet skin turned hot and pale
I couldn’t hope to say it, to explain it to my peers,
Nor could I quite convince myself just WHY I had these fears
But for some reason or other I was strongly drawn to her
Whether for her voice celestial, or her innocent allure
For her beauty was exceeded only by her perfect voice
I would hold her for eternity, if I but had the choice
But in holding her, I’d own her, make a slave out of a dove,
And all the while I’d loudly boast of my unselfish love
So I watch her from a distance with my beady little eyes
Spinning fantasies for only me, consisting of all lies
I create the perfect couple, fresh from my contorted brain,
And we live in some Utopia and never see the rain
And our teeth are mostly perfect, except one that wears a crown,
And our words are smart and pithy, and we never wear a frown,
And we move with grace and stylishness, and have a perfect nose,
And we’re dressed in highest fashion, from our heads down to our toes
And we know enough to discuss stuff without the use of words
And we soar together in the night like two life-mated birds,
And we hold hands in the sunshine, and we love by candlelight,
And we never have an argument, and every thing's all right
And the passersby do all decry that we’re the perfect pair,
And we have that perfect skin tone and that perfect silken hair,
And we cause the other couples to look down and curse their fate,
‘Cause they’ll never be as close as we – their envy turns to hate
But we laugh at their poor antics as we dance throughout our life
Doesn’t matter if we live in sin or as husband and wife
The important thing that we do find throughout our loving days
Is the knowledge that we please each other in so many ways
We embrace each other warmly as to slumber we do drift
Waking up occasionally to bestow a kissing gift
The morning sun finds us together, spooned as lovers do,
As we slowly waken to the day and whisper “I love you”
We break our fast with champagne that is chilled and toast with eggs
And you spill some Worcestershire sauce as I tickle your legs
And my cappuccino mustache causes foam on both our lips
And you sigh a special secret as I stroke with fingertips
Then I waken from my daydream with a quick and violent start
And my skin is warm and clammy, and I feel my pulsing heart
And I wish a wish upon a star so very far away
That, for just one tiny second, she would turn her head my way
When she looks in my direction it’s a moment bittersweet
And I feel a flood of feelings and a wave of intense heat
At a loss for words, I tilt my head and grin most boyishly
As I walk away I pray you always remain free of me
For the fantasy will always be much better than the real
A pairing of two mated souls would make my poor heart heal
But I’m destined to be lonely, there's no time to stop and visit
And you might declare “Hey, that’s not fair!” – but then, life isn’t, is it?


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