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Are you choosing between trying to think of you should get an Apple product or a Windows product? Why can give you an answer. I figured out which one is the best and why. I obviously couldn't give you an answer because everyone has a different opinion but I can tell you where the best reasons to use an apple and the rest reasons he was a Windows processor. First off Apple is really good for just playing around and playing games. The windows market does not have that many games in the system so it's hard to play games and mess around. But also the windows running computers are very good for doing work and business because they have Microsoft Word and all of them integrated into them and I have Microsoft.

The iPad has a better App Store. Is Apple has a much bigger App Store you can go and get business stuff or even games. But the nice thing about Microsoft is that is more user-friendly and it is multi tasking and much more. You could also have different user and accounts on windows which is nice the good thing about Windows is that it's really good for if you have a business and need to get work done it's better than the iPad but it's really good for game business and has a much higher processor and usually has a USB connected to it. But the surface tablet that's better than the iPad for doing work but the iPad is really good for playing games and just messing around. Yeah that also has iMessage in it which is nice for texting. There's a lot of apps he can't get on the windows devices that you can get on the iPad and Apple devices. That's the only reason why the iPad in my opinion is better.

The so many things you can get on the App Store can make your iPad better. They don't have that many things on the windows App Store so it's hard to get the things that you need for your device. But it just depends on the person on what your needs are is really nice to have the surface Better processor having the excel you trying to do business and you can download software and use it as a regular computer and a tablet but on the iPad it's just a tablet but it's more compatible portable and User friendly. The iPad also has a faster web browsing which is nice you always want to have a fast web browsing because all the things are going to be looking up it really does make a difference. There's also much better camera on the iPad then there is on the surface. This many things that one has a deal doesn't have the Microsoft they have their apps and the gaming in the connecting to Xbox is nice and has AppleTV and their wide App Store and iMessage and all those features. It just depends on your person and what you want and what you need.

The so many choices on the apps you can get on the App Store there's so many things that you can doing one the can't on the other is so grateful with the surface they are able to turn into a computer tablet so that people that need computers at times and other times it's going to frowning uses a tablet for example if you're trying to take up a document you would do it on the computer way but if you want to have it as a tablet and present something and you just hold it up as a tablet and unattached the keyboard. But really though is you could use the iPad as a computer for example you have pages numbers and keynote which are really helpful and they're practically like Word Excel and PowerPoint. All good features and either way it's helpful I just think it's more helpful on a surface computer with Windows Microsoft because then it's the actual feature and can't be multitasking on the iPad.

Well they say they have it but it's not the same as having it on a Windows device. Also if you're going to get the surface the RT version you're not able use a stylus but on an iPad you are able to. Display on the iPad is much better than on the surface computer which is a really big up if you're going to be watching videos or playing games that's really needed and helpful but that's always not that going to be that big of a deal honestly but for some people it is a problem with the iPad is that it honestly glitches People are giving a bad reviews because of the problems with the iPad like glitching. I don't wanted to be that big of a problem I mean hey it happens every once in a while but whatever is just going to happen and the surface honestly is a really good choice if you're going to have a business and you're going to use it for work but if you just a regular user for a tablet to seek with the iPad Apple is really good company and they make good products and I think the Apple is a strong choice to make.

Apple also has cool accessories like Apple TV which is pretty cool they are able to hook up with and they also have their cool cases like the Smart cover and the smart case I think I find this pretty cool. And as always companies out stick with Apple and Ville help make their products with them as companies else take with Microsoft's and make their products with them so really it's kind of tough because the surface has some teachers that are great and an iPad has some features that people also really want. So just go if you want and do what you want and just get what you think is right for you if you want to have something that's good for business and get the surface but if you want something that's good for just playing around and using sometimes some things then get the iPad.

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