My Unexplained Experiences

I would say it all started when I was born, my mother had to have a c section in order to have me. While the doctors where pulling me out they said that I had my umbilical cord wrapped around my neck so they had to quickly get me loose. Next when the nurses got me all cleaned up and taken care of shot wise, my mother was still drugged up from the medicine but had me in her bed. A nurse came in and grabbed me and began walking towards the door. My mother woke up just in time to see the nurse, she asked the nurse where was she taking me, the nurse responding that shes' taking me to get some shots. My mother then told the nurse that I had already had them taken care of, the nurse responded saying,”Oh it must have been a mistake”. The whole time the nurse was talking my mother noticed she did not turn around not one bit. The nurse walked backwards to the bed and placed me back in my mothers arms and walked out.

My mother thought that was strange, so when the morning came she asked the doctor about the nurse that came in that night. The doctor responded saying we didn't have a nurse come in here at that time of night at all, that's when my mother knew that someone was trying to still me. I was born in New York City, and it was a lot of baby abductions going on in the hospitals so I thank God I wasn't another victim. My mother and father moved to Memphis,Tn and began to raise me there and had two others son's in the process. I was small when I was younger, and I hated the fact that I wasn't growing like my other peers in my age group. One day I was over my Grandmother's house rest in peace grandma, and I got on this very big bicycle that I could barely reach the petals, better yet could barely get on the bike. I jumped on the bike and started riding, I lost control of the bike and began riding in the street.

I thought no big deal it wasn't anyone coming so I'll just try to get back of control of it, and bring it to the sidewalk. As I began to ride barely reaching the pedals, a car flew around the corner and was headed in my direction. I was riding still trying to control the bike but I was right in the cars path. I then froze up as I looked up and say that I was going to get hit, out of nowhere the bike's handles suddenly jerked and I went quickly in the direction and got on the side walk. I knew that I didn't do it because I couldn't even control the thing, that's how I knew it was God that was looking out for me and just saved my life.

Across the street from my grandmother's house there was this other brick house, It was always having different owner's and I didn't think nothing of it. I mean people would move in, then not stay there long at all before they moved out. My auntie moved in the house and had all my cousins invited over one night for a slumber party. We had a great time, watching movies and eating until we were stuffed. That night when everyone was sleep, all us boys were in my cousins room and all the girls slept in my aunties room. The television was off when everyone went to sleep and no one was in the front room, the television came on and woke one of my older cousins up. He then woke me and my other cousin up as well and we all walked towards the front room.

When we turned the corner we then froze at what we saw, as soon as we turned the corner we saw a white misty figure. It was shaped like and man and he was sitting on the couch changing the channels. We didn't know how to react to this as we stood there shocked, this figure then turned the television off and slowly turned his head to us. I was the first one to come out of shock and ran back in the room, rolled on the cover and rolled under the bed. My cousins followed right behind me and jumped onto the bed and got under the covers as well. That morning when we woke up, my next to older cousin had red scratches and bruises on his back like someone beat him in it. We told our auntie what we saw, but she didn't take us seriously so she blew us off.

It wasn't until one nigh when my auntie was sleep, she said she felt like someone was watching her. She opened her eyes and she saw a woman staring right into her eyes. She then screamed and threw the covers over her head, when she peaked back from under the covers the woman was gone. A few weeks to a month after that my auntie moved out of that house and never looked back. She thought that it was our imagination, she had to experience it for herself in order to understand it was some spirits in the house. What I am basically saying is that, just because you haven't experienced it yet, don't mean that it isn't possible or real. I didn't believe in spirits or ghost as many call them until I had my own personal experiences.


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