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Nike Sport Watch Review

Are you interested in upping your game in running? Well something that you could do that with is a running watch. Many professional runners and any runner will like to use running watches he's a contractor distances their speed and heart rate. So that is why Nike made their own type of sports watch. The Nike sports watch was huge and everyone got it when it first came out. This is because Nike has not made any products like this and Nike is a big major company that is known for making good quality products. I first bought the product hoping that it would be great and it would be everything that it said it was too big. Want to try it out it's myself. To make you watch is pretty cool because it has a big screen and you were able to track your distance speed and everything but it's not that accurate. When I got this watch I was hoping to be dead point on accuracy because it was my first sports watch that had a GPS house hoping that it would be exactly like I thought it but then later realizing that it's not that accurate.

He can't blame Nike there's new GPS watch that is going to be pinpoint accurate but that's what I thought they were to be when I realize I was wrong. But it still didn't watch it has its great big screen and can tell you everything about your run and how far you going it's highly motivating and something that's great to have on you. In my opinion I think it's very motivating to have sports watches on you because it can track of how you're going you can make goals this Nike watch. My favorite part about the Nike watches that you can plug it into your computer and monitor your run and see where you ran and what you're doing at that certain place. It's really cool also because you couldn't track how good you're going during that run anything put in notes to kill back in time and see how you're doing on the Nike website when you plug in your watch. There are some really cool features on the watch like you could just make it a normal watching just use it around or you could turn it into your sports watch which is pretty cool it's nice that has the GPS and the GPS is not bad but it isn't pinpoint accurate. It's nice to watch just short runs is a battery can't last you that long it will usually lasts about 5 to 6 hours. That is not bad. Competitors have longer-lasting watches. What is still very nice and really call you around.

I really liked using the Nike watch especially because of their website. All you have to do is pull you watching to your computer and then it will pop up the Nike downloaded app that you download it onto your computer and it will show you your run and everything. Also make a naked website to try to go a certain distance piece or something. And it's really nice of his is really motivating the way that they do that. This is a really nice consumer product because it's something that everyone wanted because Nike is a big company and very trusted so everyone's going to want to go to Nike watches said of other competitor watches. But the problem is that Nikki is new to this GPS system of sports watches so their accuracy is not that well and their software isn't that great when I first bought it when I first came out they were a lot of the updates because a lot of the bugs were in it and a lot of failures. But over time it turned to be better and better. They fixed all the bugs and made it a better watch. And the accuracy got better and better to which is a good thing but it's not as good as competitors like Garman. I still really like the Nike sports watch and still use it very often. It's BTUs around the house key as a regular watch and then I can just found some athletic lucent go out the door and start a nice little run.

One bad thing about the Nike watches that it does sometimes take a little bit of time to get the GPS running. When you start your run it usually takes about 30 seconds to a minute for the GPS to find your watch to you could start your run. This can be annoying but if you're going to want to run a race and you're about to start and it's going take a while for it to actually find your watch going to be standing still. That is one of my biggest complaints about the watch but isn't that big of a deal and people are able to ignore. But after the walk after that the watch is not bad it's a really nice but it's connected with Nike so you can put in information on the website and how you felt during the run and other things like that. Nike is stressed starting out making GPS sports watches and this is just a first watch overtime it is going to get better and better and will hopefully be as good as competitors like Garmen and be a nice and more high tech and have all impressive features. So right now I'm a little disappointed with the Nike sports watch but, I think over time they are going to be fixing it and making it the best it can be and it will be better than all the other competing watches so I keep hoping the Nike sports watch and can't wait to see what the future of it is going to be with such a big company like Nike. Hopefully there is going to be making a second one soon and is going to make it even better than the first with more accuracy and make it the best that it can be. As always thank you for reading.

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