The following is what I, Ashley Williams, wrote to apply for computer science degrees at various university's such as Swansea university.

When I was younger I loved playing around with computers whether it was discovering new commands or widening my knowledge on how a computer works. This fascination of computers drove me closer to learning about how hardware of a computer and how the logic operates. It was this fascination that encouraged me to pursue a career in computer science. It wasn’t just how a computer operates. It was how software is developed and how the processes worked.

I started to develop a deep passion for computer science when I was faced with a scenario of creating a website for an idea of mine. The idea involved programming a PHP site using Apache and MySQL to allow members to update their game accounts currency. The coding retrieved information from an application running on my server and displayed a string of characters, called an address, so that the user would know where to send virtual currencies too. After the user has sent the currency, they submit their username and that is then stored in a database for me to view and update their accounts. This gave me a great sense of satisfaction and achievement and convinced me that I wanted a career in computing science.

When I have spare time I follow courses on a website called Coursera. This website has many free courses for anyone, made by lectures from top universities around the world. I am also in the process in getting a Students Pilots Licence at my local airfield.

The A-Levels I chose were Biology, Chemistry, ICT and AS Computing. I believe that having an A-Level in Biology and Chemistry would be a huge advantage since Computer Science, Biology and Chemistry link together to form Computational Biology and Computational Chemistry. These types of Computational Sciences apply the principles of Computer Science to assist with chemical problems and modelling data or even working on problems, such as the genome project, to improve understanding of the sciences. This opens many career pathways.

My work experience was at my local chemist, demonstrating that I have the ability to work with others. In the work place I dispensed drugs, helped customers and helped with the technical side of the computer, advising what should be done to improve their system since it was not up to date.

I decided to choose computer science due to having an interest in the subject. After researching about the courses, I believe that learning to achieve a degree in computer science would further my understanding of computer science, giving me an ability to progress to a career in a computer science related job.

Computer Science

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